HR1: This Act may be cited as the “For the People Act of 2021. But Look Closer – Part 3

by Naomi Fisher, Part 3,  Final of Series

A short recap: Personally I believe that if you live in this Country you should take pride in having a say by voting. But as I mentioned in my previous article, if this HR1 BILL passes then Congress will have complete control over elections. As of right now, your Congressperson answers to you — in your State. When a Congressperson is elected to office it is done by your State, your Counties your voting districts.

Title X, Section 3, giving Congress “plenary and complete control” over elections could be interpreted that Congress will decide who may run in every state.  Given Congressional history isn’t that predictable? Doesn’t that qualify as nationalizing elections? A link at bottom.

If candidates in our states are chosen by Congress how will we know what that canditiate stands for, what they believe is important for our Country and We The People? We need to be able to hear their own words. Not Congressional rhetoric.

HR1 will destroy our states control, therefore destroy our voices in our State Congressional elections — and destroy our right to privacy for all of our voter registration information.

It’s important you realize those facts.

Now, what I’m writing about today:

Sec. 2, Division A, Part 2 Automatic Voter Registration. The Link to the bill and actual paragraphs and clauses referred to are at below.

Section, 1011 gives the State and Federal Governments the right “to ENSURE that EVERY eligible citizen is registered to vote.”

That means if you have a valid Drivers License in any State, if you are registered as a non-driver with DMV, if you are registered with any other kind of a State agency — you WILL be registered to vote. If you do not want to be registered you will have to file notice to decline registration. But Sec. 1011 does not say where or with whom. 

TITLE II,  Subtitle C, Sec. 2201, gives the right of Statehood to Washington DC! Our Founding Fathers set up our Government so that Washington, District of Columbia (DC) was NOT a State, therefore would have no allegiance to any particular State or itself. If DC becomes a State that will destroy any possibility of it remaining impartial. If it becomes a State, who or what will then preside over the United States of America as the seat of our Republic? We will have NO centralized government. That section goes on to blather about the rights of the people to live there. But surely they knew when they moved in it was the District of Columbia. Not a State.

I repeat:  If Statehood is granted to Washington DC we will have a Nation with NO centralized government. Is that what you want?

The Democrats in power right now are methodically working to destroy our Constitution and our Republic, the United States of America.

The HR1 BILL authors’ tucked this in the section on election integrity. Their sneaking in such methods of control are insidious.

Another thing: Under Congressional Ethics Reform. It prohibits House of Representatives from serving on boards for-profit entities. It said nothing about Senators nor did it refer to previous legislation with that restriction for Senators. Check out Senators Feinstein and former Senator Kamala Harris’ records on that in previous Citizens Journal articles.

The rest of the bill dealt with restrictions on Federal and Congressional contributions, spending and accountability. We do need monetary reform but not at losing the staggering number of our rights this bill will cost us!

My next point: From what I read, this HR1 Bill does not address the corruption within the Democratic National Party or the Republican National Party and it does not address any limit of money that can be donated to either party.  (If HR1 does address contributions to the DNC or GOP I could not find it. It’s long and detailed. I tried very hard to read that multitude of information. If I missed it, I apologize.)

From what I have read and understood over the years, when the Democrats or Republicans decide that they want something passed or want to start a war (as in Syria during President Obama’s term) they put pressure either on the President, the Majority Leader or Minority Leader of Congress.

If that is, in fact true, they then tell Congresspersons that if they want to be re-elected and continue to serve their community they have to vote what the Democrat Corporate Party or Republican Corporate Party want — no matter if the effects or consequences are harmful to our Nation. That Congressperson then has to decide whether to destroy the lives of how many of the best of our young people in a war or how much good that Congressperson can do for their own State or their own political career. Note:  I am saying political career. Since when did our Founders create a political career?!

Again, if that is true, the power of the National Democrat and Republican Parties are completely out of control. This begs the question: Who really runs our Country? The people of the United States or those parties who are known to take money from other Nations?

So, if donations to those parties is not addressed than this HR1 Bill changes nothing and in fact makes our election process much worse; makes our voting almost worthless.

When we consider that $200 million is a drop of water in the bucket from a major corporation for policy favors — vs the average citizen only being able to donate $20 to their candidate of choice we have to admit the working class does not make the policy. But our Constitution intended the working class to make policy. Instead, the donor class and investor class who have homes and companies all over the world, many who don’t even have to live here are “influencing” Congress on which policies to pass, which bills to pass. Scary isn’t it?

Because we, the working class do live here and thus are subjugated to their financial whims forcing indentured servitude upon the people of the United States.
(Opinion — Bottom line: When any new bill that makes law or policy comes from Joe Biden’s home State it’s most likely a bad idea!)

As I said before, this bill has already passed the House. It has now been voted on 7 times in the Senate but so far has not passed.

Once again I plead with you: Call or write or text your Senators again and again. And DEMAND they vote no on HR1 and remove it from any further voting by killing HR1. Don’t ask and don’t say please.  As I previously stated, legally that’s equivalent to saying, “Would you mind?” You must DEMAND your Senators vote no on this insidious plot to destroy many of our God given, United States Constitutional given rights and freedoms.

Part 2, Sec 1011, (b) Findings, (1) Findings– Congress finds that — 
(B), (2), (A) to establish that it is the responsibility of government at every level to ensure that all eligible citizens are registered to vote in elections for Federal office;
(c), (2), (A) an explanation that voter registration is voluntary, but if the individual does not decline registration, the individual will be registered to vote;….

TITLE II, Election Integrity, Subtitle C, Sec. 2201, Findings relating to District of Columbia statehood

Title IX Congressional Ethics Reform, Subtitle B Conflict of Interests: Sec 9101 Prohibiting Members of House of Representatives from serving on boards of for-profit entities.


The Facts About H.R. 1: The “For the People Act of 2021” 
The Heritage Foundation – February 21, 2021, 6 min read
H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process—which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom.

H.R. 1/For the People Act Imperils Free and Fair Elections. Here Are the Worst 8 Parts Hans A. von [email protected]
– Mar 16th,2021, 4 min read
It will interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voters, not apply any ID requirements to absentee ballots…

How Dictators Come To Power In A Democracy
Jim Powell Contributor, Opinion

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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