Is James Comey unethical?

EditorialBy George Miller


The “Mainstream” Establishment media are just full of editorials, columns and articles masquerading as “news,” nearly universally expressing outrage that FBI Director James Comey not only reopened an investigation (or opened a related one) into Clinton-related correspondence/activities, but announced it in a letter to Congress. This august body’s members, at least most of the Republican wing,  have been outraged by his actions in July and are demanding a real, full investigation of Hillary Clinton and her toxic, highly corrupt associates.


But in fact, some would have us believe that Comey’s announcement is a far worse crime than all of the stinking corruption of the Hillary camp which is its object. The gist of all the media and Democrat whining is that Comey critics believe he has violated FBI/DOJ policy by announcing an investigation and thereby potentially influencing the outcome of the presidential election.

In that respect, yes, exposing serious wrongdoing by a longtime power player and presidential candidate and her associates indeed can and SHOULD influence the outcome of an election. The questions are: was it reasonable and moral to do so, especially so late in the game? Would it be better NOT to look into it and inform the people and instead allow them to make a critical voting decision for our nation without the facts in hand? Is it better late than never? If you’re not a Hillary supporter, what would be your position if it was done to your candidate?

The FBI investigated the Hillary Clinton email server scandal and other activities, including handling classified materials inappropriately. Finally, in July, Comey held a press conference where he rattled off a long list of terrible actions by Clinton. But he concluded by saying that although Clinton was “extremely careless,” he didn’t think that the offenses were intentional and/or criminal and that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute her. At least none who valued their lives and job security. Many experts and much of the public strongly disagree and not just for partisan reasons.

Not surprisingly, Attorney-General Loretta Lynch announced shortly thereafter that she would not be filing any charges against Hillary. This is the same Loretta Lynch who had a hush-hush meeting with Bill Clinton on his plane on the tarmac at Phoenix airport just a few days earlier. Coincidence.

Since then, there has been enormous outrage over Comey and Lynch’s actions in not moving to file charges then. It also came out that Lynch never authorized a grand jury to look into this, which severely hampered the investigation.

In the list of Clinton and associates’ actions cited by Comey, many were serious crimes.. Some of them were still crimes whether or not they were done with intentional malice, forethought or even awareness of the law. Since Hillary was briefed on most of the applicable laws and purportedly even signed papers acknowledging that, they were crimes. Some of those offenses mean that she is unfit to hold high office- maybe any office. Others mean she should probably be convicted and in prison. 

Keep in mind that although a Republican, Comey was appointed by Obama and was regarded and respected by both sides as an incorruptible Elliot Ness type public servant. Retired FBI and other law enforcement contacts have told us that there is pandemonium inside the FBI right now and that overwhelmingly, they feel he acted wrong, wrong, WRONG in letting Clinton off the hook, in violation of the law and FBI procedures.

Granted, that this granddaddy of late date “October Surprise” of October Surprises seems unfair. There is almost certainly insufficient time to complete the investigation before the election. But on the other hand, there was already way more than enough evidence to try, convict and imprison her. Add to that the crushing weight of revelations by WikiLeaks, Project Veritas Action, Judicial Watch, etc.  and it appears that the most unfair thing was NOT acting against her long ago and thus allowing the Democrats time to present a less flawed candidate. But they largely knew who she was when they nominated her unless they were willfully ignoring all the signs.

Comey’s eleventh hour actions, actually 11 days from Midnight, likely reflect his realization of the error of his July actions, the strong reaction by associates, officials and the public, many of whom he greatly respects, so much new information and finally, his thoughts about his place in history and legacy. Would he want to have to justify to his grandchildren that he did not answer the call to duty and did right when it counted the most? He will likely pay a high price for his decision, but the reward is so much better.

On a related note, all of this again highlights a flaw in our Constitution. Namely, there is an inherent weakness in having the only organization (Department of Justice) with the legal heft to investigate members of the executive branch and close associates/allies reporting to that same executive branch.

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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William "Bill" Hicks

Well said. The question always remains when the MSM suggests that Comey has done something wrong and that is…….In his first determination or the most recent one?