James Comey: Case for Concern for the Minion of Queen Hillary?

viagra 100mg arial, sick sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>By Phil Erwin

James Comey taking his oath of office -- Photo FBI

James Comey taking his oath of office — Photo FBI

buy arial, sans-serif;”>James Comey, the FBI Director who“cleared” Hillary Clinton’s behavior vis-a-vis her private e-mail server, expressed surprise and dismay at the public’s Twitter response to his having recommended against indicting her.

Well, Mr. Director, your dismay is nothing compared to that of a public that, having listened to your painstaking elaboration of Clinton’s egregious violations of security protocols concerning the safeguarding of national secrets, now realizes you essentially subvertedthe law in order to protect Mrs. Clinton:

  1. You waited until the last minute before the RNC Convention to interview Clinton.

  2. You caved to her lawyers’ demands that the interview not be taped or transcribed, nor would she be placed under oath.

  3. Then you and your boss, Attorney General Lynch, blurred responsibility for exonerating Clinton without so much as an indictment (to say nothing of a trial.) Lynch recused herself from the case after chatting with former President Bill Clinton on her airplane. That left you, the investigator, to decide what her prosecutors should do with the evidence – thus eliminating normal judiciary review.

  4. Then you announced – to the astonishment of Congress, the Press and the nation at large – your opinion that the overwhelming evidence of Clinton’s inappropriate behaviors did not rise to the level of indictable offense, suggesting that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case…”

Nobody bought that nonsense, Mr. Comey.

Sure, the DNC, Congressional Democrats, the Clinton campaign and the Liberal Press all crowed about how you had “exonerated” Mrs. Clinton and “cleared her of all charges.”

But as you well know, Sir: That’s not what you said, that’s not what you did, and that’s not what should have happened.

Rudy Giuliani, himself a former federal prosecutor, suggested there were “hundreds of prosecutors” who would have brought the case against Clinton “in a heartbeat!” Likewise, Governor Christie, another former U.S. Attorney, champed at that very same bit.

And Judge Andrew Napolitano has repeatedly pointed out that your FBI investigators did almost none of the things they normally do to pursue a case: No search warrants were served, no subpoenas issued, no attempt made to recover missing mobile devices or backups. You ignored the overwhelming evidence that Mrs. Clinton lied repeatedly to the Congress; that government property and evidence was stolen and destroyed; and that laws were brushed aside by a number of individuals. No grand jury was empaneled, despite two people claiming to have received immunity. And you allowed Mrs. Clinton’s staff members to attend her interview as her lawyers, despite the fact that they were also potential witnesses, and possibly even participants.

Now we discover the FBI gave the House investigating Committees a carefully selected, heavily-redacted subset of the notes and files for the case, despite your promise to give them as full a rendition of those working papers “as possible”; but you presented the Senate a complete collection of those same notes and files, with classified and non-classified materials deliberately intermingled so that no Senator reading them will be free to discuss or disclose any of the information contained therein.

In other words, Mr Comey: You purposely engineered the situation so that the People’s representatives would be unable to fully inform the public as to what’s in those case files before the November election.

And you’re surprised we question your integrity? You’re surprised we don’t think Hillary should be standing on a debate stage, but instead should be standing in the docket, answering to judge and jury for having subverted government security measures, exposed national secrets, and caused or allowed the destruction of tens of thousands of documents – the People’s documents – in order to escape the legal scrutiny which the FBI, the Justice Department and the Congress are all charged with employing on our behalf?

You’re actually surprised that We the People are pissed because you played Minion to Her Majesty, Hillary?

Frankly, Director, I wonder whether you shouldn’t be standing in the docket next to her.

You held a reputation as a highly professional Law Enforcement officer, scrupulously untainted by political influence. The only dissenting voice I heard was that of a single journalist, who characterized you as a purely political animal, not the straight-arrow everyone else insisted you to be.

Well, you proved that lone voice accurate, Mr. Comey. You thought for sure that Hillary would win, and you didn’t want to be the one to tarnish her reputation as she ascended to the Washington Throne. You didn’t want the Boss of your Boss at Justice to have a reason to want you retired. And you absolutely did not want to be the guy who ruined Hillary’s path to coronation.

By your actions, Director, you have proven incontrovertibly that the most trusted safeguard of our domestic freedoms, an inherently and scrupulously a-political FBI, is no longer immune to the political forces that sweep the land.

You failed us, Director. You failed your most fundamental charter: To keep the Law free from the corruption of Politics.

You blew it, Big Time.

It’s time to resign and start casting for big fish, rather than for criminals.

It’s not clear you know the difference.


Her Majesty, Hillary

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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awesome analysis thank you for a reasoned viewpoint~~


Wow, outstanding analysis, Phil. Comey has violated the public trust, big time. Not as bad as hillary. But big time.