How Small is Too Small?

By Jennifer Felten

A family in Chesterfield, remedy Virginia has been evicted from their home, health in part because it is too small. Homes of this type, cure known as “tiny homes,” are characterized by the size of less than 400 square feet and the fact that they are often on wheels. They have come into popularity as people look for ways of minimizing housing costs and avoiding mortgages.

The County forced the eviction because the tiny home does not comply with city ordinances which prohibit living in “recreational vehicles” which too are generally less than 400 square feet and on wheels. The County has advised this family that they cannot return to their tiny home until the wheels are removed and compliance can be obtained with other County ordinances. The family says doing so would defeat the purpose of having a tiny home and are fighting back.

For tiny home advocates (yes, they do exist) say the ordinances prohibiting them in many localities are archaic and they are fighting to get them changed. For neighbors of people living in tiny homes, there is fear of decreased home values.

Tiny Home

Tiny Home


Jennifer Felten

Jennifer Felten

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