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    By Michael Greer

    Robert Epstein just spoke at American Freedom Alliance. Mr. Epstein testified to Congress about Google manipulating between 2.6 and ten million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton. He explained his research. 

    Robert Epstein is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He has a Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard. He was editor in chief of Psychology Today. He is a visiting professor at the University of California, San Diego. He has done extensive research on how algorithms can manipulate what people think. 

    Mr. Epstein is an interesting man. He says he doesn’t have a Conservative bone in his body but I beg to differ. Anyone who was not only a Hillary Clinton supporter but a friend and was willing to risk her ire, isn’t a typical Leftist. I have yet to meet a Leftist who would object to any measures taken to ensure their candidate won. A man who cares more about free and fair elections than party or friendships is more Conservative than he thinks. 

    I spoke to Mr. Epstein at our reception before his talk. He was telling a group of us about being interviewed by various Conservative pundits. He said Mark Levin’s stage was truly in a bunker. He said it was very impressive stage and that they had made him feel so welcome and had placed his books all around the set. 

    He said he had been interviewed by many Conservatives, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, etc. I asked him how many Liberal shows he had been on and he said Zero. He said he had made many Conservative friends. Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash”, being among them. He then said Dennis Prager saved his life. We asked him how. He said he was asked to speak at a Dennis Prager fund raiser. The room was filled with big donors. Dennis asked him how he was feeling after being so viciously attacked. He reached in his pocket and held up a small bottle of nitroglycerin for all to see. He said he had chest pains and shortness of breath. Dennis was concerned and expressed his concern several times. 

    After the talk a doctor from the audience approached him and said a dear friend of his is the top cardiologist in the country and co-incidentally is located in San Diego where Epstein lives. He wanted Epstein to see her. That night Epstein received a call from the cardiologist saying her friend has spoken to her about him and she wanted him to come to see her. He said he couldn’t because he was going to DC the next day. He flew to DC and had a 4 hour dinner with Ted Cruz, who he liked very much (see, he’s not as Liberal as he thinks he is). When he got back to his hotel he changed into his bathing suit. He’s a swimmer. He makes sure hotels have pools. As he was about to leave for the pool the doctor called again. She said she was looking at his test results from Scripts and told him he had a major blockage. She told him to go to the closest ER. He said he was about to go swimming. She said, “YOU CAN’T SWIM”. He told her he swims regularly. She kept him on the phone so long the pool had closed and he couldn’t go swimming. 

    He returned to San Diego, she called him again and told him to come to her office right now. She said he could drop dead any minute. He wondered why she was so concerned about him. She told him she knew what he did and “we need to keep you alive”. He told her she wasn’t on his insurance policy and he learned an office visit was $875 so he couldn’t come. She told him she wouldn’t charge him a dime. He said she did two things that convinced him. She flattered his ego by saying his work was so important and she offered him a bargain, so he went. He was actually having a heart attack as he arrived. When he got there she and another cardiologist examined him. They did and EKG and the doctor immediately picked up the phone and told Scripts he’d be right over. Epstein said, they took him immediately, he didn’t even have to check in, took him to the operating room and put in two stints. They saved his life. He said none of this would have happened if Dennis Prager hadn’t asked him that question and been so concerned by his answer. 

    I told him how poignant his story was because the founder of American Freedom Alliance, Avi Davis, had known he had blockage and needed a stint and was also ignoring it. I said he was an avid bicyclist and was riding his bike to the gym when he had an attack and died. I said I was so grateful fate intervened. 

    When Mr. Epstein started his talk he repeated our conversation and told the audience how Dennis Prager saved his life. Then he scared the rest of us to death. 

    He told us we are being surveilled 24/7. He said Google has AT LEAST 3 MILLION pages of information on EACH of us. Our phones monitor us, SMART meters, SMART phones, the Nest, SIRI, Amazon, Etc. Recorders and cameras have been placed in many things we wouldn’t expect. They know exactly how to manipulate us. They know what we like, what we don’t like, they collect our health records. They keep our phone calls, our emails, our internet searches. They record your conversations around the dinner table. They know if you have a lover or watch porn or if you are cheating on your spouse. 

    He told us about a Google defector who had brought many documents with him. He had two Black Lists. These are lists of websites they are suppressing. When people do a Google search they usually only look at the first few links. Websites on the Black Lists will be on the next page if there at all. When you do a Google search there is often an answer in a box at the top of the page. Most people take that information as fact. It may not be. 

    Epstein researched Google, Bing, Safari, and others to see the results of the same search on each search engine. He found Google easily manipulated undecided voters or voters who weren’t paying close attention to politics. He also said just before the last election Google sent out notices to Democrat voters reminding them to vote. He said that got thousands out to vote who weren’t planning to. But only Democrats. He suggested that could be considered a campaign contribution. 

    Another document that the Google defector managed to get was an internal memo that said the goal of Google was to change human nature. He said Google has more power than any government. No one gave them that power, they took it. They have bought up any company they thought could be competition. They helped China developed their social scores that are used to control their citizens. 

    To stop Google from interfering in more elections Epstein would need to set up monitoring in many states. He thinks Google could change the minds of at least 25 million voters in 2020. It would take about $50 million for him to do that. He said many people have told him they would help get the money but so far nothing has happened. Glenn Beck told him he’d get all the Conservative talk show hosts to do fund raising for this project. So far, nothing. I suggest everyone reading this to tweet, Facebook and email Glenn Beck and ask him to follow through. 

    Epstein told us to stop using gmail, Google and Chrome. He suggested we all watch “The Creepy Line”.  He suggested as a search engine. His website with many suggestions is

    People ask him how to stop Google. He wrote an article for Bloomberg Business that was stopped for a time but finally published the day before he testified before Congress. (Look for Epstein solution). He suggests Congress pass a law that Google and other platforms have to open their data bases and make them available to all. That would open competition. 

    People were so concerned by what Mr. Epstein said that they shouted out questions during his talk and surrounded him after his talk to ask more questions. 

    Michael Greer

    Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:




    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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