Is Illegal Immigration Un-American?

by Phil Erwin

FOX’s Laura Ingraham hosted a townhall-format show in Arizona to get some honest perspective from voters in both parties.

One young panelist, asked if Obama was right that sending troops to the border is just a “political stunt,” said:

It is purely politics… We are the greatest country in the entire world, and we are scared of a caravan of folks who are coming to seek asylum?… In my community we have over 500 homeless youths. One in four children go hungry… I don’t see this as an “invasion.”

Asked about the fact that 40% of the illicit drugs entering the nation come through the porous Southern border, he said:

I trust the current law-enforcement officials, I don’t feel that they need babysitters. We have thousands of border patrol agents…

This young fellow was clearly articulate and sincere. Yet, he managed to demonstrate the woeful ignorance of so many regarding the real-world effects of unbridled immigration.

The Border Patrol service routinely interdicts 1000-2000 people a day. They are already stretched. Any increase in activity in one location requires shifting resources from surrounding areas, reducing coverage in “drug route” corridors – which leads to a drastic increase in contraband-carrying “migrants” in those corridors. It’s a pattern the agents see over and over, and it works because the Border Patrol is undermanned relative to the existing challenge.

And this earnest fellow thinks it poses no problem to essentially double the number of border-crossers?

If you think his obvious naivete is unusual, you’d be wrong. Democrats get their notions of what’s “true” about immigration from the Mainstream Media outlets, which all deliver the message that problematic illegal immigration is just a Republican myth.

The real truth, of course, is quite different. A fact which any reasonable person would expect, and can prove to themselves with a bare minimum of thought and research.

The young fellow mentioned above, for example, notes that his own community already suffers from chronic homelessness and child hunger. Yet, he sees no reason to oppose unchecked immigration – which inevitably increases the pressures of homelessness and childhood hunger.

Democrats seem incapable of connecting those dots. It is a deliberate, willful blindness. They believe that illegal immigration is no problem, and so they refuse to see the obvious problems that result.

You can’t be intelligent, and not connect those dots, unless you don’t want to see the connections.

It seems there are no people left in the Democrat Party willing to think for themselves. They’re much more comfortable just “going with the flow.” Or to put it more descriptively: “Going with the Mob.”

Democrats have become a party of Mob Rule.

And the Mob is directed by the Radical Left.

The naïve Arizona chap clearly believes and regurgitates the widely-disseminated views of the political Left. Everywhere on the news (save FOX and OANN), you hear the same things, even the same words and phrases: Trump, and Republicans, are evil; the migrant caravans are just poor families looking for a better life; there are no gangs or terrorists in those caravans.

The very few real journalists who bothered to embed themselves in the caravans – reporters from FOX and OANN – tell a very different story. A story the “Mainstream” media deliberately choose to ignore, and to refute.

Because it doesn’t serve their purpose. Which is to convince you that wide-open borders are no problem!

Right. No problem at all.

Tuesday’s election represents a truly extraordinary inflection point in American history, demonstrated by the caravans (plural!) of migrants coming from Central America to challenge our very ownership of our own southern border.

All pro-migrant people and groups speak as though the citizenry of America has absolutely no right to deny anyone the “right to enter” America.

The corollary of that presumptive “right to enter” is that everyone who does so is automatically accorded the same protections of our legal system – encoded in the phrases, “due process of law” and “equal protection under the law” – that all American citizens enjoy.

So: Put those two “rights” together, and you arrive at an incredible, and unavoidable, truth: Those who support these northward migrations actually believe that everyone on Earth should be allowed to walk in and claim all the benefits of American life.

No matter the cost to us. It goes without saying that America, and Americans, are expected to pay for any and all benefits “due” everyone who enters.

So whatever the ostensible reason for supporting the migrant caravans – humanitarian concerns, or aiding the poor, or re-uniting families, or just being “nice” – the fundamental effect of allowing these caravans in as though they have a “Constitutional right” to come in, will ultimately result in the loss of any and all control over America’s borders.

Once the argument that “they have a right to enter, you have no right to keep them out” holds for a single group, every other person on the planet would have the same “right to enter!”

They’re already trying to “prove” that in the courts!

And what’s the point of borders, if you can’t police them? “Abolish ICE!” would morph from election slogan to foregone conclusion. Might as well abolish the Border Patrol too. Why patrol something that’s irrelevant?

But that’s not where the effect would end.

Oh, no. That’s just the beginning.

Once anyone can enter, the Left would be completely free to overwhelm the American system of government by paying to import millions of poor, unskilled, uneducated people from all over the world. And those people would be just thankful enough, and just politically unsophisticated enough, to believe that the Left was being kind and generous – not actually paying to purchase their votes.

If you think this wouldn’t have a serious impact on American life – on your life – you are completely, and sadly, mistaken.

This will end America as you know it.

And that, of course, is precisely the point.

Just as many venerable nations and cultures of Europe are being overrun, overwhelmed and culturally obliterated by hordes of mid-East migrants, America would rapidly become a nation of the poor and needy demanding more and more benefits from a government increasingly unable to pay for it.

This, by the way, is precisely the mechanism outlined in the 1960’s by Columbia University Leftist professors Cloward and Piven to undermine, and eventually overthrow, the American (or any democratic) government and replace it with Socialism: 1) Overload the government with a huge influx of poor, uneducated, needy people; 2) Bankrupt the government by forcing it to keep funding welfare and social services for the new needy; 3) Foment unrest among those needy, as they increasingly feel like their needs are being ignored; and 4) Spark civil unrest, leading to revolution.

Can you say: Venezuela?

If we throw our borders wide-open, this will be the last decade ever when America’s financial fortunes are on the rise.

If that sounds like a really positive, “Progressive” future for your country, then by all means, vote for Democrats. ‘Cause that’s what Democrats are working hard to bring you: A bankrupt nation tipping inevitably toward Revolution.

But if you think America’s not such a bad place compared to everywhere else on the planet, then you ‘d better vote for Republicans. Because in today’s political climate, wherein Democrats have completely sold out to the radical Left of their party, that is the only hope you have for preserving America as America.

Democrats talk good. But they govern real, real bad.

Just look at Obama. And at Chicago. And Baltimore, Portland, San Francisco. New York and California.

Now, look at Venezuela.

On Tuesday, choose your poison.

Really. Choose.

It matters.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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3 Responses to Is Illegal Immigration Un-American?

  1. Naomi Fisher November 5, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    Let’s get beyond Obama and Trump. Beyond Democrat and Republican. The real problem here is that America and most definitely our States bordering Mexico cannot financially afford any more illegals. I’m sorry but that is the hard truth. Our economy and the swollen U.S. population makes it imperative that we HAVE to close our borders or, as Phil Erwin stated, “This will end America as you know it.”

    Hard truth but reality!

  2. Philip Erwin November 5, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    Yes, both political parties are responsible for failing to address/correct our immigration laws for the past 30+ years. But I think you meant to berate Pres. Obama, whose DACA Executive Order fundamentally usurped Legislative power from Congress, after having admitted for years that he did NOT have the proper authority to do so. Trump’s threatened a few Consititutional oversteps, but he’s done nothing remotely so unconstitutional as DACA.

  3. Jess gutierrez November 5, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Response to Phil Erwin regarding illegal immigration. You speak the TRUTH with your qoute,
    “You can’t be intelligent, and not connect those dots, unless you don’t want to see the connections.”.
    BOTH political parties are responsible for the Immigration chaos. Nothing when compared
    To Pres. TRUMP violation of our CONSTITUTION.


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