July 10 Oxnard Council Meeting: New City Manager Nguyen; Status of Audit “Findings”; Officials, Public Lament Violence

By George Miller

Oxnard 7-10-18 City Council meeting: new City Manager Alexander Nguyen was sworn in; received a report on progress in addressing many serious audit findings; $2 million no-bid animal control contract awarded to the county; $3MM+ beachfront house renovation approved over neighbor’s objections.

Agenda Item E- Oath of Office for new City Manager Alexander Nguyen

After six months without a permanent City Manager (THANKS, Chief Scott Whitney and Assistant City Mgr./ Jesus Nava for stepping up in the interim!) Some of the council comments were a bit ominous:

“Thank you for taking a chance on Oxnard.” Mayor ProTem Carmen Ramirez (yes, she really said that.)

“I thank the Council for agreeing to a method to which the job will be reviewed. Our city needs luck and I believe you’re gonna bring it.”- Bert Perello

“It’s like a re-birth.” (hopefully not as painful)-  Mayor Tim Flynn.

New City Manager Nguyen (blessedly brief) summary: Obviously there are interesting challenges and opportunities in Oxnard. Our administration will be transparent, responsive, accountable to everyone. That I can vow to you from day one.

The meeting recessed for a celebration and cake, which took far longer than the swearing-in ceremony. We wish new City Manager Nguyen the best in his new assignment as CEO of a $400 million+ corporation which is the City of Oxnard!

Public Comment

Most comments were about the new City Manager- good wishes, pride for Oxnard and some things for him to address. Transparency, overly short public comment periods, poorly run meetings, excessive management perks were also mentioned.

A few others …

Danny Carrillo- SEIU- Wants better efficiencies.

Peggy Rivera- Today the Lord closes one door and opens another. If you want to work on the tea,m, you have to be a team player and play on the team.

Cinder Sinclair- Community Action VC. Provides services to 100 homeless people and helping more to prevent homelessness.

Dan Pinedo- City should tap volunteerism. Urged participation.


Item F-1- (Audit Findings) Corrective Action Plan Update. (15/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council to receive and file an update on the City’s adopted Corrective Action Plan (CAP), which concerns the 135 audit findings stemming primarily from the FY2015 annual audit.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Jim Throop Phone: (805) 385-7475

Document: F-1 Staff Report
Document: F-1 Presentation

Deanne Purcell, Assistant CFO said that there were 135 audit findings in the last three years (2-3 is considered to be a lot). These did not happen overnight and we will need to to clean them up.  Much time diverted from day to day activities to address these. Criticized Larry Stein data requests without specifically naming him. Cited high management and staff turnover, training and development  time, obsolete software/systems. Much knowledge lost. Excessive manual processes, Need new chart of accounts, CAFR map, cross training, better repository systems. She outlined a schedule to resolve all audit findings. Some of the problems she related didn’t seem much different from three years ago. All this has been very stressful on former and existing staff, many of whom weren’t part of the original problem. This is contributing to high turnover and lower productivity. Purcell brought much of her staff to the meeting, where they participated in a photo op (see below) to demonstrate how new most of them are. Only three remain from the time when the current software system was introduced.


“Material weaknesses” increase the risk of financial misstatements  ….


Assumes new system in place by 12/31/19.


Treasurer Phil Molina noted that previous auditor management letters called out the problems that Purcel pointed out. He pointed out that Council Members said that they never got those letters from staff. He encouraged Council members to ensure that they get the letters. Molina said he had identified some of those problems previously as well.

Council Comments

Madrigal- Re staff turnover/longevity. What is succession planning? Purcell: Working on succession planning/cross training right now.

Ramirez: What you got talked into. Not what you were expecting. People are leaving for higher pay, less stress. She asked Nguyen to look into this issue. Hopefully we’ve found the bottom and can just go up.

MacDonald-  This was never intended to be a one year fix, but 2-3 years. Truly appreciate all the work that staff is doing.  Some of info requests are not legally required.

