James O’Keefe: ‘Breakthrough: Our guerilla war to expose fraud and save democracy’

O'KeefecollageBy Michael Hernandez

LOS ANGELES—Investigative journalist James O’Keefe exhorted his audience to challenge politicians, bureaucrats, media moguls, union bosses and election officials with the goal of “exposing the lies” that are “hidden from the public” as he promoted his recently released book ‘Breakthrough:  Our guerilla war to expose fraud and save democracy.’

O’Keefe was speaking at a July 18 event attended by more than 200 and held in The Grove, the heart of Los Angeles, and hosted by the Hancock Park Patriots, the Pasadena Tea Pac and the San Fernando Valley Republican Club.

O’Keefe and his fellow citizen journalists at Project Veritas, uncovered corruption at ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), leading to its defunding by Congress; exposed the bias of National Public Radio executives leading to the resignation of two of its top people and a vote to freeze NPR funding by the House of Representatives; reported on the activities of New Jersey Educational Association officials; as well as fraud at Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, and Housing and Urban Development offices; as well as voter fraud in the 2012 presidential elections.



James O’Keefe, as he dressed for  undercover work at ACORN

Breakthrough establishes 40 rules for citizen journalists to follow in what O’Keefe called Veritas (which means “truth” in Latin) Rules.  Five of his rules are listed (the remainder can be read by buying his book published by Threshold Editions, a division of Simon & Schuster):

  1. Use their own flawed construct to put them into a position where either way they can’t win (Veritas Rule 3).
  2. Find someone who can act and take action (Veritas Rule 4).
  3. The law will always surround you.  Learn it (Veritas Rule 5).
  4. Think of the worst thing they can say and prepare your response (Veritas Rule 9).
  5. Expect to be held to a higher standard than Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists (Vertias Rule 22).

The Hancock Park Patriots, founded by Mark Sonnenklar, a Los Angeles business lawyer, in October, 2010 is a non-partisan group of concerned citizens taking action to advance the principles of constitutionally limited government, individual liberty, the rule of law, and free enterprise through education, community outreach, direct grassroots action, media, one-on-one communications and the empowerment of leaders.

O'Keefe event

Current projects include a Comment Army (a Google group), Talking Points (on a variety of topics), New Citizen Outreach (engaging citizens at swearing in ceremonies), and Video Production (advancing principles).  Last year, the Hancock Park Patriots organized the Wake Up America! 2012 rally at the Westwood Federal Building and attended by approximately 2,000 individuals. (photo (left), from Hancock Patriots’ Facebook site).  An August 21st meeting will feature journalist and author Mickey Kause speaking on ‘Bipartisan Disaster’—the comprehensive immigration reform bill which will change America at” Busby’s East, 5364 Wilshire Blvd. starting at 7 p.m.  An RSVP can be sent to [email protected].

Michael Hernandez, is a former daily newspaper reporter and news editor, living in Simi Valley.

A ten minute video covers part of the meeting:

We also  include a recent O’Keefe event. Devastating:

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