I, spy: Edward Snowden in exile

By Edward Snowden

Editor’s note:  You probably won’t see this Guardian article in “Mainstream Media” publications. We know this will generate a lot of controversy, but it is newsworthy and is being presented as written. Some say that he is a traitor, others a hero. The question is whether exposing the actions of NSA/Administration/Congress to reveal what are ostensibly unconstitutional actions, although approved by various govt. branches using the justification of national security, was the right thing to do. There is an analysis, with a video, followed by a transcript of the actual interview. You decide.


Photo: Alan Rusbridger for the Guardian


He doesn’t drink, he’s reading Dostoevsky and, no, he doesn’t wear a disguise. A year after blowing the whistle on the NSA, America’s most wanted talks frankly about his life as a hero-pariah – and why the world remains ‘more dangerous than Orwell imagined’.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/18/-sp-edward-snowden-interview-rusbridger-macaskill


• Read a transcript of the interview



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