Israel’s Last Stand and Ours

By Phil Erwin

On Tuesday, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benyamin (Binyamin) Netanyahu, will address a joint session of Congress.


Binyamin Netanyahu_Israeli Prime Minister

The White House has decried this as “unprecedented and a “breach of protocol,” but this is not Netanyahu’s first such speech. So why did ObamaCrew go ballistic? Are they so full of themselves that they think nobody should address Congress unless the White House approves?

The fact that Speaker Boehner arranged this speech without White House approval resulted in a childish hissy-fit on the part of the President and his minions. Not only is Obama refusing to speak to Netanyahu… He’s sending Biden off to South America, just so he won’t be available.   So there!! Nyanner, nyanner!! And Democrats raced to the microphones to announce that They would certainly Not Attend Either!

BOYCOTT!! So there!!

The real reason ObamaCrew is so furious is that Netanyahu stands in eloquent, reasonable opposition to the so-called “deal” that Obama is about to strike with Iran – and that Iran gleefully anticipates sealing over Netanyahu’s objections – which will allow Iran to continue developing nuclear capability and relieve them of all economic sanctions. Israel’s Prime Minister well understands that this would be the end of any and all international control over Iranian nuclear ambitions. Let that deal go through, he knows, and Israel’s national life expectancy will be about that of a brain cancer victim.

Two digits may be too many.

Netanyahu is himself more than a little controversial, both at home and abroad. But perhaps the place he finds himself most denigrated is not in the midst of his worst enemies. No, Netanyahu’s biggest problem is with his most important “ally”, Barack Obama.

Obama is said to despise Netanyahu. He has walked out on meetings with the PM, or snubbed him during visits, on multiple occasions. And not only

President Obama

President Obama

won’t Obama meet with “Bibi” this time, he won’t even ask his fellow Democrats to do the polite, politic thing and attend Bibi’s speech to Congress – which, it should be noted, is being given for their benefit, to fully illuminate the danger this “deal” poses to both his nation and ours.

Remember when French President Sarkozy called Netanyahu a “liar” over an open mike? Obama responded, “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!” And when a “high-placed official” in Obama’s Administration called Netanyahu a ”chicken-sh*t” in such a way that it was sure to be reported, Obama wasted absolutely NO time in taking absolutely NO steps to apologize, or to right this very public “breach of protocol.”

I don’t know about you, but everything ObamaCrew does as regards Bibi Netanyahu seems pretty chicken-sh*t to me.

Of course, Obama’s real problem with Netanyahu is that Obama is desperate to get his agreement with Iran signed, even though absolutely everybody knows that the “deal” is only a “deal” for Iran, it’s an absolute disaster for everyone else, because it means Iran will have nukes, and sooner rather than later. And with the Iran-backed terrorists in Lebanon (Hamas) and Yemen (Huthies) and Iraq (militias) and now Libya (Al Qaeda) and Somalia (al-Shabab) – to say nothing of Iran’s proxy in Syria (Assad) – how long do you think it will be before Iranian “suitcase” nukes start migrating around the globe?

Obama’s “deal” with Iran is, quite simply: Tacit approval for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. And everybody knows it.

If our own borders are problematic, what about Israel – that tiny little pocket of free, democratic, civilized territory sitting smack in the heart of a mid-East world gone Middle-Ages nuts? You wanna talk high stakes? The very existence of Netanyahu’s nation is on the line. One nuke delivered by any means to Israel’s territory means no more Israel. Instantly.

End of Israeli story.

So Netanyahu swallows his righteous indignation, travels to Obama’s lair, and prepares to explain (again) why Obama is about to mortgage both Israel’s future and ours.

For an historical footnote.

As though there’s going to be any history after Iran is finished waxing nuclear.

Meanwhile, Obama behaves like a churlish, childish chump.

Some time back, I chanced upon a televised speech given by Netanyahu. I knew who he was, but I hadn’t ever really heard him speak. I had only a passing awareness of Jewish history and culture. Israel seemed to me a quaint, distant, interesting little footnote in Twentieth Century history – A place where Jews lucky enough to make it through the Holocaust got to go to escape any more persecution. Not relevant to me, except as one of America’s allied nations. But something about Netanyahu’s demeanor that day, and his clearly heartfelt words, kept me in place, listening ever more intently.

I discovered Benyamin Netanyahu knew more about American history, and about what it really means to be an American, than I did. More, probably, than many Americans, if not most of us. He was educated in Philadelphia, where he likely was more exposed to America’s founding history than most of us; and he studied political science at Harvard. But this wasn’t about “book-learning.”

Netanyahu spent years fighting in Israel’s special forces. He is a man forged in the same fires as was America herself: The struggle to achieve true freedom, by creating a national democracy, in order to attain a higher state of peaceful existence embodying the tenets and values of the Judeo-Christian philosophy. Netanyahu’s experiences mirrored those who founded a new kind of nation in America.

Netanyahu understands the history, the derivation, the zen of America, not simply because he has studied it, but because he has lived it. One might reasonably say, in a symbolic but still very real sense, that Netanyahu is as American as anyone born to America.

That is what I discovered when I stumbled upon that Netanyahu speech. I felt the importance, the seriousness, the gravity of his words. What he was saying, and has repeated many times, is this:  Israel and America are not simply friends; they are not just mutually tolerant political allies hanging out across the seas because they like some of the same things.

America and Israel are the same.

But Netanyahu knows more about living with terrorism than most Americans ever will. He has lived with the spectre of terror for his entire life. He is aware that a single nuke exploding within the borders of his beloved homeland would obliterate, not just a city, but a nation, a history, and a people as old as history itself.

Those are the stakes for Netanyahu and for Israel.

And Obama is offended that he wasn’t asked to approve a speech?

Well, Mr. President: I am offended, Sir, at your behavior, your demeanor, and your treatment of our most loyal, most beleaguered, most endangered ally.

Get off your high horse, Mr. President. Call up Netanyahu, apologize for your horrendous behaviors, promise to send your entire Cabinet to his speech, and invite him to stay in the White House. Have him up to dinner with your wife and daughters. If you let Iran have a nuke, this may well be their last chance to dine with a great statesman.

And hey, here’s a thought: Why not let him sleep in the Lincoln bedroom? Clinton’s donors got to stay there, surely we can find a pillowcase for

Joint Session of Congress

Joint Session of Congress

America’s staunchest foreign supporter. If you’re worried about the cost – Just send the bill to Hillary.   Tell her to make it up from the rent they charged.

After all, it wasn’t theirs to rent out in the first place.

As for the rest of us: We should all, every single one of us, accord our ally Israel and her representative, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, the respect and admiration they deserve, and listen carefully to every word of his speech Tuesday. Don’t give our own President the satisfaction of following his childish, irresponsible lead by ignoring this history-making speech. Do give Israel, and the Israelis, the fighting chance they deserve, and listen as they ask for our help to preserve a noble and beleaguered people, not only for history, but for the future of the globe.

Watch Netanyahu’s speech.

And tell all your Congressional representatives to do the same.


Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park.

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  1. Pat March 11, 2015 at 7:47 am

    I Stand With Israel! {Which One?}

  2. Citizen Reporter March 2, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    great essay, Phil.


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