Islam and Western Civilization: Can They Coexist?

By Michael Greer

Sunday, August 21 was American Freedom Alliance’s International Conference held at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. This was the first conference since the untimely death of our founder, Avi Davis.

With Islam extremist attacks becoming more frequent, the destabilization of the Middle East and the flood of refugees entering Western countries we thought it was important to address the question of the compatibility of Islam and Western culture.

Barak Lurie introduced our first panel.  Bosch Fawstin, cartoonist who won Pamela Geller’s  “Draw Mohammed” contest.  If you recall, two Islam terrorists were killed by police before they were able to enter the building where the contest was being held.  Bosch had been raised a Muslim but now calls himself a Conservative.  He very generously designed the cover of our source book for the event and drew Mohammed cartoons for attendees during breaks.  

Nonie Darwish, author of “Now They Call Me Infidel”, “Cruel and Usual Punishment” and recently, “The Devil We Don’t Know”, grew up in Egypt under Sharia.  She is now a human rights activist and founder of Arabs for Israel.  She compared Islam to Christianity.

Lt. Col. Roy White, retired Air Force pilot, leader of ACT San Antonio and founder of ACT’s for America’s Truth in Textbooks. He explained how a volunteer group in Texas got together and went through the Social Studies textbooks being used.  They found hundreds of factual inaccuracies (a nice way of saying LIES) and took them to the Texas school board and had them removed from the textbooks.  He is training other groups to do the same in their states.

Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander, author of “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and ”Obama and the Enemies Within”. He has been traveling our country, with his lovely wife, to tell those who will listen that if America is lost, the rest of the world will be lost.  He is just completing a film based on his book, “The Enemies Within”. After the conference he had a screening of the rough cut.  This is an important film that needs to be released before the election.

Trevor pointed out that when he applied to immigrate to America, he was asked if he was now or ever had been a communist.  Are refugees being asked if they are now or ever had been adherents of Sharia?  Sharia requires the overthrow of our government, so why aren’t we asking that?

Morton Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America, served as an economist in the Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations. Mr. Klein understands the economic impact of bringing in millions of Muslim refugees as well as the social upheaval. His speech had people on their feet.

Our next speakers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer received standing ovations. Ms. Geller congratulated American Freedom Alliance for the courage to have her speak. She said most groups were afraid and isn’t that the purpose of terrorism? Scare you into silence and submission?  She said she will continue to tell the truth of the threat of Islam to our way of life. She said Truth was the new hate speech. As we speak there are politicians in this country writing legislature to make speaking against Islam a crime…whether or not what you say is true.


Geller sued N.Y. for banning anti-Muslim ads from buses. The buses displayed anti-Semitic ads but wouldn’t allow anti-Muslim. She won. The result was the that the buses stopped displaying either.  

“This is the age of absurdity” was Robert Spencer’s opening remark.  Those in power and the complacent media tell us terrorists yelling “Allahu Akbar” as they shoot, stab, and blow up innocent people are just mentally unstable and it has nothing to do with Islam. We know better.  

But Spencer is optimistic in spite of the carnage that has been happening.  He believes it is unraveling.  It is being exposed that people are being paid.  Terrorists are being funded, media is being paid to mislead, politicians are being paid to defend Islam.  What they didn’t count on is that the people instinctively know the truth. Brexit was completely unexpected by the elites. But the people knew unlimited immigration was destroying their culture and creating entire NO GO cities within cities where English laws and customs were not permitted.  

Our next panel was introduced by Larry Greenfield, Senior Fellow at American Freedom Alliance, national executive director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and founding executive director of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.

Philippe Karsenty, French Media Analyst, explained that he had to be careful about what he said. He explained that anything he says will be distorted by the French media. He spoke about the jihad that isn’t talked about. The civilization jihad is as dangerous as the violent jihad.  Through immigration and refugee programs Islamists come into countries and then begin intimidating the native citizens into accepting their culture and suppressing their own.  The Islamization of the world is their goal.

