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    Here Is How The GOP Can Offer The American Dream…To Illegal Aliens

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    Last week I wrote about my support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s strategy to send illegal aliens to wealthy, elitist, liberal towns across America. The reasons I loved it so much, is because I invented the strategy. It was my idea from a decade ago. But mostly, I love the idea because it works to perfection.

    This strategy has hit a BULLSEYE.

    Liberal elitist heads are exploding across America. Can’t you hear the indignation? “How dare you send illegals to our town, to our neighborhood, to our home. That’s why we have walls and armed security forces. We don’t live like the little people.”

    The more Democrats talk, the more they destroy themselves.

    You’ve been exposed as the horrible, spoiled-brat, hypocrites you are. California Governor Gavin Newsom actually suggested Governor DeSantis be charged with kidnapping for sending 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. But Democrats are the real kidnappers here.

    That’s Saul Alinsky strategy to blame others for what you’re actually doing. Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals”- a communist playbook dedicated to the devil (see the dedication on page one). Alinsky advised his fellow radical Marxists to look in the mirror. He advised, “Whatever you see, whatever you’ve done, blame it on your opposition.”

    Democrats look in the mirror and they see Biden and his communist cabal destroying America with open borders, waving 5 million illegals into this country in only a year and a half. They’re the human traffickers. So, they blame GOP Governors for precisely what they’re doing.

    Purposely opening the border and a foreign invasion makes Biden a traitor. He should be impeached and removed from office on charges of treason to his country.

    And that also makes Biden guilty of human trafficking, as well. Biden is a partner of the Mexican Drug Cartels. He is flying millions of illegals in the dead of night, at taxpayer expense, to towns across this country. I repeat- by any measure of common sense, or the United States Constitution- Biden is guilty of treason.  He is leading a communist attack and foreign invasion of his own country.

    Hey Democrats, you can stop the Saul Alinsky charade. We all know exactly what game you’re playing.

    So, it’s of utmost important to keep the pressure up. Keep humiliating wealthy, elitist liberals. Keep humiliating open borders Democrat politicians. Keep exposing them all as the hypocrites and frauds they are. As a matter of fact, we need to expand this strategy.

    So, here’s my idea…

    It’s time for GOP Governor’s across America to line up thousands of buses with signs in the windows. “This bus is headed to…

    Martha’s Vineyard

    The Hamptons


    Great Neck

    Upper East Side of Manhattan

    Greenwich, Connecticut

    Beverly Hills


    La Jolla

    Palo Alto

    Napa Valley (wine country)

    Beacon Hill, Boston

    The Gold Coast of Chicago

    Georgetown in Washington DC (next to Obama’s mansion)

    Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia

    Honolulu, Hawaii (next door to Obama’s mansion)

    Delaware (on the beach next to Biden’s beach home)

    Hire organizers to shout over bullhorns, “Included in the trip is FREE sandwiches and bottled water. Here is your chance to better your life. To leave this town, and make a new life in the wealthiest towns in America. Here is your chance to go to towns where jobs are plentiful. This is about mobility and opportunity. This is about free will. It’s your choice- stay where you are, or get on that bus and change your life. Live the American Dream in the richest towns in America!”

    Line up hundreds of buses a day in each GOP city. Tens of thousands of illegals will run to the buses. They’ll fight to get on those buses. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. America’s streets really are paved with gold!

    Whatever it costs to rent a thousand buses a week, $3 million, $4 million, perhaps $5 million, it’s peanuts compared to the cost of welfare, food stamps, free housing, public school, free medical, and a hundred other government handout checks for the next 20 years, 30 years, 50 years. This is the cheapest few million dollars any GOP Governor will ever spend. You’ll save your taxpayers billions of dollars.

    The illegal aliens will fight to get on those buses. No one forced them. We gave them the choice. They chose opportunity.  What’s wrong with that?

    Plus, as a bonus, set aside a few hundred buses for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Penn, Stanford, Cal-Berkley and USC- let’s hit commie college professors and rich spoiled-brat kids with a dose of open borders reality. I love the idea of a refugee center housing 50,000 migrants at Harvard Square.

    From now on, this is the strategy.

