Hundreds of California Government Employees Are Paid Over $400,000 Per Year


pension-forwebThe following commentary was published on the

Forbes magazine website on February 7, 2014:

By Mark Bucher

Imagine trying to run a business without knowing how much it cost you to provide health insurance or retirement benefits. Imagine if you didn’t even know how much each employee made.

Ask any businessman or woman, and they will tell you that this would be crazy. When your employees came to you asking for a raise, you’d have no idea whether they were over or underpaid, and no clue how your competitors were pricing similar work.

For decades, this is what it’s been like for California taxpayers trying to rein in government compensation. But instead of going out of business like a private company, California governments have just raised taxes higher and higher. California residents now suffer the highest individual income tax rate in the country, one of the highest rates of sales tax and corporate income tax rates, and the second highest tax on gasoline. Behind all the increases, there’s a big contributing …

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