Perello- Public should look at F-1 on agenda report to see what has been going on (for a long time. Sat in court for Measure M trial- embarrassing questions. Numbers didn’t add up. (Wastewater) Consultant Corolla would not stand behind financial numbers because finance dept unreliable. Council is supposed to receive a system fix report every six months. He wants it every three months (Purcell indicated support for that). No longer getting reports to council on the Fiscal Policy Task Force since he was removed from task force.  Finance needs vacant positions filled. Finance employees are in “the lion’s den.”

Flynn- also indirectly attacked Larry Stein for “a pattern of abuse” of information requests. This is based on the assertion that some of the info is not in existing reports. He says that fiscal policy task force has directed that this stop. (We thought that the task force could only make recommendations to the Council.) Tremendous progress.

Purcell- no longer need consultant.  Lacked written policies and procedures. Auditors making a special visit in August to check up on progress.

Nguyen- Not here to pass judgement on the past, but to focus on going forward. Audit fix program seems very aggressive. Make sure they are really fixed and don’t recur.

No vote- appointment item.

Flynn said 400 people in S. Oxnard requested curb cuts for driveways, but only 2 applied for permits.

Daniel Chavez, Jr.- (ran for City Council)- Welcome to new City Mgr. You are making $20,000 more than your predecessor, while $7.3MM is being cut from budget with more in the future. 8 homicides YTD and increasing homelessness, parking an issue, reckless development taking place. Council talks about transparency- still waiting for it.

Rev. Greg Runyon- Homeless folks helped clean up church area. Complaints that a couple of homeless people sleeping by the church. People complained without even talking to him. People complaining about people being spared at the border but now how people are treated here. Said he will help people if they need help.

Larry Stein- Submitted document request. Told by City Mgr that his question would be answered- never received response. Should not have to wait 6 months to a year. How much have we spent on trucks, on legal expenses, and more?  Flynn- this has been an ongoing issue  for a decade and a half. He is asking for docs that don’t exist.



Jackie Tedeschi- INCO Chair- and other officers all welcome New City Mgr. Nguyen.

Steve Nash- When our govt does evil things, it does them with our tacit approval. Criticized govt “tearing families apart,” denying basic needs, doing cruel and unusual punishment. Reunify families. Want Council to send a letter on this to appropriate authoritaties. Also wants enhanced gun control.

Woody Thomas- Charges were dropped against him, finally, after previous arrest. He said he was injured, got physical therapy, trying to get reimbursed. Has received nothing.

Martin Jones- City had warning on financial problems. 13 years ago he noted Golf course problems,. Who is paying property taxes on it? Unspecified. City has been paying, A “so-called audit” reported on revenue but not expenditures- it was a half audit, His actions resulted in the grand jury investigation. Each one got worse, City Council did nothing about it.

Manuel Herrera.- Citizens for a Better Oxnard. – Upper Mgmt not doing its part. 13 positions will be unfilled. Potholes are bad- no money. $500,000 spent on recall, we saved your jobs (by defeating it.) People on top should take less comp/perks, because we are in a crisis.

Francisco Zapien- (translated)- Have a huge emergency today. Representing Villa Victoria appts- 53 units. Only have 15 visitor parking spots, City is cracking down on people parking on Victoria- threatened to haul them away. Said he has 20 people with him at the meeting today.  Windows are broken, cars are stolen. Want a solution.

Michael  Gleason- Re: public comments. Council says we can’t spend time on details… have to trust and believe the city staff.” I don’t expect Council to be expert on every topic, but should give due consideration to Citizen observations (ed. noe: he practices what he preaches and has been an outstanding watchdog, acknowledged by many) Otherwise, no reason for people to speak up. Only Perello willing to challenge majority for benefit of Citizens. Cit consciously overcharged assessment districts. Council is complicit.

Brian Pomier- Representing Carnegie Art Museum- Want to do stuff like Riverside does (Nguyen served there before).

