India – Where The World’s E-Waste Goes To Die  

Lola Gayle, STEAM Register We live in a disposable society, especially when it comes to our electronic gadgets. With new smartphones, tablets and computers coming onto the market at a frenzied pace, we ditch the “old” for a shiny new next-gen device and forget about it. To us, it’s just a trade-up. But what happens to…

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William "Bill" Hicks

Excuse me for questioning every issue where human activity is linked to environmental hazards that must be dealt with immediately to avoid current and future health concerns.

I’ve seen the outcry from so many sources in my field of expertise in pesticides that it makes me skeptical of all of them.

The question of safety never seems to arise during the creation of these electronic devices while they’re being created. It’s like no one could predict there could be a problem.

Until I have a source that is looking for truth instead of the chicken little approach that the sky is falling, I’ll continue to use my electronic devices and exchange them when I feel the need to. By the way, we did have a law shoved down our throats to use those screw shaped lights that now have to be disposed of as toxic waste. Who where the brainiacs that came up with that?