It’s Saturday, must be a Townhall


By Michal Greer

I feel like Paul Revere riding from Townhall to Townhall to warn the citizens of the ObamaCare invasion.  Saturday it was Rosemead and Assemblyman Ed Chau (CA-49 AD).  There were more than two hundred mostly Asian people there.  They had interpreters for five languages, English, Spanish, and three Asian languages. 

Covered California is having these Townhalls/Enrollment Fairs because obviously, the website isn’t answering people’s questions. The panel, once again, explained how wonderful ObamaCare is and completely disregarded the obvious and contradictory evidence it is not. A woman from AARP repeated numerous times that AARP was a non-profit organization and she was a volunteer. She failed to mention the FOR-profit side of AARP that makes millions selling Senior Advantage Plans. She also failed to explain how ObamaCare was going to expand Medicare benefits when it cuts $716 Billion out of Medicare.  

The first woman to speak during the Q&A session said she was 56, single and childless. She has always paid out of pocket for healthcare as she is healthy and requires little more than a yearly check-up. She is now being forced to buy insurance that covers maternity care, birth control, mental health etc.  that she neither needs or wants.  

People are just starting to realize that the insurance you are required to have is the same for all. The only difference in the bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans is the premium and deductible. Plans for single men also include maternity coverage.  The insurance coverage is the same for everyone regardless of sex or age. The only thing you “shop” for is how you pay for it.

ObamaCare mandates like free birth control, maternity coverage, pre-existing conditions, mental health care, no cap on sending etc. are all VERY expensive.  This administration knew that when the kept telling us if we liked our insurance or doctor we could keep them.  They KNEW it would not be possible due to the expensive mandates they were adding to the minimum coverage.  There is no question they lied……so that people would not object.  If the general public had known this before ObamaCare passed there would have been triple the number of protestors and protests.

Keith got great applause when he asked how many in the audience had their premiums raised. He spoke of the Constitution and natural law. He reminded the Assemblyman that he took an oath of office and that taking one person’s property and giving it to another who didn’t earn it was in violation of the Constitution. More Applause.

I spoke again of the false promise of “quality care” when few doctors take Medical and they were adding millions more for them to care for. I told them that for any “good” doctor the quality of care is more important to them than a bonus for taking Medical patients. As I walked back to my seat several people thanked me for pointing that out.

One woman asked about the income levels listed to receive subsidies.  She asked if those referred to just the income you earned that year or did it include your assets.  They said it did NOT include your assets. So…… could live in Bel Air, drive a Tesla and have millions in investments but if your earned income for that year was less than $16,000 for a single person, you would get a subsidy. 

Of the approximately 20 people who spoke during the Q&A, all but three had objections to ObamaCare, the huge premiums, the website, the lack of trust, government overreach etc.  The other three had questions about coverage and were referred to the Enrollment Fair after the meeting where people could answer those questions.

After the meeting all of us Paul Reveres stayed for quite a long time talking to people.  If each of us helps just one person understand what ObamaCare really means to their Liberty it is worth the effort. 


Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 

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