Home school educator warns against Common Core

BrownRaisaBy Tony Dolz

 July 1, vcialis 40mg 2013

Photo of Raisa Steindell Brown

SIMI VALLEY–The prospect of children returning to school in the Fall to face radically new nationalized education standards have parents raising a lot of questions.  The new standards, order which will be officially deployed next August, there involve changes in curriculum, testing, frequent assessments, detailed surveys, untried teaching methods and extensive use of computer and other electronic equipment which schools do not yet own, says a local educator and home school mom who has gained nationwide media attention.

At a meeting held Tuesday, June 25th at the St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Simi Valley, out of about 50 parents, half were homeschoolers and the other half were private or public school parents who came to hear Resa Steindel Brown. Brown is author of “The Call to Brilliance,” a Mom’s Choice Award Winner and Amazon Best Seller in Family, Parenting and Education, and creator of Passion-Oriented Education. She speaks internationally on how to help children find, nurture and sustain the passion that leads to their individual forms of brilliance.  Brown states that the Common Core does exactly the opposite.  “It will mow over most of our children because it does not leave room for true creativity, innovation and individuality.”


Brown spoke on how the new education standards will affect parental and individual rights as well as privacy of students. 

Brown is credentialed by the State of California through UCLA and maintains elementary, secondary and university-level credentials in multiple subject areas, with a specialization in reading and mathematics remediation. Brown has been involved in alternative education since 1970 and homeschooling since 1987.  She has been the director of two private schools and a public home school charter and has been teaching and directing for 40 years. Brown specializes in creating educational processes and environments where all children find their innate brilliance, and has personally homeschooled her own three children from kindergarten into college.

Brown took issue with the Common Core standards as being state-led.  She stated that the Common Core was a veiled action by national standards advocates partnering with the federal government and a consortium of trade associations and private organizations to design a one-size-fits-all federal government controlled education.

A centrally planned education was not a new concept, said Brown. It existed in Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union, and exists today in many Western European countries in various forms.

According to Brown, such an educational system in America is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and three Acts of Congress that prohibit the federal government from being involved in state education: “the Federal Department of Education shall not be involved in developing, supervising or controlling instructional materials or curriculum…of any education institution, school or school system.”

The federal government partnered with two non-governmental non-elected trade associations in Washington to give the Common Core standards the semblance of being state generated or state led said Brown.  She stated that the standards were funded by the Bill Gates Foundation, in addition to other private and Federal funding sources and are copyrighted to the National Governors Association and the Counsel of Chief States School Officers.  According to Brown, states and school districts can withdraw from Common Core, but the standards cannot be modified.

Brown said that $4.3 billion in funding was offered to the states under Mr. Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition, along with waivers from Mr. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” penalties. But in order to compete for funds, states were required to adopt the Common Core, which had not yet been written and sight unseen.

According to Brown, the standards were written predominantly by only two lead writers.  One was nationalized school standards reformer and entrepreneur David Coleman, who had never written standards before and now heads the College Board, and another Susan Pimental of Achieve Inc., a progressive politically connected organization created to advance “standards-based” education.  There were very few teachers involved at the design level.  

Brown said that states were given 60 days to sign on to the “Race to the Top” or lose it.  The result was that 45 states signed on before the standards were written. 

Brown said the Obama administration pushed through a weakening of FERPA ( Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) making this intensely private data available to states, third parties and even private companies who are partners in Common Core.  The goal of the data mining is to be able to track each student’s process, aptitude and capabilities for either vocational or advanced level college education or job placement, a level of social engineering never before attempted in America.

According to Brown, the federal government will have a complete dossier of detailed data on every student and this data can or will be used to determine  whether they will follow a vocational or college education.  Brown  called Common Core a “War on Late Bloomers” because the decision to put students on a path to a vocational trade school or college will be made at the eighth grade level.

Brown said that college entrance examinations, including new community college entrance and diagnostic exams, will be aligned with the Common Core’s content and methods, ensuring that many home and private school children who avoided the standards will have a high probability of doing poorly on these exams.  The exams include the CAHSEE, GED and SAT.

Tony Dolz, is Chairman of Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley and can be contacted at www.DOLZ.com

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