Huge Rally at the Oaks Mall this Labor Day – Elder headlines for Recall

Gubernatorial candidate, Larry Elder, will be headlining a stellular list of speakers for the upcoming Recall Newsom rally, Monday, Labor Day, September 6th from 11am to 3pm at the Oaks Mall parking lot. Actor Scott Baio and David Rubin will be joining Elder on the stage along with Godspeak pastor, Rob McCoy just to name a few.  There will be booths and music along with sharp political insights into rescuing California. 


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Steve Trujillo

pathetic Scott Baio, star of such movie flops as Zapped and Cursed, should have realized from the names of his movies that his career was over. he is a failed has been who is hustling his wacko , right wing views for misogynist and misanthrope Larry Elderberry whine about how CA is “ungovernable”. yeah, Larry, if YOU become governor, it WILL be ungovernable. what a pathetic choice of GOP incompetents and cranks. VOTE NO ON THE RECALL . KEEP GAVIN IN OFFICE.


recall Newsom Pelosi nephew – birds of a feather flock together!

Mike Smith

“I don’t want the same thing that’s happening in Texas… here in California.”

You’ve obviously never been to Austin, have you!

Mike Smith

Of course you’ve never been to Austin, Fred!

You don’t want to face the homeless encampments, high violent crime rate and San Francisco-esque corruption your racist, Marxist Democrat Party saddles the people of Austin with every day.

And you probably hate that everyday Texans are still far freer to protect themselves from violent Democrat voters than where you live — even in places like Austin. My advice: stay in California!

George Pattone

Thank you for publicizing this important event!!!