How to Opt out of the Clean Power Alliance 100% renewable rate resulting in a 9% monthly bill increase.

Phil Molina, Oxnard Treasurer
Ed. note: It is our understanding that SCE power customers (in 31 jurisdictions in LA and Ventura Counties) will be automatically enrolled in the 100% “clean” power alliance plan and will be billed at higher rates, UNLESS they specifically opt out. Most cities in the county have voted to include their residents in this. Oxnard Treasurer Phil Molina provides opt-out instructions from Clean Power Alliance below ….
Treasurer’s Staff and We the People:
Anyone wanting to “opt out” of the 9% rate increase on their electricity bill because of Council’s decision to go 100% Clean Power should contact Clean Power Alliance’s customer service center at 888-585-3788 or emailing them at [email protected],  or visiting its website at

Here is the answer with contact information from Tex Bardacke, CEO of Clean Power Alliance:


Hi Carmen:

You should tell the Treasurer (and anyone else at the City) to provide the following information to customers contacting the City:

“Clean Power Alliance offers a variety rates options to serve the needs of residents and businesses in Oxnard and across Ventura county, including rates that save money compared to Southern California Edison’s base rate. All rates provide higher renewable content and lower greenhouse gas emissions than SCE’s base rate. Beginning December 1st, residential customers in Oxnard will have the ability to choose the rate they find most attractive, opt to stay with Edison, or simply do nothing and receive the 100% Green Power that the City has chosen as its default rate. Residential service will begin February 1st, providing ample time for customers to make an informed choice and they can make that choice by calling Clean Power Alliance’s customer service center at 888-585-3788, emailing [email protected],  or visiting its website at Business customers will be able to make the choice beginning in March 1st for service beginning May 1st. All customers will receive four official notices from Clean Power Alliance beginning in December explaining these options in further detail.”



Ted Bardacke <[email protected]>

Originally published 11-5-19

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kirk Forrest

We did not get one notice, let alone four. We live in Pasadena. It’s actually L.A. County but we have a Pasadena address. So we were forcibly removed from being a SCE customer after 40 years. Our bill has increased 3 to 4 hundred a month. If we wish to Opt-out now we become a new Edison customer and are charged about the same. WHAT THE FUCK?


I opted out as well.. No automatic enrollments. I didn’t receive any of those 4 letters. Or they were hidden very well.
I have heard stories from people in other areas. Their bills went up. Not down. I like how they say; “save over the Base Rate”. The base rate is not what you have to worry about. It’s the upper tiers. Plus I already pay the high rate penalty mandated by the state..


so local politicians will now sell us power and use the profits to line their pockets with the 30 pieces of silver, or their wives, brothers sisters, in laws, or their favorite charity, black panthers, planned parenthood, nothing but a money grab…..take a hike

w wolny

Renewable power produced by wind turbines and solar cells is
at least 35% cheaper than burning coal or gas.
So, electric bills should decrease
I called the 800 no. and asked where they got their electricity from.
The answer was hydroelectric and solar
Hydroelectric means dams, built in the 1930’s
I opted out


just opted out. sadly so cal edison will be hurting because they will lose almost a million customers. They will ask the PCU for a rate hike in 2019. so maybe either way the consumer will lose.

Mike Gericke

Customer caveat….I am a skeptic of all highly touted renewable energy companies. It sadly reminds me of the ENRON scandal and some others. I am concerned about the unknown consequences to customers being “automatically enrolled” into the Clean Power Alliance game. How much more it will cost us monthly, nobody really knows. On the other hand, it is unclear how much it may cost us to be “automatically removed” from Edison. There may be a hidden but hefty cost to customers as well.
So, I am going to OPT OUT on time for good.