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    How the Spirit of Truth Wins the 2020 Election



    By Michael Paulus

    It is time to take an autopsy on the state of the 2020 Presidential Election while it is still alive.

    Joe Biden called his campaign: “Battle for the Soul of the Nation.” We as humans have a spirit, soul and body. Our highest selves are spiritual if aligned with God although “Big Science” would say that there is no thing as a spirit or God. They would also say that souls do not exist as we are just a collection of atoms operating in a random universe. So, if we are to “follow the science” then there is no soul to this nation or anyone. Therefore, denying life to a preborn or freedom to a Christian to worship is fine as the “Big Machine” sees us as materialistic objects to manipulate for their purposes: An Agenda 21 Project.

    You may or may not agree with this but there is now plenty of evidence (circumstantial, logical and forensic) that this Big Machine exists and has manipulated the 2020 Election.

    This Big Machine is made up of Big Media, Big Tech, Big Money, Big Government, Big Education, Big Entertainment and even Big Religion that worked together to undermine the will of “We the People led by God.” This group questioned the 2016 Presidential Election outcome from the beginning and blamed “Russian Collusion” where there was no evidence. Yet the evidence of the Big Machine collusion in the 2020 Presidential Election is overwhelming. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

    • Virtually 100 percent of the Main Stream Media (MSM) have been in lockstep against Donald Trump. Just Google the words “baseless claims” and you see all of MSM showing up with the words; “Baseless Claims by Donald Trump on Voter Fraud.” They have been in lockstep against him during the Russian Collusion hearings, impeachment trials, and blaming him for Covid-19.

    The recent press conference on voter fraud and Senate hearings on Twitter and Facebook’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story have been lampooned by the MSM. Surprise.

    • The MSM or Big Media has also been in sync with Big Tech like Twitter, Google, Facebook and Amazon in censoring conservatives, Christians and Republicans by covering up the Biden Inc. family dealings, problems with mail-in voting, election fraud and the truth about what is actually happening with Covid-19. Recently studies on the ineffectiveness of masks even by the CDC have been censored as has been information regarding treatments that actually work. Twitter Google and Facebook have now aligned with Big Government regarding information on COVID. One of the Big Tech election manipulation stories is Zuckerberg’s $400 Million donation to CTCL.
    • The virtual control of the minds of the young by Big Education shows up as they align with the agendas of the Democratic Party (socialism), Antifa and BLM (even though the co-founder of BLM says they are a Marxist training organization). We have seen the effects of their beliefs that the USA is a racist, supremacist and awful nation in many cities as the riots continue to destroy.
    • The Big Machine also incorporates Big Power, Big Money, and Big Government whether it be Soros, China, the Global Elite, Hollywood, the Bilderberg Group and others to ensure that the USA becomes part of the New World Order. Think I am kidding… Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google has been a favorite of Bilderberg and he is being touted as being part of Biden’s team.

    Obama’s statement to the UN in 11/16 “that any nation with walls is a prison” speaks volumes.

    • Then there is Big Religion or what we can call “Churchianity.” It has abandoned the Truth of Christ long ago. A large study of Americans by George Barna found that only 10 percent have a Biblical worldview. Many do not believe that Satan or hell exists that Jesus was sinless or that life is sacred. Even though 53 percent of Catholics voted for Trump, many did not realize that the Biden Report put out by CatholicVote.org showed that Joe Biden does not align with seven out of eight of the key Catholic doctrines especially his pro-abortion stance. The Democratic Party wants the Catholic Church to align with its beliefs as opposed to the other way around. Scary indeed.

    Q: So, with all this, how does the Spirit of Truth win the 2020 Election?

    A: God, the Holy Spirit, is doing two things:

    • Exposing the darkness and corruption in the Big Machine and in us.
    • Unveiling the Light. Love and Truth of Christ in His unified Body so that the Power of God can overcome the darkness in the world and in us.

    Are we going to be led by the New World Order or God’s Heavenly Order? By man or God? By lies or Truth? We are sitting at the true crossroads of the history of this nation. We can turn the USA around by standing up, speaking out and aligning with our God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We the People led by God are the Sovereign power of the USA not the Big Machine.

    Let us all come together as One Body, One Family and One Nation; led by the Spirit of Truth and set apart by God to do His Will here in the USA as it is in Heaven. Let us now as true citizens of this Great Nation stop the Big Machine from controlling us and be led by the Spirit of Truth to win this Election.

    This is the first of seven articles designed for us to align right now with what God is doing and to help us to come into common union with Christ Jesus to crush the Big Machine.

    (Editor’s Note: Other articles in this series will include: Zuckerberg’s Election Meddling:    NBC’s Election Misinformation; The Biden Report; The COVID Plandemic; We Citizens Beat the Big Machine; and We are One Christful Family.)

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Michael Paulus, is a retired sales and marketing executive and spent four years with Hewlett Packard. Paulus got involved with the 2016 Presidential Election due to his concern about the looming threat of the global agenda to control this nation. As a Christian for Trump, he found out how many people were conflicted over what is going on in this nation, either love or hate Trump, love or hate Christians and Christ and are all over the map regarding what it means to be a follower of Christ. Mike’s mission and plan is to be a Christful Media entrepreneur and help this nation and especially the youth to come to know Christ. He can be can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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