Jacqui Irwin’s SB 54 Rally and Counter Rally — California a Sanctuary State?

Yesterday, May 31st 2017,  there was a rally outside of Democratic Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin’s Camarillo office to support the passage of SB 54 which would keep local law enforcement agencies from working with Federal immigration officials.  It would, in effect, turn California into a sanctuary state.  Irwin has not stated her position. However many of her constituents did so yesterday in front of her local office. 

Here is a sampling of photos of those voters who want their voices heard.

Pro’s– CAUSE, SEIU and the Activists


The Con’s — America First


You can view more of Marc Langsam’s work on:  http://photographyczar.com/




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Deborah Baber Savalla

I was at the rally and am solidly in the camp AGAINST SB 54. It’s worth noting that the only people carrying the American flag and sporting other patriotic sentiments are those among us AGAINST SB 54. The other side wore their respective t-shirts for the union and the activist group CAUSE along with clergy wearing clerical scarves. Sadly, there were too many young people among the supporters for SB 54 many of whom had angry or hollow eyes including one young woman who self-mutilates. It is was very disturbing to see, and even more so to know these young people are pawns the activist use to accomplish their goals…by any means including this patent abuse of others.

William Hicks

This could be cause to reverse the “constitutional right for 18 year olds to vote.

After all, it was designed around the fact that a person could be drafted and fight for their country but not be able to vote. NOW, we have an all volunteer military force and the draft is unlikely to be reinstituted.

Then there is the obvious indoctrination in the existing public education system that rewrites history to side with a “progressive” bent.

William Hicks

It might have been something more people would have been involved with if there were more advertisement.