Ideas to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus | Safe or Sorry – Your Choice

Below is information gathered from various medical and professional care experts. You may have already heard some of this but every little bit can possibly help.

By Tom Dunn
Is Coronavirus worse than the flu?  Medical experts are not 100% sure yet so you can decide what if any protective action you may want for you and your family.  One aspect put forward by a 30 year experienced world renown  virus scientist  states that Coronavirus is more  prevelant in colder climates ie Wuhan, China and Seattle, WA , as they share similar longitudes, while warmer climates like Southern California Coronavirus has a shorter lifespan due to the moisture in the air that limits how far the virus can travel in the air.  Hopefully, this is accurate as the virus have less effect here than other places. 
Here are simple things to do to protect you and your family.
1) One of the most effective items are hand wipes.  Unfortunately all stores are basically out of stock.  It is possible as of yesterday to order from Amazon. 
2) Avoid busy places – if needed go in early or late in the day 
3) Don’t touch money as you don’t know where it has been in the last month or who had it
4) Use credit or debit cards to pay however, someone’s card may be contaminated and would contaminated the card machine and transfer virus to your card – again this is where wipes would be very handed 
5)  When you fill up your car with gas the gas pump handled could have been held by an infected person 
6) Pay bills and buy on line if possible 
7) Wash clothes after wearing outside in case you can in contact with the virus through touching or air blown
8)  Wear gloves when touch something not in your house – such as mail or packages delivered to your house 
10) Wash hands anytime you encounter any of the above issues and do not touch you face area with your hands as the Coronavirus is an upper respiratory virus 
It seems Coronavirus is fairly easy to catch so maybe simple easy things to do can prevent you and your family from Coronavirus.  Any other safety procedures you know of please reply and others will be alerted asap.

Tom Dunn is the publisher of Hueneme Voice

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Sanitize items from grocery store and than wash hands 20 seconds