Ed Castillo- When Nash was speaking, he thought they were talking about Oxnard City Council. Mayor at fault for not holding staff accountable. People like myself have lost confidence in city. Why wasn’t 3-2 close session vote disclosed? Flynn asked for City Atty response- Fischer- this was not a type of item requiring disclosure.

Imelda Estrada- Welcome (to Nguyen). She has received 3 tickets in front of Victoria Estates (illegal parking- no alternatives). Want city to intervene to get apt owners to set up more parking.  There is space. Expensive towing fees and fines. Previously, apt mgr said OK to park there. Now city is enforcing.

Daniel Kolbacher- Re: Gate leading to his private roadway. Planning commission had considered at 4:40 on (March?) meeting video. Deidre (Planning Commission Chair) refused to consider. No answer in six months. Fighting consultants, developers, city staff.

Julie Kolbacher- Passed out papers to Council/staff. Wanted gate closed. Commercial exit would empty out into private areas. Developer working on our private road!

Larry Barberini- American troops freed up all this talent to come our country (referring to Nguyen). Viet Nam moving wall visit (see articles in this pub) doesn’t address those fallen from war on terror,. Want gang problem/murders addressed. Opportunity/economic zones coming to Oxnard.  Need govt employees paying more of own pensions.

Alina Salaveria- 2nd time here- complained, no answers. Representing neighborhood on Doris Ave. Big street parking problem. No space for our car. Want permit for driveway. Flynn said he would talk to City Mgr. She said that was said in February- nothing ever happened.



Nothing to report by new City Mgr.

Council Comments

Madrigal- Attended families together rally in Camarillo; there were fireworks issues on July 4; prospective city council candidate meeting well attended.; noted recent rash of 4 homicides; Police/Council cannot do this alone; Thanks Boys and Girls Club,; It take s a Village to raise someone; we need to be compassionate, we cannot give up on person;

Ramirez- agres with Madrigal. OPD doing great job in picking up guns. Enforcement./suppression not the answer, nneed people to kllead more productive lives- it takes a village. League of city – addressed pensions, cannabis revenue, funding city services. Attended immigrant support rally., Silence complicit. Appalled that Children must be in court and anser questions. We will be judged- what side do yo want to be on. Re:” Nguyen contract- comp., is nothing out of the ordinary.

MacDonald- Announced upcoming meetings. Regional rail authority (AMTRAK).

Perello- To Mr. Nguyen- this type of conversation is normal. City Corp people set up Viet Nam traveling wall event read about WHO). Crimes are a result of decisions people make. Need help of public. CI Task Force meeting- Wed. (article upcoming). Should have been more parking- “density bonuses” deny this parking. A state law problem.

Flynn- Concerned about unprecedented number of homicides.; need public help, “intervention.” We want young people to thrive, have opportunity.  Volunteers can help address this and budget issues. 2500 young men are “astray”, need role models, need to be diverted from anti-social behavior, “endless spiral of violence.”

OPD Chief Whitney- We take guns of the street, do enforcement every day. Arrests are often after the fact. Not my job to judge. What can people do? Just do the good in front of you. Coach, give a job, especially to convicts released. Almost impossible for them to get a job. Use your cameras, report problems. Need people to step up- even anonymously. “Community Check In, 430-630pm Saviers and Pleasant Valley, to show our PD support. Get involved in your neighborhood Council- cited Rose Park patrol which ended auto burglaries. Violent crime down for 2 years.  This is a very safe city. We have been actively going after every single tip- violent crime, illegal guns. Stays in contact with public, even gang members. Enforce parking for safety and street sweeping. Fireworks- a national fireworks culture  easy access to fireworks. Otherwise law-abiding people become lawbreakers. Too many lawbreakers make enforcement impossible. Wrote 50 fireworks summons this year. Got 1400 calls vs normal day’s 900 calls.  Overwhelmed. Four arrests for selling fireworks, 22 summons for social host offenses. There were 30,000 at the port July 4 celebration. Only one known injury and one dumpster fire., 50 cops.



