HIDDEN CAMERA: Union President Admits to Protecting “Teacher Who Had Sex With” Teenage Girl – Willing to Cover up Abuse of “Scumbag” Student

UPDATE: NJ.com is reporting that Hamilton Township Education Association President Dr. David Perry has been suspended as a result of the related video we released yesterday. 

(New York) Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Union City Education Association President, Kathleen Valencia, explaining that the union has helped a teacher who allegedly had sex with a teenage girl keep their job, and would do the same for a teacher who physically abused student.

On March 27th 2018 at the Union City Education Association office, Valencia, the union’s president, explains why a teacher who bruised a student in school would not be reprimanded.

Did the kid’s parent come in? No? Nothing happened… There’s no video? Nothing happened… [The teacher] is fine.

Valencia expresses dismay at the idea of the student speaking out about being abused:

“God forbid the kid decides to tell the principal. It happened two weeks ago, he’s not [going to tell.] Let’s say the kid does. [The teacher] is going to be like… ‘kid tripped and fell.’

When the Project Veritas undercover journalist asks if unions normally help teachers who abuse students, Valencia says, “it happens, yes it does!”

Valencia then details the steps the union will take to make sure the teacher who abused a student in school keeps his job:

“I’m going to get your brother a lawyer. Your brother’s not going to admit anything happened. The only witness is the scumbag kid… he’s got a record.

When pressed about what the teacher should do to protect his job, Valencia says “keep [the teacher’s] mouth shut,” and adds plottingly, “nothing happened.”

The Project Veritas journalist asks Valencia if other teachers have gotten away with doing worse things to students than hitting them, Valencia points to a document:

“This file right here is from a teacher who had sex with a student. This file is about whether or not the teacher gets to keep his pension. Is he going to jail? No. How come? Because the child’s not pressing charges. There’s no proof.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said of the video: “The Union City Education Association must reveal the identity of the teacher the union is protecting. Any and all parents should be paying attention. This union would rather protect their teachers than their students.”

This video is second in a series of Teachers Union investigations by Project Veritas, in which Hamilton Township Education Association President David Perry aided an undercover journalist in covering up a child abuse scenario.

After the first video was released, Sean Hannity posed the question, “Who are they protecting, unions or children?”

The NJEA responded the first video, falsely claiming “This video that they released has something like 26 edits and cuts in it. They should not be given any credibility whatsoever. There should be no credibility given to this organization.” In reality, the video had six cuts.

Project Veritas responded to the NJEA: “We challenge the NJEA to explain in what possible context they find the statements ‘I’m here to defend even the worst people,’ or ‘I need to know the truth, so that we can bend the truth’ acceptable.”

The Mayor of Hamilton Township, Kelly Yaede, responded to the video via email:

“I viewed the video and was quite frankly disturbed by it. There is no place in our school system for this philosophy.  I trust this matter will be dealt with by a very capable Superintendent and Board of Education.”


This is not the first time that Project Veritas has investigated teachers unions. In 2016, investigations exposed Robert Klein, a teacher at Howell Township Middle School in New Jersey offering drugs to undercover journalists, as well as Patricia Puleo, YFT President in Yonkers, who told a teacher that claimed he had abused a student “don’t f*cking tell anybody anything.” In 2011, investigations exposed teacher Alissa Ploshnick admitting that a fellow teacher who used the N-word in class was not fired, and stating you “basically have to be in the hallway f***ing somebody” in order to lose tenure.

Veritas will be releasing more undercover videos of teachers unions from ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY in the coming days and weeks. To be alerted as soon as they are published, sign up for our newsletter here and check in to www.projectveritas.com frequently for any updates.


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William Hicks

This incestuous relationship between teachers unions and school board members has to be broken.