HELP Stop Indoctrinated Academia

 By Jane Germaine

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but I need some help. My husband and I are conservative parents trying to raise two conservative sons who attend a public high school in Southern California.  My sons have been discriminated against for their conservative viewpoints and have been forced to sit in their classrooms while teachers spew their political ideology.  This is high school, not college, they don’t have the option of walking out of class.  Our story was featured in a recent Fox News piece by Todd Starnes:

The situation has gotten so out of hand that the law firm, Freedom X Law, has stepped up to offer their services on our behalf in an effort to combat this toxic environment. What is happening at this school and in this district is truly OUTRAGEOUS, unprofessional, hostile, and completely unrelated to academic content. Freedom X Law, a 501c3 non-profit, has invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources into the cause and I would like to be able to cover some of their costs. These kinds of things are happening throughout the public schools and need to be stopped. We humbly ask for your assistance in our determined efforts to halt the persecution of impressionable young people who are subjected to this kind of garbage in public school classrooms from which they cannot walk out.


Here are my gutsy sons, standing up and speaking out about this directly to the Board of Education…


Voters, students protest Oxnard Union High School District teacher bias

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