M-1- Appeal of Planning Commission’s Decision on Planning and Zoning Permit No. 17-400-04 (Coastal Development Permit); Beachfront Residence at 1125 Capri Way (APN191-0-091-045). (15/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council adopt a resolution upholding the Planning Commission’s approval of Planning and Zoning Permit No. 17-400-04 (Coastal Development Permit), subject to certain findings and conditions set forth in Planning Commission Resolution No. 2018-11.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882
Document: M-1 Staff Report
Items pulled 
Madrigal- 1,9,15
Ramirez- table item 1. Needs much discussion. Fischer- just want to clarify.
MacDonald L-3
Perello- 9, 15
Council/staff comments
Item1- Madrigal- Need to know where they can put campaign signs.
3- MacDonald- Some didn’t get funded. They need to know how review worked. Chelsea Reynolds (PACC Director)- had 49 applicants, 38 were funded.  There is funding threshold/amt algorithm-13 emerging organizations, 5 not funded of $70,000 total.  MacDonald- what was review panel? Reynolds- 2 qualified panelists/category- artists- anon. We advised all candidate of evaluator comments. Ramirez- Refining review process in last few years- don’t want City Council deciding on awards. Wish there was more money and that groups did their own more robust fundraising. Encouraged personal donations. Perello- don’t want to be a judge; conflicts found in past; appreciates Reynolds’ efforts. Flynn- evolving process, applicants might want to apply in different categories; some subjectivity in process.
9- Madrigal- School resource officers do great work, positive interaction; cited Officer McCready for work at CI H.S,; issues with Ocean View- doesn’t pay in; They have Apple TV’s in classrooms- so should have $ for enhanced services. Whitney- they only get incident response, no enhanced services.
15-  Madrigal- Re: Utility subsidy- Not many applied. (Ed. note: is all the hassle worth just a $10 subsidy?). Will open program to multi-family residents. Owners may not be passing info. Utility bill inserts for outreach. Perello- funded from late payment charges – now over $1 million. About $100,00 plus staff resources being used for this ratepayers assistance subsidy. Don’t want subsidy programs to raise rates. Jay from Public Works said he is a one-person program.
Ramirez- important to provide emergency service.
MacDonald- we have a quarter of county’s population, but no emergency trauma center,
FD Chief Darren Base- Dr Larsen will oversee entire program. We are now an ALS (Advanced Life Support) provider. Steve Carrol, VC Emergency program, Hymie Villa is OFD emergency medical services administrator (photo below) . St. John’s also treats trauma, but more critical cases go to Ventura.
Madrigal- certain areas of the city seems to get more help than others. MacDonald objected, saying River Park has a $3.5mm surplus. LMD Mgr. Burkhardt: Rancho DeRosa lacks the money, which is why loan is being extended.
Public Speakers
Armando Vazquez- Council will likely approve $170,00 for arts. Lost of dedicated, passionate artists. KEYS leadership program is a best practice one. Please consider this program. Have worked successfully with thousands of kids.This program has helped- takes  a lot of love and long term intervention. It works generationally. Have great police dept.

Rebecca Madigan- (with U.S. Symphony #3 cultural arts grants). So grateful to be providing services to city for 24 years. partnering with Carnegie Hall, for music teachers.  Stimulate thinking, appreciation for arts, to stay in Oxnard. Can subsidize tickets for orchestra.