    We’re not kidnapping, or trafficking. We’ll leave that to the Biden administration. Republican Governors are offering the American Dream to the foreign invaders Biden is illegally inviting in. Republicans are offering mobility, opportunity and free will.

    We are truly the party of the American Dream.

    Author’s Note: Of course, my first priority is to build a wall…secure the border…stop anyone from coming in…or deport any illegals that Biden lets in, back to their home country. But until Trump and the GOP gain back control of government, this may be our best and only recourse- shipping all the illegals Biden invites into our country, to blue cities in blue states. Let blue states deal with the mess they’ve created.




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    Sheryl Hamlin
    1 year ago

    Root is suggesting that Republicans encourage illegal immigration to the US. Such an absurd, counter-productive proposal has no place in serious policy discussion. Maybe Root should encourage GOP members to sponsor worthy immigrants so that they may experience the legal and sane part of the country. Or was this The Babylon Bee?

    11 months ago
    Reply to  Sheryl Hamlin

    Root is a fraud.
    Promotion of conspiracy theories and falsehoodsEditRoot is known for spreading conspiracy theories[3][4][30] and false information.[31]
    Root was a leading proponent of the conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.[32] Root falsely claimed that Obama was not a student at Columbia University.[4] He later stated in a 2012 interview with Sean Hannity that he believed Obama was a “foreign exchange student” there.[30] He has repeatedly described Obama as a “Marxist, anti-American, anti-Israel, globalist, middle class-hating, Muslim sympathizer”.[30] In 2017, he claimed that Obama was gay, called him “Bathhouse Barry” and said that he had info from Obama’s “friends in Chicago” about his “sordid past”.[30] In 2014, he described Obama as a “Manchurian candidate”, possibly hired by the Bilderberg Group to destroy the United States and “kill all of us”.[30]
    Root promoted conspiracy theories around the murder of Seth Rich, and at various times suggested that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, Bill Clinton, Eric Schneiderman and John Podesta were involved in the murder.[30]
    During the white supremacist Unite the Right rally, Root falsely claimed that blaming white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr. for killing Heather Heyer was “such B.S. Probably paid actors & infiltrators hired by Soros. No conservative I’ve ever met commits violence. EVER.”[30]
    On the night of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, in which 58 people were shot and killed by Stephen Paddock (including himself) and 2 of them shot by Paddock later died of their injuries in 2019 and 2020 respectively, Root tweeted: “Clearly coordinated Muslim terror attack.” Police later determined only one shooter—a non-religious American—was involved.[31][33][34]
    In 2018, Root argued that Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is motivated by “penis envy“, because “Mueller’s is smaller than Trump’s.”[30]
    On February 6, 2021, Twitter permanently suspended Root’s account for “violating Twitter rules”.[35]
    In July 2022, Root debated journalist Isaac Saul at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, arguing that the 2020 United States Presidential Election was stolen and that Donald Trump should run for president again in 2024. During the debate, Root promoted, among other ideas, that COVID-19 vaccine injuries were being concealed by the government; that millions of illegal immigrants were voting in US elections and tipping them in favor of Democrats; that multiple states coordinated to stop counting on election night 2020 until more illegitimate ballots could be found to favor the election of Democrat Joe Biden; and that Las Vegas Culinary Union tactics are the only reason Democrats win elections in Nevada, which he believes to be otherwise almost entirely Republican.[36]
    Legal problemsEditOn March 19–21, 2020, Chief Health Care Bureau Lisa Landau and New York Attorney General Letitia James ordered Root to stop advertising My Doctor Suggests, LLC on KBET and USA Radio Network citing violations of state laws on deceptive acts and practices.[37][38]
    On April 29, 2020, Gordon Pedersen of My Doctor Suggests LLC and GP Silver LLC was ordered by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Trump administration to permanently stop advertising and selling all of these products out there.[39] A hearing on the government’s request for a preliminary injunction was set for May 12, 2020. The products were discontinued and the website was permanently shut down as a result.

    C E Voigtsberger
    C E Voigtsberger
    1 year ago

    This is the perfect time for a bus trip to Napa and Sonoma and the rest of California wine country. It’s the fall picking season. Lots of work to be had for those folks seeking jobs who don’t speak English. I am sure Firestone Wineries would love a couple of busloads of workers to show up at their winery. Au Bon Climat might like a couple of busloads also.

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