In Event of Court Packing, Dennis Prager Recommends…



By Mike Smith

From a caller (Doug from Colorado) to the Dennis Prager Show, Tuesday, October 20, 2020:

D: So here’s my question: Let’s say the Democrats pack the court; the Left takes over. I mean, it looks like a Marxist future. What do we do? Do we become like Jews and isolate ourselves and keep our values going? Do we stay in our areas? I’m in Denver in Colorado, and it’s obviously gone hard blue here. What do we do? Do we escape to places and make a strategic retreat (inaudible)…

DP: Well I’ll have a better answer after the election. When confronted with the issue I will offer some thoughts. I’m not evading your question — I never evade a question. So I’ll give you some tentative thoughts.

Yes: we will have to retreat. We will have to fight, but also retreat. We will have to retreat primarily from the educational system. Your children are brainwashed with evil from a very early age: they become ingrates; they become jaded; they become unhappy; they become bitter; and they reject their parents’ values. Other than that, schools are fantastic.

So we have to get out of the schools. We have to create our own schools. And we have to homeschool. So that’s an obvious answer that has to take place.

We have already retreated from the mainstream media, so there’s not much more we could do. I mean, anyone interested in truth doesn’t read the New York Times; people interested in leftist propaganda read the New York Times. So it’s a very serious problem.

But that’s what I would recommend.

Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

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