Michael Gleason- Item 4- lending $35,000 for replacing fencing, Needs to be replaced because LMD has been paying in for maintenance/repair, but it wasn’t done. Now all need replacement. $287.000 taken by city in overcharges, utilities. City owes District 31 more money. Scooped from General fund without authorization, payback, interest, documentation.
Margaret Cortese- Item 3- Chair of City Cultural Arts Advisory Committee 3.5 years. Involved in RFP’s for last three cycles. Art in Public Places ordinance. Award process has always generated controversy. One project I was involved in wasn’t funded this year. Processes require re-evaluation. Next meeting will be “hot.” Supports funding plan.
Jackie Tedeschi- Item 4 Fire Dept. advanced life support. #3 Allow Oxnard to participate in County emergency system. Supports it.
Dan Pinedo- Item 4- Where is money coming from and going? Want repayment schedule.
Barbara Macri-Ortiz- L-5 Impact fee report. Quimby fees just acquisition, but being spent for rehab?  Re: Via Victoria- NOT  a density bonus project, but a federal housing discrimination suit.
Item  1 tabled until next week
Vote on others- 5-0 passed.
M-1- SUBJECT: Appeal of Planning Commission’s Decision on Planning and Zoning Permit No. 17-400-04 (Coastal Development Permit); Beachfront Residence at 1125 Capri Way (APN191-0-091-045). (15/10/10) 
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council adopt a resolution upholding the Planning Commission’s approval of Planning and Zoning Permit No. 17-400-04 (Coastal Development Permit), subject to certain findings and conditions set forth in Planning Commission Resolution No. 2018-11.

Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882
Document: M-1 Staff Report
City Attorney Fischer- This is an appeal of a Planning Commission decision.  Ms. Mallory of Development. Commissioner approved demolition of 1800 sq ft residence t be replaced b a  5028 sq ft house. David grant appealed, saying it would result in coastal flooding, restricted views and safety in Oxnard Shores, Mandalay Beach Road.
Mallory believes hat all provisions have been met and that the objections are invalid. 
David & Faith Grant’s (appellant) presentation: Questions legal consistency of city arguments, Last one was 935 Mandalay Beach Road. Way. Stringline was a  purported  issue and safety related.  Footprint should not include overhangs and sidewalks. Claims that the new footprint is larger, in spite of statements to the contrary. It’s 15 feet closer to the ocean. 935 concessions were not voluntary, as claimed. Ms Grant. read statement from 935 Mandalay Beach Road to support their conclusions. Sits 125′ from ocean. Oxnard and Coastal Commission decided, not owners. Why weren’t they able to build out as far as 905 Mandalay?
Applicant: Ted Schneider for applicant Weiss- Self-described “crazy lawyer”- Thanks to City for its work (in favor of applicant). Footprint was used to describe seaward footprint, which will not extend closer than existing house. Actual house will be 5 ft shorter than existing house. (35 Mandalay Beach Road was a different situation. We don’t know why staff didn’t ask owner to construct differently. Mandalay Beach Road houses are all lined up, whereas Capri Way is a sawtooth pattern, as a result of 1989 settlement agreement.
Martha Pecahidi- project architect. 140 vs 120′ lots in Capri Way. The new structure will be pulled back 15′ more from the ocean and 5′ more from the property line.
Public Speakers
Matthew Winegar (former Oxnard Development Director) – Representing applicant. H represented City in settlement of 935 Mandalay Beach result. In 10=972, Coastal Commission has moratorium on development. Only 30 of 130 were developed at the time. Parties agreed to a resubdivision. To answer Perello question- “stringline” not a legal term, was a practice to help determine property boundaries.
Ken Trentner- Supports project. Will improve neighborhood. Opposing party objections not relevant. Local coastal plan, development all permit this. Standard for appeal is error or   Investor in Seabridge “Enclave” + others. Predictability is the single most important aspect  of development. Stopping it could be a taking requiring eminent domain.
Brian- Supports project  2213 Vida Del Mar. 
Larry Stein- Don’t want it as a beachfront rental. City Council needs a beachfront rental policy.  Contrary to single family home zoning policy.
Council Comments
Ramirez- Unfortunate that neighbors not happy with each other, Tend to support Planning Commission. Support Planning Commission action and hope that  is some way to mediate/resolve.
MacDonald- Agree with Ramirez. Any fatal flaw in decision? Don’t see it. Support.
Perello- FEMA says sea rise will affect coast. There were discussions of putting new homes on stilts. FEMA hasn’t put official date of map in place. This may be questioned later. is stringline a legal term? Rozelle not in our local coastal plan. No basis. An appeal to Coastal Commission could result in them applying stringline. We may be sued later. FEMA is  the big elephant in the room. Have to back up the Planning Commission.
Flynn- Will go with Planning Commission. Deny appeal. Basing it on Rozelle remarks. Try to compromise.
Vote- 5-0 appeal denied.
M-2- Public Hearing 2013-17 Consolidated Plan (Extending the Plan for an Additional Two Plan Years, 2018 and 2019);  FY2018-19 CDBG, HOME, and ESG Annual Action Plan Funding Recommendations; and Amended Citizens’ Participation Plan. (10/20/15) 
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council:
1. Conduct a public hearing to consider public testimony regarding project funding recommendations for use of entitlement grant funds;
2. Approve the 2018 Annual Action Plan (AAP) with final recommended use of funds for the three entitlement grants, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investments Partnership (HOME) grant and the Homeless Emergency Solutions Grant (HESG);
3. Approve the 2nd amendment to the 2013-17 Consolidated Plan (ConPlan), extending the plan for an Additional Two Plan Years, 2018 and 2019);
4. Approve an Amended Citizens’ Participation Plan (CPP);5. Authorize the City Manager to make any changes to the AAP, Consolidated Plan, and amended CPP, as directed by the City Council, including amending any budget appropriations approved by the City Council and requiring amendment to reflect the additional federal funding received.
6. Authorize the City Manager to execute the required applications, certifications, and other pertinent documents for the submission of the ConPlan and AAP to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD);
7. Authorize the City Manager to execute HUD agreements and sign all agreements for the implementation of the ConPlan and AAP including subrecipients, interdepartmental, and intradepartmental agreements.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Arturo Casillas Phone: (805) 385-8094
Document: M-2 Staff Report
Document: M-2 Presentation
This is HUD money. Recommendations are in the above attachments. Total summary below:
In spite of fears that the Trump administration would cut funding, it is actually a half million higher (see chart above). Housing Director Casillas simply described this as a “political anomaly.”
It seems like some of the grants are pretty far afield from housing (see presentation materials), but most appear relevant.  $200,000 goes to the year round homeless shelter. Some is going to parks,m fire equipment and more.
Public Comments
Cinder Sinclair- CEO Community Action of VC. Thanks for funding. Homeless are with them, not downtown bothering people. Funding much appreciated
Pastor Sam Gallucci- Thanks for support of Kingdom Center. Over 140 woemn and children cared for last year. Happy about expansion of emergency shelter.
Molly Corbett- thanks to city for allowing Livingston to apply and endorsing.  Home health, hospice, bereavement care. Only non-profit provider of home health. Helped 898 people last year.
Hank Lolbacher- On behalf of Parkinson’s Boxing.  Didn’t get funding for mid-city boxing program. Combination of boxing and meditation for people with degenerative diseases.. Appeal? 
Barbara Macri-Ortiz- This is first year that CDBG money is going to affordable housing (news to us). Re: $200,000 for code enforcement. Was supposed to be targeted to specific neighborhoods. Questionable if this is just for code enforcement
Steve Nash- (One of three CAG members on reviewing panel)- Few people in city other than Barbara Macri-Ortiz could have any idea of what this is all about. Only had three days to do this. Couldn’t take notes home. Seems like much is backfilling general fund needs. Why are we spending some of these funds elsewhere?
Larry Stein- Invite new City Manager to see Rainbow House and how $2,000,000 was spent on this. He didn’t think that it was well-spent. Employee comp violates living wage policy?
Ed Espinosa- Here on behalf of Cabrillo Economic Development for 42 units of need farmworker low cost housing/.
Laura -thanks on behalf of American diabetes camp funding. Per CDC- Oxnard has one of highest diabetes rates in the state.
Pat Brown- Approx. 20 mobile home parks in Oxnard- considered part of low cost housing component. Included in the rate stabilization ordinance (rent control). Thanks to Carl Lawson for his efforts in this.
Council Comments
Madrigal- a lot of good comes from this funding. Wish we had more. Regional effort? What are drawbacks to this? Housing Director Casillas: No drawbacks, some shared cost may save money and retain individual autonomy.
Ramirez- We don’t have enough money. Regional approach is necessary- especially with homeless issue. Want to know progress on homelessness. Casillas- in two weeks, it will be covered
Perello- Re: code enforcement.  Re: Nash – how was he picked for evaluation? Was he given no education to serve as evaluator? Kids have bad eating habits. Stein was right about money spent on Rainbow (homeless) House. Any problems with a regional plan, with respect to Oxnard’s books? Have been audit problems with block grants. Casillas- will be responding to audit findings. He says key findings do not relate to Housing Department. 3 day evaluation period should be adequate (Nash had objected)
Flynn- How do we more accurately assess community needs, vs rules? How to use funding to improve living conditions?
Vote- 5-0 unanimous
N-1 – SUBJECT: 2018/2019 Agreement with Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) for Sheltering of Animals (5/10/5) 
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council:
1. Receive a report from staff on animal safety services within the City.
2. Approve and authorize the Mayor to execute a one year-agreement A-8082 with the County of Ventura’s Public Health Agency for animal sheltering services, in an amount not to exceed $1,948,039.12 for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Scott Whitney Phone: (805) 385-7624

