Independence Day 2018


by Richard Eber

 George M. Cohan could not have expressed it better. After spending my usual July 4th attending the local parade in Concord with my family, it was truly “A grand old flag” for all those present.  As always the event brought, smiles, applause and a feeling of patriotism.  Having such pride in our country is what this special Holiday is all about.

Unfortunately, not everyone in “the Golden State” shares such sentiments.  There is a large segment of the population led by the Democratic Progressive movement that is very unhappy with the way the USA is being operated. They would prefer to protest rather than celebrate on the 4th.

Led by Gavin Newsom, Kevin De Leon, Kamala Harris, and many others, this group believes that America under the leadership of Donald Trump is taking the wrong course.  They feel the president is destroying the environment, tearing immigrant families apart, and disenfranchising the poor, while making the ruling elite wealthier.

Like it or not, this is what Democratic leadership believes.  They also think the Russians were somehow responsible for Hilary Clinton losing the 2016 Presidential election and that as the minority party in Congress they think liberals should select Supreme Court nominees.  In California, Progressives with their Sanctuary City policy, say that they have the right to ignore the Federal Government to formulate their own lenient immigration program.

In fact last week Senior Senator Diane Feinstein in the midst of a political campaign supported legislation abolishing I.C.E. and allowing virtually anyone to cross our borders from Mexico as long as they promised to stay within 100 miles of the virtual wall that has not been constructed. Were such a law to be passed, the Federal Government might as well hire matadors to protect the border and yell Ole!  to newcomers passing by.

At the same time Trump haters. at least tacitly approved Representative Maxine Waters Jim Crow like notion that anyone who supports the President should be confronted and denied service at  restaurants and be placed “in the back of the bus”, so to speak.

At the end of day, the current Progressive outcry says but one thing, the great American Revolution of 2018 is now at hand.

Curiously, the last time that civil authority was challenged to such an extent was fifty years ago in 1968. This was the time of massive civil disobedience against the Vietnam War, the Democratic Convention of Chicago Mayor Richard Daly, along with the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. In the aftermath Richard Nixon was elected President while the so called Industrial Military Complex was being challenged as Richie Havens was singing.

I work in your factories and I study in your schools
I fill your penitentiaries and your military too
I can feel the future trembling as the word is passed around
If you stick up for what you do believe in, be prepared to be shot down
Oh, what you gonna do about me
Oh, what you gonna do about me

However, it should be noted there were several things different compared with the unrest today. Those of us (including myself) who opposed the Vietnam War neither wanted to change our system of government or thought our Constitution to be outdated.  We felt those in charge had it wrong while at the same time believing our brand of grass roots politics would eventually triumph?

Things are not that way today for the Leftists.  For them it is “point of information” that the opposition is a band of racist Nazis who belong in Hilary Clinton’s Basket of Deplorables.  These Progressives don’t believe that it is necessary for them to wait until 2020 to make their case to the American people. In the mean time, they want to shed the Country of the conservative Supreme Court, get rid of the Electoral College, deny the current President his Executive Powers, and ignore the will of Congress.

In the beginning stages of the Progressive Revolution, it is quite likely that Federal troops will be utilized in the next couple of years to deal with defiant states led by California.  When will it happen that there will be an armed confrontation of Sanctuary Cities supporters pitted against Federal Troops standing up for the National Government in Washington D.C.?

How much will the news media led by MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, etc… support the rebel cause?  Can Facebook and Google, with their open prejudice against conservative viewpoints, stay out of the fray?

These are all legitimate questions that inevitably will be answered in the months ahead as the country will need to ponder where they want to be as the country approaches the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Would we like to become a socialist/communist like state where private enterprise is marginalized? Do we restrict  foreigners from entering our borders or let all comers be allowed to live among us?  Do we discourage the practice of religion much of which occurred in the old Soviet Union? Is the Second Amendment outdated?  Should firearms be outlawed or more be more heavily regulated by the State?

Are all forms of political opinion to be tolerated or can the government be counted on to determine who is qualified to be heard?  Should local government be abolished and replaced by regionalism to be administered from afar?

To these desires, most of which can be found on the Progressive wish list, I say “get lost”. In my mind, patriotism or even nationalism are never outdated.  At the same time there is no obsession on my part of what the UN Security Council, the Russians, French, Iranian’s, and the Chinese think about our country.  I don’t want the American Dream to shrivel up and die under the plague of political correctness.

Maxine Waters, no matter how much I detest this woman, should be able to exert her right of free speech, even if in my opinion she is a dangerous demagogue.  At the same time I respect the rights of football players to kneel during the National Anthem.  On the other hand, don’t expect me to purchase tickets to their games or even watch them play.

It is also my desire that my family will be able to determine where and how their kids are educated.  I also want them to be in the front of the line for admission to publicly financed colleges, ahead of out of State residents and non citizens.

I stand firmly behind the Constitution of the United States. I also believe it should still be the law of the land among the home of the Free and the Brave.

If this makes me an outcast among the progressive hierarchy who runs California, I will be proud to be part of the “round up the usual suspects” when conservatives are deported from their Communist utopia.

In the meantime I intend to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, cheer for all who participate in future 4th of July parades and unabashedly say “my country right or wrong”.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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