House Iran vote expected on 9/11 anniversary?

By George Miller

The Iran nuclear deal is up in the air right now. Normally, an agreement like this would be a treaty, requiring a 2/3 Senate majority to ratify, per theAn image of Iranian leaders is projected on a giant screen in front of demonstrators  during a rally apposing the nuclear deal with Iran in Times Square in the Manhattan borough of New York City, July 22, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar US Constitution. For unknown reasons, a bipartisan bill to circumvent that process, known as “The (Republican Senator) Corker bill was substituted, which would make it necessary to pass a bill to stop the deal. This bill would likely require a 60 vote cloture in the Senate before it could even be voted on and a 2/3 majority by both houses to override a probable Obama veto.

There are numerous objections to the deal, based on lack of inspection rights, lack of transparency, lax terms, release of over $100 billion in frozen Iranian funds with no recall ability in the event of agreement violations, accusations of Iranian insincerity on the deal, no restrictions on ICBM development/deployment, no restrictions on small arms purchases, objectionable side agreements not fully revealed  and more.

IranDiplomacyNotWaarOn the flip side, agreement advocates, who are almost all Democrats, claim that this is the best deal obtainable, that alternatives are unthinkable- war- maybe nuclear war. Internationally, opinions are varied. However, the UN Security Council approved it, preemptively voting before the US Congress had even considered it.

Several things have happened :

– Enough votes have been supposedly lined up to keep Republicans from stopping the agreement.

– Republican Congress  members are loudly protesting the constitutional circumvention and attempting to stop the process. This was one of the subjects of the high profile outdoor protest of the Iran agreement at the Capitol yesterday, where Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Congress members and other notables spoke out against the agreement and what they say is the corrupt process illegally moving it forward. After a contentious session this week, the vote was sidelines and options are being looked at.KlaymanJWFreeedomWatch

– The bill required ALL related agreements, including any and all side agreements, to be submitted to Congress members 60 days before the vote. They say this hasn’t occurred.

– Political activist attorney Larry Klayman has sued some members of Congress and Obama, seeking to stop this unconstitutional process.



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Things are changing rapidly and the outcome is in doubt, but it seems that those in favor of the agreement may have the advantage right now.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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