Document: N-1 Staff Report

The county does this for Oxnard. 34% of animals taken to county shelter are from Oxnard. 4115 animals taken to shelter last year. 9.8% increase last year. 5% this year.
Here’s what they do:
Public Comments
The Kolbachers are in favor of this. Try to lower animal intake via education. Animal control provides valuable services. Keeps community safer.
Larry Stein- Is this previously budgeted? Whitney- $1.9 million was budgeted.
Council Comments
Madrigal- unwanted pets get dumped. Many don’t get taken in. Many people don’t register pets. Supports, What about the bee issue? Not covered by animal services.
Ramirez- No bees, no food. She is on VC Animal Service Commission. Good work in moving toward no-kill shelter. Would like to see people take better care of pets.  Promote spay/neutral, We have to support this.
MacDonald- Do Animal Control officers have chip readers. Fully support no-kill shelter. Do we have incentive for chipping animals? Not sure. Supports.
Perello- Most have pets. Can City run the program? Can we get a discount for paying further ahead? Can we capture feral cats and spay/neuter them? If your pet is licensed, it can be put to sleep for free at end of life. Are there stats on dog bites? Animal Control did not readily have that. Supports.
Flynn- Would we want to run our own shelter? Animal control- looked into doing it with two other cities, which dropped out. County shelter does an excellent job. But costs have inched up To $2 MM). Animal control- startup costs would be large and we don’t think we could run it cheaper.
Vote- 5-0
N-2-  Purchase of Two (2) Fire Engines (5/5/5)     
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council approves and authorizes the Mayor to execute a purchase order (Requisition #3999) in the amount of $1,360,900.43 for the purchase of two (2) fire engines from South Coast Fire Equipment.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Darwin Base Phone: (805) 385-7700

The purchase order did not state make or model of the fire engines. Quick action/payment from the base price on this proposal will earn a $50,000 discount. Virtually everyone was on board with the proposal, except constant city critic Larry Stein.
Public Comment
Larry Stein questioned whether we need these, as 80% of calls are for medical or other non-fire emergencies. Chief Base says the equipment must be distributed citywide to enable rapid response. About one structure fire per day.
Council Comments
Ramirez- Supports. Alarmed that we have a 25 year old engine, to be donated to sister city, college, or sold.
MacDonald- a lot of this is for contingencies.
Perello- we need them. Good that discount was negotiated.
Flynn- Need these. We have lacked effective fleet management. We weren’t budgeting, saving for these over the years. Other emergency vehicles may be more cost-effective.
Perello- Need asset management plan.
Vote 5-0 unanimous
Final public speakers on items not on the agenda
They all ran out of patience and motivation by 11 PM and left.

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard. 

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