I’ve HAD IT!

I’ve HAD IT! My blog is called Madder Than Hell and that’s what I am

 By Michael Greer

I’ve listened to the media, Liberal talking heads, and Democrat candidates blame Trump for the mass shootings in El Paseo and Daytona. They blame his “hateful, White Supremacist, rhetoric”. Absolutely ignoring that they hysterically call Trump AND his supporters racists, bigots, White Supremacists, White nationalists, Nazis, homophobes, islamophobes, xenophobes and more 24/7. They refuse to look at their own hateful, racist rhetoric. They want us to believe Trumps words matter but theirs don’t. 

These are the same people who work overtime to deny or obscure shooters association with the Left or Islam. I saw yesterday the party affiliation of the Daytona shooter was changed from Democrat to Republican. But not before people had taken screen shots of the original. We’re on to them. 

These same people told us we couldn’t blame all Muslims for the actions of a few extremists. They explained the danger of retaliation against innocent Muslims. But they paint ALL of us on the Right as White Supremacists, racists, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, etc. And we see people on the Right being retaliated against every day. Hayden Williams from Turning Point was punched in the face, Andy Ngo was attacked by ANTIFA, Senator Rand Paul was attacked by a neighbor, Ted Cruz and Kirstjen Nielsen shouted out of restaurants, Sarah Sanders asked to leave a restaurant, Tucker Carlson’s family terrified by protestors shouting at their home, MAGA hat people having their hats grabbed, being shouted at, pro-life supporters kicked in the stomach, shouted at, having their signs ripped up, and on and on. Plus people losing their jobs because of their Conservative political beliefs. Just recently, Dr. Karen Siegemund lost her teaching position for her “widely, public views”. People on the Right are afraid to speak about their views. They are afraid of losing THEIR jobs. They’re afraid of losing friends or family members. 

I HAVE HAD IT! Because I don’t know anyone who is a racist, or a bigot, or a White Supremacist, or a Nazi, or a homophobe, or an islamophobe (well, I might have a littleislamophobia. I know MOST are peaceful but some DO cut people’s heads off, throw gays off buildings, bomb teenagers at concerts, run people over in trucks, throw acid on women, mutilate women’s genitals, and don’t allow women to have rights….but I feel bad about it), or any of the ugly labels the media and Democrats place on us. 

More and more of us are being labeled “domestic terrorists”. We are considered the subversives. We aren’t trying to overthrow the government or the system. We respect our form of government and the Rule of Law. The Left admits they are trying to change our system from Capitalism to Socialism. Socialism is the antithesis of our Constitution. Socialism ends individual liberty. It’s the Left that is trying to overthrow our system. Biden said in his closing remarks at the debate last week that we were in the fight for the “soul of the country”. He’s right, we ARE in the fight for the soul of the country. Is it socialism or Capitalism? Are we going to be serfs or free people?

The Daytona shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter. Should we blame Warren? I don’t. He was crazy and he was a Liberal. So, the media is not talking about him. They only want to talk about the El Paso shooter because he was against illegal immigration and apparently chose the Walmart in El Paso to target Latinos. The media is focused on him so that they can blame Trump. They can say Trump’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric” is to blame. They know he isn’t anti-immigrant anymore than we are. We are anti-ILLEGAL immigration. We are for the Rule of Law. Yes, words matter and there is a difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL. 

But what the media fails to mention (on purpose) is that the El Paso shooter had a manifesto titled, “Inconvenient Truth”. It appears he was more angry that we were destroying the planet and weren’t doing enough to stop the destruction. So, by the media’s standards we should be blaming Al Gore, shouldn’t we? 

Bottom line is that for the Left to achieve their goal of Socialism, globalism, no nation states, they HAVE to take our guns. I am VERY concerned about the talk about Red Flag laws. Trump said he’d consider them, he didn’t say he’d sign them. But we must let him know how dangerous they would be. If Obama was willing to run guns to cartels under “Fast and Furious” to get support for gun control, what makes anyone think Liberals wouldn’t be willing to falsely accusing innocent people of being unbalanced to confiscate their guns. The states that have Red Flag laws have a third of the claims thrown out when both sides are heard. But this could be a year or more after being accused. 

And just who would decide who was dangerous? Would I be considered dangerous because I speak against Sanctuary Cities, illegal immigration, Climate Change? Under Obama the DHS named the ranchers defending the Bundy ranch “domestic terrorists” even though none had ever been violent or threatened violence. That’s why the FBI felt justified in shooting and killing LeVoy Finicum. Obama’s DHS named returning military, Tea Party, people carrying Gadsden flags as domestic terrorists. So, why wouldn’t they think their guns need to be confiscated? 

Our country has turned a very dark corner when people who love this country, it’s founding, it’s Constitution, the Rule of Law and our traditions are considered subversives. And even more concerning to me, than the labels they are placing on us, is the growing Republican support in Congress for Red Flag laws. That’s a slippery slope that will slide faster than a blink of an eye. 

Please, friends, contact Republicans and explain how dangerous Red Flag laws are. Our Constitution is supposed to protect us from being punished when we haven’t broken a law. God help us. 

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is: http://madderthanhell.wordpress.com/

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Great post, we need more like this!