I Was Born In America Where Anyone Who Wants To Work Hard Can Succeed

Charter Schools Can Educate Our Youth

Fellow conservative,

From South Central Los Angeles to running for Governor of California. This is my story, one that could only happen in American.

I’m the son of a janitor who worked 2 full time jobs after serving in the Marine Corps. I was one of 3 children growing up in South Central Los Angeles where Democrat policies have done nothing but turn my former home into an unaffordable, crime ridden community with rampant homelessness.

Despite those circumstances, I was born in America where anyone who wants to work hard can succeed. I went from a place that is ruined and run down to becoming a business owner, conservative radio host, and contributor on Fox News. In what other nation can someone say that?

Regardless of that background, I was able to succeed and I want to help make California a place where every hardworking person can succeed if they want to. That’s why I am running for Governor of California, and I need you on my team. Can you chip in $10, $25, $50 or more now to help me win back California?
I want to make California a place where Charter Schools can educate our youth instead of indoctrinating them, a place where making a living is better than being on welfare, a place where crippling costs and rampant crime are no longer the standard for life in California. With Democrats like Gavin Newsom in charge, none of these things can ever become a reality.

For years, Democrats like Newsom have done everything in their power to maintain control by any means necessary. They’ve lined their pockets with money from unions and Hollywood liberals while destroying businesses and lives just to appease their radical supporters. If we let Gavin Newson remain in office, then you can be sure that cities all over California will become more dangerous and it will only get harder for families to afford the basic necessities.

That’s why I’m running for Governor of California, because enough is enough and it’s time we take back this state once and for all.

Can I count on you, fellow conservative, to pitch in and help win back California? We can’t afford for Democrats to continue taking this state backward.
Democrats like Newsom want to suppress your voice, take control of our lives, and then break the very rules he set for the Pandemic so he could have a $35,000 mask-less dinner party with his lobbyist buddies. Democrats like Newsom want you to believe America is the most racist place in the world, yet they’re the ones pitting neighbor against neighbor while BLM radicals loot and burn down our communities.

If you’re sick and tired of the radical Democrat agenda that is destroying our communities, then join me in taking the fight to Gavin Newsom and finally stop him from destroying California.

Join me as I run to become the next Governor of California. No more games, no more hypocrisy, and no more downward spiral for our state. Help me win, because if Newsom and the Democrats win, you can expect more homelessness, more crime, failing communities, and higher taxes.

Enough is enough. Let’s make sure our state has a chance at a brighter future, instead of one that is ruined by Democrats and their radical agenda.


Larry Elder




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Michael A...

Donate to Larry as I just did. Any amount is ok.


Vote for Larry Elder, he’s gonna bring back California to the way it used to be and that is the California dream that every Californian has for themselves and their families. We will make California strong again, We will make California safe again and We Will Make California Great Again


Make Californria Great Again! A great slogan and even the cringy left wingers should be able to admit that with the tremendous growth in drug abuse/homelessness, housing crisis, middle class flight, business flight, rampant and ballooning taxation that California is NOT currently at its best. Larry Elder clearly offers a great alternative the the status quo. (Yeah, with all his white supremacy and all….)

C. Collier

Ummmm, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but Larry Elder is black.

BTW, I’m still kind of on the fence between him and John Cox, but I’m definitely leaning towards Larry.


As far as entertainers running for office I would prefer to see Caitlyn. She bound to be a lot more entertaining. Haven’t we had enough of entertainers turning to politics and failing.

jon trombley

I believe Larry is far more knowlegable on the problems california has been facing and has detailed solutions to help save this state. from education to homeless, cost of living, etc. give him close consideration. i also like Caitlyn Jenner but larry, i belive in.


Sue: Al Franken’s name will live forever in infamy

Mike Smith

Gavin Newsom should wear brown pants to his debates with Larry Elder.

He’s going to need them.


A truly beautiful candidate !