Jonathan Royas announces candidacy for Oxnard City Treasurer

Campaign Carnival event 9-17-16, 12 PM- 4 PM, College Park

vialis 40mg arial, tadalafil sans-serif;”>CandidatesCorner“Strong leadership dedicated to securing the City of Oxnard’s future.”

pill arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>Jonathan Royas has a passion for two things in life; his family and being a collaborative leader who “thinks outside of the box.”

Growing up, Jonathan has dealt with his fair share of hardship, since he had to depart the United States Naval Academy under honorable discharge due to his mother being diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer.

“It was devastating, because I was a midshipman at one of the most selective educational institutions in the world, the United States Naval Academy, but I made a decision to do what was right for my family and come home to help take care of my mother. In hindsight, I would make the same decision again.”

Jonathan adapted, and with his strength, attended the 9th nationally ranked liberal arts college in the United States, Claremont McKenna College, a member of the Claremont College Consortium. He was involved in several leadership capacities there, most notably as President and CEO of the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Additionally, Jonathan interned for then Congressman David Drier and worked in the treasurer’s office.

Campaign video

“Being President and CEO of ASCMC allowed me to utilize the education I was receiving in finance, economics and government to create and manage sizeable budgets, invest student body fees, manage expenses, lead a board and build relationships among the other colleges who had differing opinions and agendas (Harvey Mudd College, Pomona College, Scripps College and Pitzer College). At the end of my administration, I was proud to say that we left the organization in a stronger financial state than when we began and built some great relationships along the way.”

After college, because of Jonathan’s leadership and knowledge in economics, finance and government, Jonathan became a delegate for the County of San Bernardino and the City of Ontario Economic Development & Commerce Department in China.


“Visiting China with elected officials and business owners from the County of San Bernardino and the City of Ontario was an eye opening experience.  We were able to build sustainable relationships with business entities in China who wanted to invest in our communities at home.  In addition, the best part was our local business owners built powerful relationships that they later utilized to decrease expenditures and increase profits for their respective businesses. This was a huge win for them and a huge win for the county and city as it created more jobs and more tax revenues.”

Jonathan eventually moved to Oxnard and pursued a career in the business sector working for several Fortune 500 companies as an executive and director, effectively managing over $262 million dollars in profitable assets.

“Coming to Oxnard, I was tasked with the responsibility of building a profitable business from the ground up. My team and I built relationships with government agencies, the naval bases, school districts, the cities and county, small to medium sized business owners and Fortune 500 companies.  I hired and lead a team of managers who collaborated and developed strong business relationships with owners, purchasing agents and contract managers and managed a very favorable profit and loss statement.”

As a husband and a father, Jonathan’s relationship with the City of Oxnard is stronger now than it has ever been as he and his family resides and works in the community.


“I came to this city 13 years ago and I can still remember the first time I stepped out of my vehicle after getting off the 101 freeway Rose Avenue exit.  I could smell the ocean breeze and I somehow knew in that single moment I would live here for the rest of my life.”

After helping his family with the passing of his mother, Jonathan continued his work as a business leader in Ventura County and is known as a leader that delivers favorable results, exceeds financial metrics and maintains internal audit controls.

Jonathan Royas’ ability to communicate and work effectively with different levels of professionalism contributed to his success, winning accolades after accolades for exceeding financial metrics and internal audit controls. Jonathan managed low performing stores/districts and assisted and mentored business managers. Within months, these stores were exceeding expectations in sales, performance and operational excellence.


“I have managed and lead profit and loss budgets while working for several Fortune 500 companies in excess of $262 million dollars.  Many of these locations were under performing financially but also failing in other indices of the business, i.e. customer service, shareholder return on investment, internal audits, operations, staffing, development, expenditures, etc. Year after year, I was able to make change leading these businesses to grow and attain great returns for shareholders, improve customer service scores, obtain near perfect audit results, and develop a team of trained leaders who wanted to grow within the organization.”

Throughout Jonathan’s campaign, he is often asked why he refers to the residents of the City of Oxnard as “customers” and “shareholders”.

“At the end of the day, the great City of Oxnard is a $386 million dollar public corporation, and in many respects, should be financially managed as such with the residents voting and approving policy through their elected officials like shareholders do.  Like any Fortune 500 company, corporations have to answer to the customers, the shareholders and their employees with transparency.

