How to curb the cost of a SodaStream® using simple chemistry

By Beers

So you bought the SodaStream® thinking what a great idea, and it is.  I have one myself and love it.

Just like everything else these days the real cost comes from the add-ons or replenishing working stock.

C02 Tank

C02 Tank

With the SodaStream® the downside is in replenishing the CO2 tanks from your local vender. You go to Target and live with $15.00 for about 1lb of CO2. In the real world 1lb of carbon dioxide cost about $1.50 retail and .55 cents wholesale. Looking at it this way you should be appalled at the vendors for taking advantage of the consumer.

There is a way to beat the system. You will need a few tools and basic instructions.

Here’s the secret, Dry Ice.

Dry Ice is inexpensive, easy to procure and works. Just be careful handling it.  You will need 4-5, 60L SodaStream® containers, you can get them off eBay or buy new.

I procured three canisters for $32.00 with shipping from an eBay vendor, 10mm wrench, 10″ adjustable wrench, any type of scale to measure up to a couple lbs., a few large ZipLoc® baggies, 2lb dead blow hammer or flat face hammer, cutting block, plastic funnel, towel and 5lbs of Dry Ice.

“Working with dry ice can be dangerous, please learn how to handle Dry Ice before attempting.”

Now the fun part!

Dry Ice - Be careful, can get burns

Dry Ice – Be careful, can get burns

First use the 10mm wrench (box end side) to loosen the relief valve on the side, only loosen do not remove. Then use the adjustable wrench to break the top fitting loose, this can be difficult, you can use a vise with non-marring faces to hold the bottle or you can bang the adjustable wrench against the ground while spinning the bottle slightly.  Once the top fitting is loose leave it on the bottle until you’re ready to use the Dry Ice. Have the Dry Ice broken into pieces at the vendors facility: 5lbs, five pieces, you’re looking for 1lb per container, a little over or under is no problem.  Put a few pieces into the ZipLoc® baggies and throw it on the scale until you have a pound or just over in the bag. Do not close/seal the bag. Take the hammer and gently break the Dry Ice up into granular particles, small enough to flow through the funnel and into the canister. Then place the funnel in the top of the canister and pour the dry ice into the canister.

The Dry Ice will melt and hold to the walls of the funnel, so use something to help push it down, like an ice pick or a knife.

Once all the Dry Ice is in the container replace the top fitting make sure it’s on tight, use a towel to wrap around the canister, then tighten the relief valve with the 10mm box end side of the wrench. The canister should be frosting up pretty good.  Set it aside and go to the next one. Wait until the canisters are warmed to the touch and no frost appears, usually takes about two  hours.  You’re done and enough CO2 to last a long time for about 10 dollars worth. You can purchase all the tools for less than the cost of refilling the first fourcontainers at a vendor.

Any questions or help email Beers at: [email protected]

Cheers, Beers

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