Book Review–Icy Betrayal: A Jack Keller Thriller Paperback

IceyBetrayalCoverIcy Betrayal – A Jack Keller Thriller

by David G. Keith

A book review by David Stewart

Book Description from Amazon:

Investigator Jack Keller risks everything when a routine case becomes a quest for reconciliation.  
Ambitious traffic investigator Mia Serrano is young, attractive and headstrong. Her intuition leads her from a tragic traffic accident on an icy Colorado highway to something far more sinister. Despite his protests, veteran homicide investigator Jack Keller is paired with the upstart Serrano on a high profile murder case that threatens to tear the Rocklin County Sheriff’s Department apart from the inside out. The young protégé must choose between love and ambition while haunted by suspicions that consume her. The seasoned investigator will be pushed to the edge as he struggles to come to terms with his troubled past. Sex, love, power and contrition collide amid two intertwining love stories as Keller and Serrano struggle to expose a murder plot while hiding secrets that could cost both their careers. 
Jack Keller faces the most personal case of his life in a wild ride of passion, deception and betrayal, served on ice.

This book was a captivating mystery.  I picked it up to read on a Friday and finished it on Saturday.  I am retired so I have the luxury of a lot of reading time and I didn’t want to put it down.  Usually the crime is the focus of the suspense in a thriller but here the crime was presented in the first chapter and there was no mystery to it.  The reader knows who “done it” right away.  The real suspense was following Jack Keller as his life becomes entangled with one of the guilty parties, and faces the moral responsibilities of his position as a  police detective investigating a murder.  He solves the murder but that is just the beginning of his troubles with the case.  All the main characters were very real and I was cheering for all of them except the real villain.

The sense of place was richly painted and I felt I was really in the places with the characters.  I liked them and wanted things to turn out well for all of them and here is where the suspense of the story comes in.  The story included all the things that, for me, make a novel come to life.  I find that eating meals in the progress of a story really helps anchor it in a reality the author is creating and I was not disappointed here at all.  Food happened in very real life ways and provided good pacing and passage of time.

This is a first novel for this author but he writes with complete authority as though he had been doing it for years.  I am impatiently waiting for the next Jack Keller Thriller!

Author Bio from Amazon:

As an author, David Keith draws on nearly thirty years of law enforcement experience in Southern California. As a longtime spokesman and community affairs manager for the Oxnard Police Department, David publicly handled high profile cases, including more than 200 homicides. David also created or managed a broad array of crime prevention programs featured on news programs and television specials nationally. He has also trained officers and staff from more than five hundred law enforcement agencies in North America on techniques in media relations and crisis management.

David Keith lives in Southern California where he and his wife Giselle raised their three children. He is already at work on his second Jack Keller novel.


David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.

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