It’s About So Much More Than The Gun! An AFA Conference May 20th

Invites You To Our Spring 2018 Conference
Sunday, May 20th
9AM – 4 PM
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

One of the premier activities of the American Freedom Alliance is the hosting of conferences on topics that relate to the loss or imperilment of our freedoms.  Recent ones have included the rise of Islam in the West, the dangers facing California, the Left’s crushing of free speech, radical environmentalism, and our failing schools, among many others.  Each of these relates to some major encroachment on our freedoms.  We are particularly interested in issues concealed by the media, and we have illuminated the realities of these topics.  In addition, we also offer actions that our attendees can take to help mitigate or put a halt to the damage.

Our “Safe Spaces” conference is, in its own way, no different, but its relevance to us might not be as easy to discern.  You can read about why this conference is such a crucial one here.  But make no mistake:  it’s not only about school shootings.  The Left has turned these horrific events into yet another power-grab front, and it’s up to us to fight back.

 In fact, every front that they create is a front we must be prepared to defend.  And this one is crucial.

This conference isn’t only about school shootings.  It’s about protecting our rights, protecting our kids, protecting our values, our families and our boys and the mental well-being of our children, and all of this, each and every aspect, is required for self-governance to work.  It’s just that simple.

Join AFA’s Conference “Safe Spaces: It’s Not the Gun, Stupid” to learn about the many various factors that contribute to these horrendous acts of violence, and join the conversation about how we can stop them.


“Solutions” that eschew the actual root of problems are never solutions at all; only when the problem is understood can actual, effective solutions be crafted and implemented.  

This conference will take a frank examination of a range of contributing factors to the problem, and will advance both short term and long term solutions to the various elements that lead to school violence, and to teen anguish generally.

The conference will include experts on such topics as:

Facts on gun violence, with the nation’s number-one leading expert John Lott and others

Issues contributing to teen violence such as

  •      Fatherlessness and the war on boys  – Dr. Warren Farrell and others
  •      The loss of cultural morality and the reverence for violence rather than life
  •      The role of various medications –  Dr. Linda Lagemann and  Jonathan Emord

Current policies and plans recommended and implemented by schools to address school security.
And we’re adding more speakers daily!

In addition, we will hold sessions led by our respective experts on how to address these various aspects of violence in schools, and how, exactly, to create true “safe spaces” for our students.

(Includes buffet lunch, book signings, no-host reception)
 Individual Ticket:  $95.00
VIP Ticket:  $180.00 (preferred seating and one ticket to VIP Reception)
Early Bird Tickets (Available until April 28):  $85

Sponsorship:  $5,000.00 (10 tickets to VIP Reception, preferred seating, and program recognition)

 8:00 am: Registration
9:00 am – 4pm:  Program

Join us as we explore the underlying causes of tragedies such as the one last February, and as we address how to prevent them, both by tackling those causes and by various security strategies.   And especially, help us fight back against the seizure of our freedoms.

Be part of the REAL solution and help keep our kids safe – in every way.


 AFA’s events are great opportunities to meet others with the same concerns, intellectual curiosity and hunger for informed and stimulating conversation, not to mention the chance to meet experts in their fields.  We hope you join us for an extremely important conference on May 20th.

RSVP here for tickets 9AM – 4 PM

Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel
11461 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

 We look forward to seeing you there



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