Hueneme HS student performs water rescue at Kiddie Beach- Oxnard

Oxnard FD organized search party, treated and conveyed victim to St John's Hospital

By Bob Allen & George Miller

A seven year old girl nearly drowned at Kiddie Beach yesterday. Bob Allen, CEO of KADYTV was driving by in the aftermath of the rescue and stopped by to inquire, with video camera always ready.  He discovered that Bryanna Leon, a 9th grade girl from Hueneme High, had actually found the girl and brought her to the surface. She at first thought the victim  “was playing dead or a “zombie,” then concluded that there was a problem.  Although the Oxnard Fire Dept. didn’t actually perform the rescue, they were key to organizing the search, providing the timely treatment for revival, and conveyance of the victim to St. John’s Hospital.  Firefighter Patrick O’Leary organized beachgoers into a rescue party. Thanks for taking the initiative, Brianna and OFD!

Kiddie Beach is not staffed with lifeguards.

Bob Allen:

I happened to see all the traffic on Victoria yesterday and decided to check out what happened.
Actually a young freshman from Hueneme HS did rescue the girl before the fire fighters arrived.
I asked the young lady and received permission from her mom to do a little interview.
Here is the link to see that heroine’s story

[email protected] |
Here is the 4-16-16 Oxnard Fire Department report:

At 2:26pm today Oxnard Fire units were dispatched to a report of a missing child in the water at Kidde Beach (4251 So. Victoria Ave).

Firefighter Patrick O’Leary was first to arrive in Water Rescue 66. He immediately ran down to the water and contacted a bystander that was standing at the location witnesses last saw the child. The last seen spot was about 35 feet from the shoreline.   FF O’Leary told the woman to remain there as a point of reference and quickly organized the other beach goers into a line for a hasty search. Fire Engineer Jim Blanchard quickly dressed in water rescue gear and joined the search.

As the third rescue swimmer, Firefighter Richard Pryor from E-61 arrived at the water’s edge a 14 y/o female bystander who was part of the search party found the submerged victim in waist deep water and pulled the victim up. Other Oxnard firefighters quickly took the victim- an unidentified 7 year old female and carried her up the sidewalk where E-63’s crew took over medical care.

They found the victim pulseless and not breathing and began care. She was then carried to Gold Coast Ambulance where paramedics and Oxnard firefighters provided ALS care. The victim was located, had medical care started and enroute to Saint John’s Hospital in 12 minutes from the time of the original call.

Oxnard PD and the VenturaSheriff’s Office responded and assisted with crowd control and on scene investigation.

Other Agencies that assisted were VenturaCounty Fire and VenturaCounty Harbor Patrol.

I have the contact info for the 14 y/o female who found the victim. Her mother was the person holding the last seen point. They had just arrived 10-15 minutes earlier with the rest of their family for a day at the beach.

Peer Support Team members are providing assistance to the Oxnard Fire Departments and Gold Coast personnel that responded to the call. Peer support members group from Ventura City Fire was also asked to assist with this process.  Team members are also going to contact the 14 year female and her family to check on their well-being.

Bryan Brice

Fire Chief

Oxnard Fire Department


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Jim Hensley

We are fortunate to live here with great beaches, however water can be deadly… One of the best practices is to waterproofing children at an early age. California health system demands children receive vaccinations for a wide variety of diseases but ignores inoculating [providing swimming lessons] children with the ability to swim.

To save children’s lives we must find ways to provide swimming lessons for everyone… It costs for vaccinations, it cost for swimming instructors, both save lives. We need a comprehensive water safety education for all of our school children. Caringly, Jim Hensley, Executive Director, Waterproofing Kids.

Herb Smith

Bryanna is definitely a positive role model for teenagers. Hueneme High School must really be proud of her.

Walter Moody

Bryanna You Rock Kid! Thank you for shining a light on all the great kids at Hueneme High School. It is my honor to have once been your teacher. Blessings to you and your family.

Alice Madrid

We need more GOOD news like from our youth; instead of always negative ones. Good for her!

Bryanna Leon

Thx you I would do it for any of my siblings