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    By Jennifer Amodei

    In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy famously waged war on those he thought were loyalists to the communist party and had infiltrated American politics and its way of life. Fresh off World War II, the growing fear and danger of having this ideology on our shores were at the forefront of the minds of Americans.

    The conflict, having been fueled by the extreme ideals of Communism and Fascism, left people with a clear sense of the intent and viciousness of these two economic systems that depended on a totalitarian regime as their master.

    As the war became a faint memory, the idea to allow such economic theories in mainstream life was won in a court case that asserted 1st amendment rights and let in the open discussion of such opinions, including communism.

    Now we live in a time where the American Communist Party has a website and openly advertises its point of view. So much so they have become the mainstream mantra. Almost everything we see in the headlines today can be traced back to the website of the American Communist Party.

    The echoing of Social Justice rings of the past revolutions of the Chinese and Russian communist takeovers. The infiltration of it in our schools, media, and military are the building blocks for its confiscation of not only our private property and private enterprise but the complete seizure of our freedoms.

    With the blood of those that sacrificed now nothing but a dry memory and so cradled in the luxury of liberty, we find our social studies classes not only not accurately portraying the evil that came from these theories but painting them in a glamourous and humanitarian light.

    The media villainizing those who wave the American flag as right-wing extremists and fascists is a tactic of the communist party first introduced under the fire of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. They proclaim capitalism as selfish and greedy, an open campaign to assist the communist with their looting of our property. This effort creates division and confusion, pinning Americans against each other while the communist is cherry-picking their conquest around the globe while the referee of civil society is distracted.

    So was Senator Joseph McCarthy correct? Should we not have allowed such ideas to flourish and take root? Quoting Karl Marx. “I will hang the capitalist with the rope he sold me.”

    When the truth is finally brought into the light, what appears to be a humanitarian movement is, in reality, a ploy to have us turn over the keys of freedom. Will Americans freely choose their independence?

    This there website:

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Ms. Amodei is a local activist

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