‘I Have No Empathy’: Gov. Newsom Lambasts Local Officials For Letting Shoplifters Off The Hook

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Sebastian Hughes

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom went after local officials on Wednesday for being reluctant to prosecute shoplifters under current California laws, CBS 13 reported.

The state has faced a wave of large-scale thefts, where shoplifters rob stores in large groups or smash and grab items from displays. Retailers have argued that thieves have not been subject to harsh enough consequences, CBS 13 reported.

“If people are breaking in, people stealing your property, they need to be arrested. Police need to arrest them. Prosecutors need to prosecute them. Judges need to hold people accountable for breaking the law,” Newsom said, CBS 13 reported. “These are not victimless crimes, and I have no empathy for these criminal elements.”

Calling the crime sprees “unacceptable,” Newsom said thefts should be prosecuted as misdemeanors or “stacked” into felony complaints if individuals commit repeated offenses, even if what is stolen is less than $950, CBS 13 reported. The governor acknowledged, however, that some officials “choose” not to take such a step.

“I want to see local efforts. I want to see them stepped up,” Newsom said. He emphasized that the state’s budget would “significantly increase our efforts to go after these retail rings.”

Both the governor and Attorney General Rob Bonta voiced their support for Proposition 47, which reduced certain theft and drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors in 2014, CBS 13 reported. Newsom said that property crime has dropped significantly since then.

Newsom previously told mayors in the state to “step up” after a million-dollar looting spree at a San Francisco area department store in November.

Rachel Marshall, a spokesperson for San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, agreed that there is a need for “every player in the legal system and every city agency” to improve their efforts, CBS 13 reported.

“Our office prosecutes cases in which police make arrests; this year, we have filed charges in 80% of burglaries referred to us,” Marshall said, noting that her office “has been a leader through the retail theft taskforce, funded by Governor Newsom, in dismantling the networks behind organized retail theft.”

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O. G.

Californians, you had your chance to recall him and you blew it.



I am not sure what to think about the above news. If it is true then I am grateful, but with all the lies, I have my doubts about this…

C E Voigtsbergfer

Considering that the State of California Parole Board is releasing convicted felons, it seems Gabby Nuisance is blowing smoke. A recently released parolee just murdered a well-known black philanthropist in B.H. Say, BLM, where is your protest at the murder of another really upstanding member of your community? You scream and holler and burn and loot when a convicted felon dies at the hands of the police, where is your outrage when an outstanding members of society, one who has, most of her adult life, been involved in personal and financial support of a wide variety of community charitable activities. Killed by a career black criminal released by the Parole Board back into the community. Where is your outrage about that, BLM?

Michael A...

Never Trust Liberals. Not only is that a mantra for how to live but it is also a mantra on how government should operate.


Hmmhm, Newsolini supported the decriminalization of crime, emptying the jails, helped put pro-criminal District Attorneys in power in both Sodom by the Sea and the L.A. cesspit. What could possibly go wrong?

Blow it out your ass, Gavin

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