Hold on to your wallet, Sacramento wants more of your money








CEUBy Eric Eisenhammer

I can only shake my head while typing this, but Sacramento just can’t help itself. It’s sad, but true.


Two years ago, Democrats manipulated voters into thinking that they needed to raise taxes on themselves by $7 billion annually.   


Now the state has billions more than estimated, but politicians are still looking at more ways to raise your taxes.  Recently, Democrat Senator Noreen Evans resurrected a tired idea to impose an oil severance tax – even though it will be consumers, not oil companies, who will pay for this $2 billion a year tax.


The bill, SB 1017, is so poorly written that it gives government a blank check on spending the money.  It creates a board of unelected bureaucrats to decide how to spend $2 billion a year as they see fit.  No one on this big government board is even required to have financial experience.


In other words, bureaucrats, like the ones at the Parks Department who stashed millions in slush funds while threatening to close parks and at CalFIRE who hid millions of dollars during budget deficits, will be able spend this money as they please. 


The measure also shortchanges our students by sidestepping voter-approved funding formulas for schools and instead siphons about $500 million a year to whatever these bureaucrats decide is best.


Noreen Evans and her allies will spin mistruths saying other large oil producing states have oil severance taxes.  The truth is those oil-producing states have found other ways to cut oil taxes to help spur additional development and economic activity.


Noreen Evans and her buddies also forget who’s going to pay for the higher taxes. Those costs will be passed on to consumers, who already pay the highest gas prices in the nation.  At a time when our economy is barely on the upswing, Californians will not only pay more at the pump, but the higher fuel costs will also drive up prices for all other consumer products, including groceries.


Luckily, a new coalition of consumer and business groups have banded together to push back on the misinformation being spread by Evans and her camp.  It’s about time that a group like this has come together to fight for the hardworking taxpayers who would ultimately foot the bill for this terrible proposal.   


Visit their website, www.StoptheOilTax.com to join the effort to fight this tax and email your legislators to vote against SB 1017.  Keep up-to-date with the latest news by following them on Twitter at: @StoptheOilTax


You can also “like” the Stop the Oil Tax coalition on Facebook at Facebook.com/StoptheOilTax 


Even Governor Brown has said that now is not the time to raise taxes.  It’s not every day that I agree with the Governor, but when we do agree, you know we’re both right.


Eric Eisenhammer  is founder of the Coalition of Energy Users http://coalitionofenergyusers.org/

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