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first.amendBy Michael Greer

The minute this country stops believing our unalienable rights come from God not man–man WILL take them from us. 

Pilgrims left their homeland, sailed across the ocean, and faced extreme hardships for religious freedom. They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to protect their religious freedom.  Our founders, even those who were not men of faith, recognized that we needed to maintain our religious morality in order to keep the government they designed for us. The fact that our FIRST amendment protected speech, a free press and religious freedom indicates its place in their priorities.

We are not “free” when we are forced to do things that go against our religious beliefs. This country has always respected those kind of objections. Although progressives have been eroding our religious freedoms for some time, under the guise of separation of church and state, the election of Obama has ramped up the assault to a fevered pitch. After Obama was elected, he met with Catholic Cardinals to get their support of Obamacare. When they asked for a promise of religious exemptions for areas that went against their beliefs, Obama acted offended that they would even have to ask. Then as soon as Obamacare passed, the Cardinals were told their religious exemption was “off the table”. 

What happened in Arizona this week should concern us all. Governor Brewer didn’t veto their religious liberty bill because the bill discriminated (it didn’t). She vetoed it because she was bullied into it. Not only by Arizona’s Senators and the media, but by people outside of Arizona. The NFL threatened to pull the Super Bowl from the state, Delta Airlines threatened not to land their planes at Arizona’s airports, and who knows what other threats she received. The media labeled the bill “Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill”.  They said it was like “Jim Crow laws” for homosexuals. If the media had been objective, as we used to expect, they would have explained the bill was an amendment to an existing law. It simply clarified that “person” in the existing law included groups of persons; churches, associations and businesses. It was to protect Arizona citizens from the kind of actions brought against businesses in other states.  There was nothing about discrimination or homosexuality in it. Except for race, businesses have always been able to deny service to whom ever they found objectionable. Liberals better be careful what they bully people into doing. Should a Black caterer be forced to serve a KKK event?  Are Muslim businesses going to have to cover Jewish weddings? 

I have to ask, why would anyone want to force someone to provide a service to them that the other person didn’t want to provide? How good would that service be? People resent being forced to do things they don’t want to do. 

The Arizona bill has no relationship to “Jim Crow laws”. Jim Crow laws denied ALL Blacks access to ALL white schools, restaurants, businesses, bathrooms, water fountains, etc. This bill denied gays access to nothing. Not all businesses are owned by people of faith and not all people of faith object to gay marriages. If one business declines to support their weddings, there are plenty of others who will be happy to do it. This bill protected the rights of people of faith, nothing else.

Governor Brewer said they couldn’t find a single example of businesses being forced to provide services. She neglected to mention neither have there been any examples of gays being discriminated against by businesses in Arizona. If gays haven’t been discriminated against before, why would anyone expect to be discriminated against now? Even in the famous cases, “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” and florist, Barronelle Stutzman,  they had gay customers. Sweet Cakes sold cookies, cupcakes, etc. to everyone and anyone who came into their shop.  Barronelle Stutzman sold flowers to anyone who wanted them. They simply didn’t want to be part of a gay wedding. These businesses don’t just sell products to customers, they create an atmosphere for a wedding. They are part of a wedding. In a “free country” they should have the right to decline to be part of a ceremony they have a religious objection to. Tolerance works both ways. As much as gays are insisting we be tolerant of their lifestyles, they are not being tolerant of people of faith. 

As a country we have to stop this sort of knee jerk reaction to things we perceive as being “unfair”. These situations should be discussed objectively and rationally. While Liberals and gays are celebrating a victory, Christians are worried about what comes next. Liberals seize on these emotional situations and don’t let a crisis go to waste. While supposedly protecting the rights of one group they deny the rights of another. The hypocrisy is often stunning. A gay bar in West Hollywood, The Abbey Food & Bar,  is posting pictures of every legislator who voted against gay marriage on their walls and saying they will deny service to all of them. Now there is an example of discrimination. Where is the outrage? Media? LA Times? MSNBC? CNN? ABC? CBS? NBC?  Crickets! 

We hear people say the culture is changing. They say people are becoming more accepting of gay marriage. Really? As little as three or four years ago every state that had voted on gay marriage had voted against it. The  Socialist Republic of California voted against it twice. So, we are to believe in that short a time people just changed their minds? In most cases courts overturned the will of the people. With Liberal media on nearly every series, opinion and news show labeling anyone who supports traditional marriage as “haters”, “bigots” and “homophobes”, people are simply giving up. They don’t want the constant confrontation. We all have lives to lead, jobs to work at, children to raise. We are losing ground economically, we are losing jobs, we are losing our health insurance, our children are being indoctrinated instead of taught. People are simply weary of fighting every assault. The Progressive tactic of nudging us into submission has become a SHOVE. 


Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 

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Stefan Djordjevic
Stefan Djordjevic
7 years ago

While progressives have a legitimate desire to live in a different type of society, they have to be consistent. If they want social libertarianism, then they have to allow it to work both ways.

The problem with progressives is not that they desire a different culture, but that they turn fascist in their desire to create it.