Impressions from the Never Quit Challenge

Editor’s Note:  Just this week, veterans and military personnel took on the Never Quit Challenge (prior CJ Story HERE), an arduous trek down from Morro Bay to San Diego by Jet Ski.  It was done to honor and support (three charities who serve the military and their families benefited from money raised) those who have defended our freedom and right to exist.  The participants had to have served in the military.  David Pu’u, award winning photographer, who rode in the Challenge, sent messages and photos from along the route.  We have gathered them here.

From David Pu’u’s  instagram fb and twitter feed:

“My Father and Grandfather, my Mother and Grandmother, were part of the greatest generations, and we are too. We ought to act like it” Maj. Heather Penny, DC Air National Guard, who flew the Natl. Security mission on 9/11/2001.

‪#‎k38rescue‘s Shawn Alladio shoving off at Long Beach on the last leg of the ‪#‎neverquitchallenge  (#6107) . Beaten on and worn, from the rigors of the 600 miles at sea, she would endure. Leading from the front, as always. Being a part of what Maj. Penny describes, one of the greatest generations.

When you walk amongst giants, you fear no evil. You are the leading edge of the sword. That is the only real National Security.

Our people are our strength, and the power of God and shadowing of His wings, our best defense and home.

Anything less is mere lukewarm weakness, and damned expensive. ‪#‎phoenixpatriotfoundation ‪#‎marsoc ‪#‎stationfoundation ‪#‎davidpuuphotography ‪#‎davidpuucinematography

So that is how we spent the anniversary of 9-11. Honoring the memory of a 3000 strong mass murder of our people, and we did it from the front, with the men of all branches of service, who went.

As I watched Bo Reichenbach, packing his riding legs for check in. It was 9-12. Are we safer today? Seeing this man who went, and is again back in the game serving his fellows, tells me that maybe as a Nation, we allow ourselves to be led into asking the wrong questions.

We must never quit in our pursuits, but refining them may be a good move.

Here is Major Penny’s talk.

The crowed funding site for the Never Quit Challenge:

*All photo credits: David Pu’u









































Carrying mementos of KIA during OIF and OEF. It is in honor of US military personnel who served our nation, their families and 3 beneficiary charities












David Pu’u is an internationally recognized photographer and cinematographer with broad experience ranging from editorial publication, to television and feature film production. Currently David is lead creative and CEO of Neocreative Inc, which develops and licenses IP related to Photography, Literature and Film. He is Co Founder of OceanLovers Collective Inc.  He holds a Certification as a Rescue Boat Operator and First Responder via K38 Maritime and AWA, and is trained in risk assessment and mitigation in marine environments. 


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