Guy Milliere, a recent immigrant from France, was a professor at the University of Paris VIII.  He has published more than 40 books in France, Europe, America and Israel.  Guy is also a Senior Fellow at American Freedom Alliance.  He left France because it is too late for Europe.  But it isn’t too late for America if we understand Islam is not compatible with our Constitution.  Islam is changing European cultures.  The EU decides how many refugees and immigrants go to each country and they have no choice.  Individual countries can’t say they can’t take anymore.

The next speaker, Elisabeth Wolff, is from Austria.  She explained that there is no free speech in Europe.  She is fighting a legal battle for speaking against Islam.  Citizens in Europe are being prosecuted for speaking against multiculturalism or Islam.  Rape is rampant and the best the governments will do is give women pins that say, “NO”.  Wolff said their governments have turned against the natural citizens of their countries. Truth is a crime.

James Simpson is an expert on the refugee settlements in America and the benefits they are receiving.  He is the author of “The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America”.  We need to pay attention to what is being done to us.  Refugees receive benefits far greater than any American citizen.  Most refugees are being resettled in primarily red counties and states.  Many men have more than one wife and each receives benefits.  The Left and Islamists are working to erase free speech.  Without the ability to speak the truth about Islam, we will lose the Western Civilization and our culture.  As I mentioned earlier, there is legislation being written to make criticizing Islam a crime.  Who ever thought this could happen in this country?

Former member of Congress, Pete Hoekstra, served as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (a position that requires a security clearance, while apparently, the Chief of Staff of the Secretary of State doesn’t).  Hoekstra spoke about how Qaddafi became an ally of the United States against radical Islam.  Dictators may not be desirable but they were allies and they kept the Middle East relatively stable for decades.  Obama partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood and turned everything upside down.

Hoekstra said the next President and the world had to understand America and American values matter and that America is worth fighting for.  And that America will not turn it’s back on Middle Eastern Christian, women, gays or other victims of Islam.  Hoekstra asked if we aren’t going to stand up for those values, who will? It has never been more important than it is now.

After lunch, Stephen Coughlin introduced our next panel.  Coughlin is a decorated intelligence officer, lawyer and expert on Islamic Law. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a Lincoln Fellow at Claremont Institute.  He is also the author of, “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad”.

Dr. Wafa Sultan spoke about being born and raised in Syria.  A graduate of Aleppo University medical school, she practiced medicine in Syria until emigrating to America in 1989.  Dr. Sultan says all Islam is radical and it is her mission to educate people about the evil of Islam.  She has spoken on numerous radio and television programs to explain the idea that Islam is peaceful is false.  She contends Islam is evil and we must unite to fight it.

Andrew Bostom M.D., M.S is an Associate professor of Medicine at Brown University.  A student of Islamic doctrine and history, he is the author of, “The Legacy of Jihad”, “The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism”, “Sharia Versus Freedom” and  “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel”.  Bostom spoke about the need to be honest about Islam.  

Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Police in Washington D.C.  He was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Reagan administration, Professional Staff Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and hosts CSP’s Secure Freedom Radio.  Mr. Gaffney is an expert on foreign policy and defense.

Obama refers to the terrorists as violent extremists, but what, Gaffney asked, do they all have in common? Sharia.  Gaffney said we have to stop calling Islam a religion or we are doomed.  Islam is a totalitarian ideology hiding behind a religion.  

The goal is to destroy the Western Civilization from within.  There is a war on the free world and we need to recognize that.  

Gaffney suggested everyone go to to read from a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum what their goals truly are.  Our administration and the media are not telling us the truth.  

One of our most popular speakers was Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Jr., 83 year old former Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.  He also served as the Senior Military Representative to the United Nations, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Commander of the U.S. Second Fleet, and Commander of NATO Striking Fleet.  He is currently President/CEO of LION Associates LLC. 

The Admiral began by congratulation America Freedom Alliance for getting every member of the California Republican Party in one room.  “Are you ready to take America back?” he asked to thunderous applause. 

Admiral Lyons explained we are where we are because the Republican leadership failed us.  The Tea Party gave them the majority in both houses to stop Obama’s fundamental transformation and the leadership gave Obama everything he asked for and more……while they ignored his fourteen impeachable offences. 

