How Is This Woman Qualified?



By Michael Greer

If anyone tried to sell a movie script of what is going on in this election no one would buy it because it just not believable.

After Friday’s revelation that the FBI is reopening it’s investigation into Clinton’s emails, a woman commented on one of my blogs entitled, “The Trump Train” by saying, “How do we put in the Oval Office a man who boasts that he tries to pay zero federal taxes but then complains that our airports and roads are falling apart and there is not enough money for our veterans?”  I replied to her with the following:

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who is so corrupt she makes the Mafia look like boy scouts. A woman whose closest aide can’t pass a security check. A woman fired from the Watergate investigation by chief council, Jerry Zeifman, who said this, “She is a liar. She is unethical. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the Rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentially.”

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who put our country at RISK by putting classified intelligence on an unsecured private server?  She now says it was a “mistake” but it was clearly a purposeful act to prevent Congress from knowing what she was doing.  Isn’t that a Federal offence?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who LIED about sending and receiving classified information via unsecured email? FBI director Comey said they DID find classified information she sent and received. People have been put in prison for less.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who ignored HUNDREDS of requests for more security from a FRIEND, a man SHE recommended for Ambassador, and then left him and other Americans to DIE in Benghazi…for POLITICAL reasons? We don’t leave Americans to die. And if that weren’t bad enough, she LIED to the families of the victims over the coffins of their loved ones…And then to us. Thank God I’m not her “friend”.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who completely destabilized the Middle East by taking down Libya’s Gaddafi and then trying to take down Syria’s Assad? This resulted in the rise of ISIS, terrorism IN OUR COUNTRY and the obliteration of Christians and Christianity in the region.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who has so little regard for the Constitution that she will take our First and Second Amendments from us, by any means possible? In the most dangerous world in my lifetime she wants to leave law abiding citizens vulnerable to being killed while buying a lipstick at the mall, running in a marathon, or partying at a club.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will pack the Supreme Court with Justices who will ignore their responsibility to UPHOLD the Constitution and rubberstamp every Liberal social engineering policy. Who will also pack the Federal courts with Judges who will legislate from the bench?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who, in the least racist country in the world, called ALL OF US racists? Who thinks most of us are “irredeemable  deplorables”. Who said she would use the force of law to make us change our deeply held religious beliefs?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who spent her time as Secretary of State selling influence to our enemies for personal gain? She claims The Clinton Foundation gives 90% of its income to charities, when the truth is only about 6% actually goes to charities. Fifty five percent of the people Secretary Clinton met with had donated to the Foundation. Isn’t that pay for play?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will drive more businesses and jobs from America by increasing the highest business taxes in the world? A woman who wants to force businesses to “share” their profits…which would result in businesses not being able to compete with foreign companies, or grow, or hire more employees, or develop more products.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will double down on the war on energy (THE LIFE’S BLOOD OF THE ECONOMY) and drive the cost of energy to the point people won’t be able to heat or cool their homes or fill their cars? “Green energy” isn’t capable of replacing fossil fuels and destroys MORE jobs that it creates.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who promises “debt free college” when we are $20 TRILLION in debt?  A woman who completely ignores that we have NO MONEY for her social engineering.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who spent eight years in the White House supposedly being co-President, 4 years as Senator and 4 years as Secretary Of State, who certainly had the opportunity to advocate for all the things she is proposing to do now, but didn’t? A woman who knows the financial meltdown was caused by her husband’s expansion of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act that required banks to make sub-prime mortgages to low-income families who couldn’t pay them back. Then she tries to blame it on Reagan’s tax cuts. HELLO! The 80’s are calling, they want their Progressive talking points back.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who has never created a job, made a payroll, or had to deal with government regulations that add costs, delays and generally hamper progress? How do we expect a woman who helped her husband create the financial meltdown, to know how to “fix” the economy?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who won’t secure our borders when the world has never been more dangerous.  When ISIS tells us they will infiltrate the refugees, and with Islamic terrorism increasing daily, she plans to increase the number of Islamist refugees. When Islam TELLS us they want Islam to be the only religion in the world and Sharia the only law, she will appoint more Islamists to sensitive government jobs.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will continue Obama’s policies of ceding more and more of America’s sovereignty to the United Nations.

Trump may be the second worst candidate for President EVER, but he hasn’t committed treason. He hasn’t left Americans to die. He hasn’t destabilized the Middle East. He’s made his fortune in real estate NOT selling influence to our enemies. He won’t take our guns. He won’t demonize our police. He won’t pit Blacks against Whites. He won’t pack the courts with Judges that will legislate from the bench and ignore the Constitution. He’s not a socialist, he won’t punish the successful and reward those not willing to try. He will stop the suicidal influx of people incompatible with our culture, traditions and rule of law, who hate us and whose religion calls for our death. In short, he’s not Hillary Clinton.

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Michael GreerMichael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:

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