Now, what would happen to a Fortune 500 company if it were discovered that underneath the corporate veil, there were over 100 cited instances of a lack of financial internal controls, no financial checks and balances in place, bank records that have not been reconciled for years and instances of millions of dollars lost in contracts that cannot be explained? The stocks would plunge and the CEO/CFO would not stick around long to pick up the pieces. In some ways, it almost sounds like Enron or the City of Bell, CA.

Unfortunately, those facts I mentioned above are not a mystery corporation, but in fact are about our own city.  To read the full report (visit How did we get to this point? Where was the accountability all these years?  Where were the internal controls and checks and balances? In any case, all we can do now is move forward to ensure it never happens again.

When elected, I will treat the residents of the city of Oxnard as the customers and shareholders of our great city.  Why? Because at the end of the day, the residents work very hard for their money and they need to ensure that their tax dollars are safe and working for their interests the way they should be.  There is a lot of talk right now about budgets, why certain departments or certain causes are not getting the funding they need.  Well, the answer starts at the heart and soul of the city.  If no one knows what is going on in the financial department, how can the mayor and council make the right decisions? The treasurer has an absolute DUTY to make sure that the residents of our great city know where their tax dollars are going through clear, transparent, and easy to understand financial reports. I will ensure proper checks and balances are put in place, there is accountability, reports are filed in a timely manner and above all else, ensure that the taxpayers dollars are not wasted.”

When asked how Jonathan will accomplish all these great things he had a simple answer.

“We need to hire, retain and internally develop from our own backyard, the best employees! A wise old boss told me one time that the heart of a team is all about the right people in place at the right time followed with operational excellence; that is what leads to success.  I will ensure that the right people are put into the right positions and the entire finance department is adhering to strict operational controls.  This is a recipe for success. It will be hard work but I am 110% invested in making our city great again, not only for us, but for future generations such as my young son’s.”

Hard work, however, is not a challenge to Jonathan and his family. While building his career full time and establishing a family, both Jonathan and his wife earned professional degrees.  Jonathan earned his JurisDoctor of Law degree and graduated at the top of his class, and his wife Keely, earned a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Leadership.

“My quest to further my education started at a very young age as my parents instilled upon me that knowledge and education expand your horizon, open your mind to new thoughts, new ideas and differing opinions. I still remember a quote my father used to share with me from Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With my educational background, combined with my strong leadership, I will make change in the City of Oxnard.”

The United States Naval Academy’s motto is “Leaders to Serve the Nation” and this has inspired Jonathan to run for Oxnard City Treasurer.

“Strong leadership to me means never accepting the status quo, which the City of Oxnard has done for too long. Strong leaders have the courage to always continue to challenge the status quo and seek to make impactful changes in business, life and their community.”

“When elected, what I will bring to the City of Oxnard’s Treasurer Office is accountability, financial stability, fiscal efficiency, economic growth, trust and an eye for detail to show where your tax dollars are going.”

These key characteristics combined with his belief in honesty, integrity and his willingness to serve our community make him the clear choice.

Jonathan Royas has the professional experience and educational knowledge to bring financial stability to the City Treasurer’s Office and help pull the City of Oxnard out of financial turmoil and out of the CA State Auditors hands.

On Election Day, vote strong leadership dedicated to securing our future and say yes to financial stability! Vote Jonathan Royas to be our next City Treasurer.

Thank you.

Jonathan Royas


Please see more about my campaign at

Educational & Career Accomplishments

Alternate Congressional Page

Vice Presidential Nomination & Attendance at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis

Nomination to the United States Air Force Academy

President and CEO of ASCMC

Intern for the Honorable Congressman David Drier

Bachelor of Art’s in Government and Leadership

Delegate for the County of San Bernardino and City of Ontario Economic Development & Commerce Department

Vice President of the Student Bar Association

Editor in Chief of the Southern California Institute Law Journal

Juris Doctor of Law

Active CA Real Estate License

Ventura County Certified Court Mediator


Come see Mr. Royas and his team this weekend at their Campaign Kickoff Carnival, Saturday, September 17th, 2016 @ College Park in Oxnard, CA from 12PM-4PM.


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