Jeffrey D. Burum Officially Files to Run For U.S. House of Representatives in California Congressional District 26


Jeffrey Burum for Congress


Jeffrey D. Burum Officially Files for U.S. House of Representatives in California Congressional District 26 – Primary June 5th!



I feel a moral civic duty now as I did when I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. I took the Oath to defend this country, and that hasn’t stopped. I have worked all of my life to gain education and experience to get to this point and now I feel ‘the calling’ more than ever. My experience as a veteran, educator, CPA, and business owner, show my leadership through all aspects of my life. Who else can address our current issues? I’m meant for this job, and I need to step forth and lead.

Nobody will work harder than the Cali Bear to bring back accountable government and to Restore the American Dream!

Checkout our website to see all about Jeffrey Burum’s life journey and service to our country to become your Congressman.

Jeffrey D. Burum for U.S. House of Representatives CA District 26

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-Jeffrey D. Burum
Filed Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives CA 26

Why You Should Support Jeffrey D. Burum for U.S. House of Representatives

Do you want educated and experienced leadership in Congress?

Do you want someone who can work between the aisle dedicated to you the taxpayer?

Why Vote for the Cali Bear?
Lower taxes and Economic Growth
VA Reform
Welfare Reform
Water and Energy Independence
Immigration Reform-Raise Act
Better Schools
Infrastructure Improvement
Stronger Military and Diplomacy
Defend the Constitution
MBA, MA, CPA Ret, Asst. Professor, Vet, USAF ACADEMY GRAD

Jeffrey D. Burum is the:
Only Candidate who was in military and has experience in international affairs
Only candidate who is a veteran and knows VA
Only candidate with federal budget experience
Only candidate who is a tax and investment professional
Only candidate with the most academic credentials and the most public experience
Only candidate that is an Oxnard resident in Ventura Couty

As a veteran, and retired CPA, Jeffrey D. Burum makes himself available to anyone who would like to discuss the issues facing our district. Please feel free to contact him at 8057750504 or [email protected].


Major Problems in CA Congressional District 26

imageedit 4 6706489879


PLATFORM – Restore the American Dream with another Reagan Revolution

1. Grow the Economy with Fiscal Responsibility/ fix infrastructure
2. Strengthen National Security and Local Law Enforcement
3. Water and Energy Independence
4. Defend the Constitution – 1st 2nd 10th 14th Amendments


We The People Want:

1. Accountability in our Government
2. Accessible Candidates/Representatives
3. The American Dream
4. Role Models in our Government

Leadership in Congress is not to be taken lightly. Not only do our elected U.S. House of Representative members represent Ventura County, but roughly 325 million Americans. We have recently had poor leadership in Congress – whether it was Conyers holding meetings in his underwear, or Franken’s groping, similar to a Chippendale event. Neither of these events were funny. They were the result of the Hollywood culture consisting of sex and drugs for publicity. When considering a candidate, it is extremely important to vet them to ensure they have knowledge and experience on the issues.

“I have believed in service ABOVE self throughout 40 years in public service.”

-Maj. (Ret.) Jeffrey Burum

Jeffrey Burum’s Education Includes:
1. BS in International Affairs
2. MA in Political Science
3. MBA
4. Licensed CPA (CO) and Investment Advisor Representative (CA, CO, TX)

Jeffrey Burum’s Experiences include:

1. Military Experience. Jeffrey Burum served 20 years in the United States Air Force before retireing as a Major. He was a United States Air Force Academy graduate in 1984 and received his diploma from Ronald Reagan. He served in both the Cold War deep underground in North Dakota on ICBM Combat Crew, as well as Gulf War I in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as Chief of Financial Management. He was also the Deputy Chief of Financial Management for strategic deployments to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Saudia Arabia, and Sudan. During his service he was decorated with 2 Meritorious Service Medals, 2 Commendation Medals, 4 Organizational Awards, among others.

2. Business Owner. As a CPA (CO) and Licensed Investment Advisor Representative (CA, CO, TX) for 20 years, Jeffrey Burum helped businesses and individuals with income tax, payroll tax, accounting, business start-ups, financial planning, and estate planning through two recessions.

3. Assistant Professor. At the United States Air Force Academy, Jeffrey Burum taught military Soviet Doctrine, Classic Military Doctrine, Air Power Theory, as well as Leadership and Ethics. After his service, he also taught Income Tax and Accounting for 10 years..

Outside Hall of Administration

Jeffrey D. Burum at the Ventura County Hall of Administration 3-6-18 at 11:10

A Review of Julia Brownley’s 2017 Record

Brownley pic

Julia Brownley – Incumbent

2017 Record:

1. Voted against H.R. 1 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
2. Voted Against H.R. 3697 – Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act – This bill allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or the Department of Justice (DOJ) to deport aliens with known gang affiliation who have committed crimes including: felony drug offenses, crimes of violence, slavery and trafficking in persons.

3. Aided and abetted terrorists seeking American secrets when she hired the Awan Brothers for her illegal IT system. This breach of trust costs U.S. military lives, supported Hezbollah, and promoted notorious opium trafficking in our country.

4. She serves on the Veteran Affairs Committee and is clearly out of touch.

a. She voted against giving the Secretary of Veteran Affairs more flexibility to discipline employees who have malpractice records or have been caught with pornography on their government computers on March 16, 2017.

b. On January 25th at the Veteran Community Meeting she stated “Veterans receive better care in VA facilities”


There is a reason in 2017 a survey by Concerned Veterans of America found 99% of veterans want Washington lawmakers to improve the way in which veterans receive care.
There is a reason in 2017 a survey of the IRAQ and Afghanistan Veterans found that 91% of veterans support extension of the Choice Program

5. You can see why she is one of the least effective of 535 Congress members.

veteran facilities burum brownley

Click on the picture above to hear Jeffrey Burum and Julia Brownley discuss the VA Choice Program

Least Effective Brownley

The Issues

FB IMG 1511918554570
Jeffrey D. Burum yard sign

How to get Involved

1. Visit my website and let me know what you think and what issues are most important to you.
2. Like my facebook page Jeffrey Burum for Congress CA26 Facebook Page.
3. Please Support our campaign: Donate at
4. I’m looking for speaking engagements and home gatherings. If you’re interested please email me at [email protected]

Kind regards,
Major (Ret.), Jeffrey Burum
Congressional Candidate for CA 26
FEC #1180558 C00653949 H8CA26122

Jeffrey D. Burum yard sign




















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