House Rejects Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

By George Miller

US-House-of-RepsToday,the House voted 269-162 to reject a resolution to approve the Iran Nuclear deal, with all Republicans but one and 25 Democrats voting against it. House members have indicated that the deal does not provide the protection that the Obama administration says it will and that the Administration has not provided Congress with the full text of all agreements and side deals as required by law. Some Congress members and activists, such as attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch USA, have claimed that is an unconstitutional waiver of Senate power to bypass legal requirements to approve treaties with a 2/3 vote. Klayman filed a lawsuit to that effect last week. Obama has claimed it isn’t a treaty (which opponents dispute) and so intends to implement it anyway .

Meanwhile, yesterday the Senate measure to reject it failed cloture 58-42 (60 needed) to even bring it to a Senate vote.SenateLetterhead

On Thursday the House passed a resolution, 245 to 186,  ruling that President Obama didn’t fulfill his requirement under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act,  since Congress hasn’t been provided confidential side agreements relating to the deal — which the Obama admin. administration denies having. Congress learned of these via other sources. The resolution also said the 60-day review period for Congress to approve the deal hasn’t even started until that occurs.

While Senate leader Mitch McConnell wants another vote before what he says is the 9/17 deadline, it is not likely he has the votes to stop the agreement under the terms of the “Corker  Bill,” which circumvents the constitutional treaty vote requirement, but stipulated that all related agreements must be made available first before the 60 day period even started.

The House is also to vote on a bill to stop the ending of sanctions on Iran.


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