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    Two Visions of America by Don Jans

    Invitations to Two Upcoming American Freedom Alliance Events!


    Upcoming Events:

    ·         AFA’s Global Freedom Movements Conference 

    ·         The Truth is No Defense: An AFA Literary Cafe

    ·         Dr. Robert Epstein:  Big Tech Election Interference 

    AFA’s YouTube Channel

    We’ve been building our YouTube library – have you checked it out yet?  Take a look now right here

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    AFA’s Global Freedom Movements Conference 

    A quick look at our blockbuster event

    photos:  clockwise from top left:  Dr. Thierry Baudet and Dan Hannan; Jeesoo Hong; Dominik Tarczynski, Gary Aminoff, Katie Hopkins; John Fund and Dr, Karen Siegemund

    AFA’s Global Freedom Movements conference was “groundbreaking,” “the best we’ve ever done,” “the beginning of a movement in itself,” “the best weekend I’ve ever had” and “transcendent.”  
    The programme of speakers is here
    A quick review of the conference is here
    John Fund,National Review’s national affairs reporter and conference speaker, wrote this assessment of the current state of European populism
    Epoch Times covered the event here

    Photos are here
    And don”t miss the conference videos!  Most are included in the playlist and the rest will be added soon,  Please be sure to subscribe to AFA’s YouTube channel and click on the little bell to be assured of notifications.
    This was only the beginning of a global freedom movement in itself.   Be sure to stay tuned!

    The Truth is No Defense: An AFA Literary Cafe

    Featuring Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff 
    November 5th in Beverly Hills

    AFA has hosted Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff a few times before; she just spoke at our Global Freedom Movements conference earlier this month.  So we’re delighted to be the first stop on her nationwide tour with her new book The Truth is No Defense, the story of her conviction for bigotry.  The book also includes expert analyses from Stephen Coughlin, Robert Spencer, Clare Lopez and Aaron Rhodes, among others, and AFA’s president Karen Siegemund wrote the Foreword.
    Join us for a fun and informative evening on November 5th.
    Tickets are here.  The address will be provided upon ticket purchase.

    Dr. Robert Epstein:  Big Tech Election Interference 

    November 18th, Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

    Dr. Robert Epstein, psychologist and researcher, has uncovered the influence that Big Tech including Google has on election outcomes. 

    He spoke at our “Crushing Free Speech” conference in 2017 and we vowed to have him back for a much longer, in-depth talk.  In the intervening years, his research has become much more well known, and he gave testimony at a Senate committee hearing just a few months ago.  The consequences of this, of course, have been higher visibility including appearances on FoxNews, Mark Levin’s show, a joint appearance with Dennis Prager and others, but there have been consierable negative effects as well.  In particular, he has been the target of Hillary Clinton’s wrath and attempts at personal destruction.  You can read about her attack, the President’s chiming in, and Dr. Epstein’s rebuttals here.  
    Join us on November 18th at the Luxe.
    Tickets are available here.

    Become a Member of AFA and be part of this exceptional community

    The American Freedom Alliance is on the front lines of the battle against those who seek to destroy our culture and our freedoms.  We give voice to those who speak the truth, even in the face of the relentless efforts to silence them, and silence us.  We host conferences and lectures to educate on issues that others labor tirelessly to quash.  Because of our being on the SPLC “Hate List” – it would be funny if it weren’t so serious – a number of avenues of fundraising are denied us, so we are dependent on requests like these to keep our doors open, our website up, our events realized.  So please, we urge you – give once, give monthly, but please give.  Every dollar counts.  


    American Freedom Alliance

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