If The Christians Don’t Bail Out America, She Will Go Under

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(Editor’s Note:  This essay written by Christian intellectual Eric Zehnder, explains the importance of people of faith engaging in America and the 13 spheres of society*—during it time of greatest need.)


The age of middle earth is over.

Christians and conservatives have lived in a secure middle class world for decades. As it were, they work hard on their own branches.  It is true if you work hard on your branch, you will prosper more.  But, it is equally true America gave you a good tree to begin with.

“Thud, thud, thud”—if you listen carefully, you can hear the American tree being chopped down.  We—you—ONLY have strong middle branches because a great nation gave them a great tree to begin with.

Our founders left their middle farms and fields for us; the future generations, to do one thing: give us all a good tree.  They went beyond the four walls, and beyond the perimeters of their physical locale.

At the time of the Revolutionary War, the churches, clergy, and Christians, felt called to help this new country called America win freedom.   They knew their freedom to worship was connected, and they were servant-leaders to help birth a great nation. Because they so honored the new nation, the new nation honored them.

If the Christians don’t bail out America today, America IS going to go under.  She is going to become what she was before her independence—and our world is going to become what it was before Christ ever came.

When the mother tree falls, every branch will feel it.  Independence for America was our Alpha Point.  Déjà vu!—we are at the Omega Point.

If the Christians don’t help America rise to greatness, she will lower to darkness.  Is it really following Christ to love your own kind, and let the people in the larger world suffer?  Doesn’t Christian love compel you to go a second mile, to be an over spilling river?

We should be rivers, not forts.

To all the businesspersons or middle into upper middle class who achieved some means, I say:  you may be higher islands in an ever-rising sea, but the flood waters will come for you too—and for sure they get your children and grandchildren.

St. Paul gave the church the model of using your national citizenship to the fullest.  I’m not asking churches to be political; but their members must be salt and light wherever God has placed them or called them in the creation.

Jesus going to the cross was the same thing as sending his love and life to outsiders, to Gentiles not even worthy of it.  Without that, the Gentiles would have died.  Without the Christians spilling over today, America IS going to die—and we will, like the Jews, lose our promised land.

If you do nothing, if you do not bring great focus and provide the greatest example of servant-leadership and citizenship, not too long after the election, as freedoms, prosperity, and opportunity ever shrink, as all dissenting voices grow silent forever, you will long in your heart for these 10 days again.

Opportunity:  this too will pass.  The opportunity will have passed; you will have missed being much greater players in your own destiny.

God attracts with the light, but drives with the dark.   If the church will not bring the light to the world, God will let the world bring the dark to the church.  The early church did not reject bringing a river of new life to the Gentiles or stay within the “four borders of Israel.”  If she had done so, when Roman legions crushed earthly Israel, the church would have been crushed too.

Are we really more loved than the Jews or Gentiles?

Can we really choose not to take up our cross and follow Jesus in giving love to outsiders not even worthy?   The mindset of the Pharisees was:  stay to your own kind, leave the larger world to its darkness, and pray that it leave you alone  They believed the could “stay in the smaller, holier, world alongside the larger world.”  They rejected Christ’s call to be major players in bringing new life to that larger world.

I look at today’s churches; they look like Indian reservations.   They look like “smaller, holier, worlds alongside the larger world.”  That was the mind of the Pharisees, NOT the mind of Christ.

God didn’t allow even the Jews with whom He had over 1,000 years of special relationship with to reject the mind of Christ.  Did God require the early church to take up its cross, especially to go “beyond the four walls or four borders”—but God says to today’s church, “You have no such call?”

The Jews thought God was obligated to protect them.  They would stay to their own kind, leave the larger world to its darkness, and pray it left them alone.  It was a fatally flawed strategy, a “missing the mark” mindset.  The measure was NOT good works, but Christ’s over spilling Love.

In 70 A.D. when the Imperial legions marched in and destroyed earthly Israel, the whole world got a big history lesson.  The whole world said, “We better be something better than the Pharisees or Jews.”

The price for not learning a big lesson in history is only to get another big lesson in history.  We need to be a people of the river—not of forts.

The church at America’s birth felt called by God to expressly help this new nation rise, and be laced with Christian principles; to do this they had to overspill and send many members, many servant-leaders.

Tell me the answer to these five questions:

  1. Did the early church truly hear God to go and bring new life to the Gentiles and larger world—to bring light where there was darkness?
  2. Did the church at the birth of America truly hear God to help this young, free nation rise?
  3. Is Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever?
  4. Had God changed His mind from what He spoke to the early church and what He spoke to the early American church?
  5. Has Christ changed His mind, so He is no longer the same yesterday, today and forever?

If the Christians don’t bail out America, it will go under.


(Editor’s Note:  Eric Zehnder is a former Yale student, Huntington Beach master builder, writer, intellectual thinker, and was a cartoonist for Ross Perot with his cartoons seen by more than four million.  He and his partner, Pete V. are doing memes and cartoons supporting Donald J. Trump for President.  His current work can be seen on his website:   www.sharedvisionsnetwork.biz or at the following Facebook pages: Diverse Deplorables, Trumped Card News, and The Spirit of Liberty.  Mr. Zehnder is a faculty member of the John R. Wooden course and author of 25,000 original sayings.  Eric is a proponent of the *13 spheres of society:  1) Politics 2) Education 3) Business 4) Science 5) Technology 6) Communication 7) Culture 8) Freedom 9) Family 10) Faith 11) Health 12) Sports & Military and 13) History Making.  He can be contacted at [email protected] or by calling (714) 235-5077.

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