Images of Ventura County Fair

By George Miller

The Fair only changes a bit every year, but so do we. So it looks a bit different every year, not only because it changes with the times,  but because our perspective also changes a bit each year. Rather than ramble on, we’ll just show you some photos ….


The little  ferris wheel and the beloved huge turkey leg stand in foreground



Looks almost the same every year, except for fashions and demographics



The Kiddie Track is new and so is the children’s section it’s housed in.



No trip to the fair is complete without sampling fair food, which has gotten very expensive. Some is good, some yecch.



I don’t remember ever seeing women’s jousting before- these gals are great- Bullseye!


We never miss the photo exhibit- a consistent favorite of ours.



We sure have an abundance of talent in Ventura County and much of it is on display in the various arts and crafts exhibits. There is soooo much more- go see.



There were acres of livestock exhibits. Most people have no idea how big Ventura County is in agriculture and ranching, because most people are concentrated in the cities,


More to come soon…..

All photos copyright © 2014- George Miller,

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