Is there election fraud? Yes! How to address it?

By Pam Faulkner


Election Integrity Project is still working for the citizens of California.

For years, millions of Californians have been forming organizations and associations to fight against the encroachment on their Civil Rights, parental rights, property rights, election rights, constitutional rights, etc., brought on by governmental chaos, corruption and lawlessness.

Realizing that help is not coming from within the state, and believing that we must appeal for federal investigation and prosecution, Election Integrity Project brought together almost 100 leaders of these organizations from all over the state in Ontario, CA, on March 11, to share their challenges and victories, and create the beginning of a strategy to get the attention of those in the federal government whose place it is to work on our behalf.

What we all heard were jaw-dropping reports of citizen struggles the likes of which we had not imagined before. Our 5-hour event could have been a week-long convention and there still would not have been time to hear everything that needed to be said.

The event gave us all comfort, courage and hope. The stories shared by such a wide variety of people and organizations helped us to realize that we no longer need to engage in splintered and often lonely efforts to fight an invincible juggernaut. United we can stand and conquer.

We now have the beginnings of a movement with great potential. This is our opportunity to bring California’s lawlessness to light and begin to return integrity to our election process. We invite interested individuals to contribute to the effort as we reach out to key people in the federal government and carefully selected media. If you can help with contacts, strategizing, media, organizational skills, fundraising, phoning, etc., we welcome your participation. Contact Linda Paine at [email protected].

As Benjamin Franklin warned, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately. Let’s hang together!!


Lots of useful information on the EIP web site

California: The Perfect Storm

Pamela Faulkner is Ventura County Republican Women Federated Chair and CA RWF State Chair for RWF election integrity. 

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