John Andersen and Sean Paroski: Explaining Ventura County Democrats’ silence on Planned Parenthood


By Sean Paroski & John Andersen

In April of this year, a small group of animal rights activists conducted a brilliant undercover operation. Hearing rumors of unethical practices at Los Angeles and Pasadena animal shelters, they posed as representatives of a biological research company and secretly recorded meetings with the directors and top veterinarians of the shelters.

What they found shocked them. It was well known the shelters euthanized dogs, although they worked hard to downplay that unsavory part of their operations. But what the activists uncovered was even worse: The shelters were harvesting organs from the animals they killed and selling them to businesses that conducted animal research.
In response to the videos, which featured disturbing footage of shelter veterinarians picking through dog organs while making lighthearted banter, there was an outpouring of public anger and revulsion. There were immediate calls for investigations and prosecutions of those in charge of the shelters.
Our local representatives, Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin and Congresswoman Julia Brownley, took the lead, authoring legislation making it a crime to harvest dog organs and imposing stricter inspection requirements and oversight of animal shelters.
Only they didn’t. Why? Because it was not an animal shelter that committed these acts, it was Planned Parenthood. And it was not dogs whose organs were harvested, but aborted babies.
Everything else about the story is the same. A group of pro-life activists at the Center for Medical Progress posed as representatives of a human tissue procurement company. They met with a series of Planned Parenthood officials, in Los Angeles, Pasadena and their Rocky Mountain affiliates.
The secretly recorded meetings, five of which have been released so far, are disturbing to watch. The Planned Parenthood officials speak casually of ways to efficiently crush human fetuses to preserve organs. They haggle over the price of organs, with one of the officials joking, “I want a Lamborghini.”
The activists even got their hands on a price list. You can get an intact second-trimester fetus for only $340.
These videos raise troubling questions about Planned Parenthood and pull back the curtain on practices the abortion industry would rather you not know about.
But you will hear only silence from Brownley and Irwin on this subject. Why? Because Planned Parenthood is a major donor to them both, and the modern Democratic Party is completely in hock to the most extreme elements of the abortion lobby.
Planned Parenthood gave generously to get Brownley and Irwin elected. Not only did they give tens of thousands of dollars directly to their campaigns, but Planned Parenthood spent hundreds of thousands registering Democratic voters in Oxnard in the 2014 election.
They are no doubt loath to denounce such a lucrative source of financial support. But even if Planned Parenthood hadn’t given a dime to either of them, the reality is that the extreme wing of the pro-choice movement controls the politics of the Democratic Party so completely that they wouldn’t dare even if they wanted to.
Both Brownley and Irwin sold themselves to voters as the moderate voice of Ventura County. And yet, when it comes to the abortion industry, they are anything but moderate, supporting Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting practices with their silence and their votes.
When we can’t even criticize harvesting organs from 24-week-old babies, what won’t we tolerate?


John Andersen and Sean Paroski both live in Thousand Oaks, serve on the Ventura County Republican Party Central  Committee and work in the financial services industry.

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