Join a brand-new Romance Writing Workshop and tap into this rich market

Want to write for the most lucrative book market – $1.4 billion a year? Join a brand-new Romance Writing Workshop and tap into this rich market

Do you love to read Romance novels?
Dream of writing one yourself?

February 18, 25, March 4 & 11
or March 18, 25, April 1 & 8

Mondays 10:30 AM in Ventura

If these dates, or the day and time, don’t work for you, contact Toni about alternative workshops.

Get in on 52% ($$$) of the book market and learn the know-how to reap the rewards.

Romance is the most lucrative genre on the planet – authors who write these novels include some of the smartest, savviest, and most creative minds in the industry.

Romance readers can’t get enough, avid readers are known to devour 2 or 3 books a week. Learn the critical basic elements to successful romance writing no matter your genre or sub-genre: sweet, spicy, or hot.

Kickstart your romance-writing career with former Executive Editor (Macmillan/St Martin’s Press) Toni Lopopolo, who published Academy Award Winner, (WitnessPamela Wallace, author of Small Town Girls and won contracts for author Jeanette Baker(Historical Romance). Toni will lead you through the steps needed to create an exciting, unique romantic novel. Here’s everything you must know about fiction writing – and romance publishing – your own happily ever after.
Romance succeeds with many subgenres today: Western, Christian, Vampire, Historical, LGBTQ, to name only a few. Romance has grown so far from the “bodice ripper” and even “bonnet ripper” novels of the past, you can now reach as far as your imagination takes you.

The key categories are:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Bittersweet/Tragic Romance
  • Erotic Romance
  • Religious/Spiritual Romance
  • Paranormal, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), or Fantasy Romance
  • Young Adult and New Adult (over-18-with-sex) Romance
  • LGBTQ (the fast-growing) Romance
  • And many more subgenres

Toni will show you how to craft your story, create the best Voice, hit the tone/beats you need, and begin your writing career. Toni will help you learn:

  • How to create REAL main characters that ring true on the page
  • How to create Voice for each of the main characters, especially with the point of view character
  • How to EVOKE rather than describe
  • How to create and prolong sexual tension
  • How to NEVER violate point of view. (AKA: head hopping!)
  • How to create dialog that’s NEVER conversation
  • How to create unique conflict
  • How to find out which genre dovetails with your own beliefs and your writing style
  • How to ensure that the skills you must master become muscle memory
  • How to become aware of your “habit ” words
  • And much more…

Each workshop limited to six writers who must submit a sample of their writing to Toni before acceptance.

Four consecutive sessions per workshop: $265
For more information
Email Toni Lopopolo
Phone (215) 353-1151

Note: Once a writer’s place is reserved, the workshop fee is nonrefundable. Missed workshops or single session may be made up within 30 days of the original date.

Testimonials from past students of Toni Lopopolo:

“Weekly sessions with Toni and a small group of emerging writers provide the motivation to keep my writing moving forward and the professional guidance to improve my writing skills. My first-draft novel gained new life through Toni’s rigorous editing, vigorous discussions, and great feedback always.” – Anita Perez Ferguson, Santa Barbara, CA

“Tea with Toni is book bootcamp. If you dream of making your novel publish-worthy, Toni’s the one to whip your book and you into shape. She’ll murder your adverbs, pump up your tension and help you flex your writing muscles, all over a lovely cup of tea.” – Toni Guy, Ventura, CA

“I learned plenty from editing my own work along with the work of others, receiving input from the group. Understood the weaknesses not only in those couple of pages of my story but how I can spot the same issues throughout the rest of my work–voice, evoke. I felt the time spent in Toni Lopopolo’s workshop invaluable.” -Eva

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