SoulBody Yoga: Inner Peace and a healthy stretch—all in Moorpark!

By Debra Tash

Years ago I threw out my back picking up a sock.  Who knew something as simple as that could cause such physical havoc?  I spent months, and lots of dollars, with doctors and chiropractors trying to unkink my spine.  Then one day someone suggested I try yoga.  That did it.  Seriously. 

In most of the ensuing years, I practiced the art in gyms with workout music thumping through the walls.  Then I stumbled upon SoulBody Yoga in Moorpark.  Nothing compares.  It is the total experience.

Mina Izad is the owner of SoulBody Yoga studio in Moorpark.   Her studio was one of the first businesses that opened in Moorpark’s Campus Plaza (right near the College) in May of 2008.  As with most businesses in our city, it’s been an uphill battle during its seven years of operation, but Mina stayed true to her passion—to bring wellness to the community. 

She is a firm believer and practitioner of alternative ways of healing as well as living a happier and more peaceful life. At SoulBody Yoga studio a cadre of experienced teachers offer a variety of classes from different disciplines of Yoga; Mat Pilates, Prenatal Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga.












They even have a “Yoga Wall” which combines the practice with elements of strength and alignment, a therapy you can’t find in many studios.

The Yoga Wall








Several people from our office take time during our work day to rejuvenate.  If you can’t, come by in the evening.Their classes are very non-intimidating and suit all levels and are held seven days a week as early as 6:00am and as late as 7:45pm.  Mina is also available for private Yoga or Pilates sessions.


Mina Izad

Why not stop by and check them out? The class schedule is on their website: SoulBody Yoga

Address: 6591 Collins Drive E-9
Moorpark, CA 93021

You don’t even have to have been done in by a stray sock to benefit from this wonderful practice.


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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My husband introduced me to Yoga after he discovered for himself how great Yoga is!
I only wish I had started Yoga in my teens!
My husband was riding his bike one day when the bike chain
suddenly broke sending him to the ground where he injured his shoulder and his knee! The injuries bothered him for years and doctors wanted to operate on both injuries. He happened to find a book on Yoga at a garage sale:
The American Yoga Association’s Beginner’s Manual by Alice Christensen.
He started with the warm up exercises only. Starting with about 3 exercises and going on slowly to the rest of the warm up exercises until in 3 months his arm and knee injury were back to
My husband could not even lift his arm up all the way before yoga!
Now he can lift his arm all the way up and his is knee is now fine! I started the yoga program and I feel way better!
Yoga is great for seniors!
I wish there was a SoulBody Yoga studio in our area I WOULD JOIN IT!