In a booming voice the Admiral said, “The greatest threat to our national security resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”.  Obama is pro-Islam and Islam is our enemy. As Turkey’s Erdogan said, there is no moderate Islam.  Islam is Islam.  It is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion.

If you want to take down a nation, you weaken their military, the Admiral said as he went on to explain just how Obama has weakened our military to before WWI levels in many areas.  Not to mention removing God from the foxholes. He explained how Benghazi and Iran’s capture of Navy Sailors demonstrated how Obama has killed integrity and the will to win.  The Admiral told us exactly where forces were and how fast they could have reached Benghazi (and HE should know) but they were told to stand down. 

Admiral Lyons ended by saying we have a pathological liar who couldn’t handle a compound in Benghazi but wants to be President.  After a standing ovation, the Admiral was surrounded by people wanting to speak to him and have pictures taken with him.

The Admiral was followed by Daniel Greenfield, a Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He writes a weekly column for Front Page Magazine and writes for Family Security Matters, Jewish Press, Times of Israel, Act for America, and Right Side News, as well as daily for the Canada Free Press. 

Greenfield said we are winning this war.  He went on to say that the more we are told that a Muslim yelling, “Allahu Akbar” while killing people is just mentally unstable or needs a job, the less we believe it.  We are told it isn’t terrorism and it has nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace.  We are told it’s “workplace violence” or just a misunderstood loner.  We know better and they are running out of lies as the terror attacks escalate. 

Greenfield pointed out how Muslims are being portrayed as victims by the Left and the Leftist media but they are not victims and as they demand more compliance to Sharia and more restrictions on our culture and traditions, that becomes apparent.

He assured us they will lose and we will win because reality always wins.

Stephen Coughlin spoke last for this panel.  He opened by saying we were at war.  Using the term “Islamophobia” simply gives authorities the power to prosecute those who speak against Islam.  A phobia is when you have an irrational fear but there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam.  The United Nations has a plan to criminalize the defamation of Islam and many of our own politicians have suggested legislation to do the same.

Coughlin pointed out that Hillary Clinton told the U.N. pressuring Americans would be easy.  She’d use peer pressure and shaming.  He pointed out that one of the first people on the scene in Orlando, even before the FBI, was an Imam who helped set up the narrative that although the terrorist told the 911 operator and others that he was doing this for Allah, he was just mentally unstable.  We must define the terms and we must be informed.

Ambassador John Bolton

Ambassador John Bolton

Our keynote speaker, Ambassador Bolton is the former Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.  He has a J.D. from Yale University Law School and a B.A. from Yale College.  He is a Senior Fellow at he American Enterprise Institute.  The Ambassador’s area of research is U.S. foreign and national security policy. 

The Ambassador opened with, “This is about politics and ideology, not religion. To say otherwise is propaganda”. He said we must defeat ISIS as soon as possible.  Russia is taking full advantage of the unrest in the Middle East. 

Bolton went on to explained how Obama’s policies have weakened America and that the threat of terror is as great or greater than it was on 9/11.  Obama’s own appointees admit that ISIS will infiltrate this country through the refugee program.  If that is what they will admit publically, you know the truth is even worse.

But although the Ambassador explained how Obama’s policies have left the world vulnerable, he said, “America will prevail as America always has”.

During Q&A a woman confronted the Ambassador for changing his position on Iran/Contra. She said he spoke at a college years ago supporting a position he now objects to. The Ambassador said he never supported it.  She argued that she heard him. He shut her down by saying she heard wrong. 


Ambassador John Bolton and Michael Greer

The Ambassador was surrounded by people as soon as he left the stage.  He was endlessly gracious and patient as people wanted pictures taken with him.

For those who wanted to decompress and discuss what they learned, we moved to the patio outside the bar.  The discussions were lively and people were reluctant to leave. 

The day following our conference we learned someone wrote an anonymous column for the Southern Poverty Law Center (who supports Black Lives Matter) that criticized our conference as being Islamophobic.  I’m wondering if the woman who confronted Ambassador Bolton was the anonymous author.  The writer didn’t suggest what was said wasn’t true, they just didn’t like what was said.  I consider that a badge of honor.

We need to speak the truth and keep speaking the truth.  We will not be silenced.


Michael GreerMichael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:

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