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viagra times; font-size: 16px;”>By Phil Erwin —


viagra order times; font-size: 16px;”>On FOX News channel’s “The Kelly File, viagra order ” host Megyn Kelly issued the following scathing review of the current Administration:

“Is Barack Obama’s Presidency imploding?  Al Qaida is resurging; Iraq is disintegrating… and now we may look to Iran to help us stop it.  Irankelly.fileA terrorist regime responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.  What could possibly go wrong?   We have drawn red lines in Syria we refuse to enforce; we stood by as Russia seized part of Ukraine; and now we are releasing top Taliban leaders as the Afghanistan war is still going!  ‘Not to worry,’ they tell us – Qatar’s gonna watch ‘em… for a year.  We hope.  Domestically, we have a President who has lost the trust of the American people by repeatedly misleading them.  He bypasses Congress – the People’s representatives – on matters ranging from Obamacare to immigration law, to the point where one of the most respected Liberal law professors in the country has called our President ‘the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.’  The American public overwhelmingly regrets Obamacare; our Veterans are dying waiting to see doctors; the IRS intimidates Conservative groups; the southern border is compared to a sieve, and the President assures us not to worry — smiling, golfing, and at this very moment partying with fashion queen Anna Wintur.  Because the fund-raising never stops.  Not when four Americans die in Benghazi, and not when Baghdad is at the brink.

 (June 18th – watch the viral video HERE )

 Is there any part of this woeful indictment that surprises you?   Haven’t heard much about these extraordinary problems?

 If so, you’re not watching FOX.

No other news organization wants to admit to you the hard, clear truth:  That Obama’s Administration is failing, big-time.  If you don’t watch at least one FOX broadcast (or scan the FOXNews.com website), you will miss the most important, disturbing, nation-challenging news of the day.  Every day.  Because no other news organization will tell you what really should matter to you most.

 Your country is on the skids. 

 And you won’t know it.


  • The IRS ducks hard questions about its targeting of Conservative political groups by conveniently losing e-mail.  The IRS saying “We can’t find our records” strains credulity to the breaking point and raises reasonable questions about conspiracy and collusion.  Even normally unflappable Congressman Paul Ryan is furious.  Yet, according to the Media Research Center, ABC’s used-to-be-top-flight news show Nightline had not spoken a word about the IRS scandal in 400 days!  A year-and-a-third during which a top news program doesn’t bother to mention what may very well be a repeat of Nixon’s impeachable offense.  FOX news programs cover the story nightly while so-called “mainstream” media outlets do their best to ignore it, and when they can’t, they work to paint it as a Republican crank conspiracy.  Remember:  Nixon was impeached just for trying to use the IRS this way.
  • In the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, an astonishing 54% of respondents believe that the President can’t lead or “get the job done,” and 41% say the Administration’s performance has gotten worse over the past year.  Seems newsworthy, doesn’t it?  Yet, according to the MRC, NBC’s Nightly News program chose not to even mention those damning figures – from their own poll!
  • The federal government is busing and flying non-documented children all over the country, many unaccompanied by their parents.   One could reasonably call this irrational, unwise, even dangerous for the kids.  One might reasonably wonder why our government is colluding with Mexico’s coyotes to facilitate illegal immigration.  One would certainly call it “newsworthy.”  FOX is covering this every night.  Think you’re gonna hear about this on the “Big Three” networks?   Not hardly.  When they can’t avoid covering the story, they at least make sure to avoid using the word, “illegal” when mentioning “immigrants.”
  • In late May, MRC noted that ABC, NBC and CBS spent more air time in four days on the New Jersey “Bridgegate” story, a dubious (dare I say phony?) “scandal” about a traffic jam, than they had in an entire month on the Veteran’s Administration misdeeds – a real scandal involving real deaths of real Americans.

FOX is the only news outlet that actually covers what you, as a concerned American citizen, most need to know:  How your government is changing your country for the worse, and ruining your children’s future in the process.

Don’t write this off as just another Republican rant about a Democrat President.  It is not.  I am a registered Independent who used to be absolutely a-political.  This is not about parties; and (contrary to the customary knee-jerk charge of brain-dead Dems like Reid and Pelosi) it has absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s race.  I couldn’t care less what he looks like.  I don’t even care whether he was born in Kauai or Kenya.  All I care about is whether he is making things better, or making things worse.  And as Megyn Kelly’s spot-on review makes crystal-clear:  He is making a host of things much, much worse.

So if you care about your country; if you wish you knew more about current events, so that you could be a better-informed voter; if you really want to know what your government is doing wrong, then you absolutely must spend time with the FOX News folks.  They are the only ones striving to keep you well-informed.not.political

And if you still aren’t sold on the value of FOX; if you still believe that they are the Devil’s handmaidens while the other news “professionals” tell you the truth, then there’s not much hope of you joining the ranks of the well-informed.  Because, as the Millennials  might succinctly state it: If you don’t watch FOX, you don’t know sh*t.

Phil Erwin is an IT administrator living in Newbury Park.  No one entrusting their systems to him has ever lost so much as a punctuation mark from an e-mail.


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