Just the facts about self-publishing—no sales pitches at the 805 Writers Conference’s Indie Author Seminars March 19 & April 9 in Camarillo, CA


Are you tired of husksters trying to sell you services
to self-publish and/or promote your book?

I am. Over 15 emails a day arrive claiming to solve my problems
if I only pay them hundreds or thousands of $$$!

That’s why I’ve created Indie Author Seminars.

Yes, there is a small fee, but it covers the costs of producing the event and bringing the best experts as speakers.

Just passing on the knowledge you need to publish.

Purchase both seminars for $198—a $100 savings off full price—and receive two essential books for the indie author.

Space is limited to 50 people only.

Seminar One – March 19 – Session Description
MORNING SESSION:How would you like to be walked through a spreadsheet with detailed steps, cost ranges, and options to consider? Compiled from leading book shepherds, independent book producers, and industry experts, this spreadsheet will keep you on track and confident.

How useful would this tool be when you talk with potential vendors?

The budget, which you will receive both printed and in digital format, is broken into six segments: Editing, Book Design, Legal Aspects, Book Production, Distribution, and Marketing.

Presenter Kathleen Kaiser began her self-publishing journey ten years ago as an author and has now helped other writers successfully self-publish. As president of the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network, Kathleen works with authors, publishing pros, and publishers across the country and brings the information she learns to this class.


From final draft to published book in your hand–the Many Steps to Editing, Book Design and Book Production.

These two steps—manuscript editing and book production—are very important steps to the success of your book. Without a well-edited book, you will not receive good reviews or win awards, both extremely important to gaining sales.

Editor Naomi Long Eagleson will take on the hard part of letting go of your manuscript —editing, and the four steps all well-received books must go through, self-editing or re-writes, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Each is as important as the other and often requiring completely different skill sets.

Former creative director at St. Martin’s Press and other major houses, Deborah Daly, will go through the steps, show you examples and review the decisions you need to make on size, costs, fonts, etc. Besides the manuscript, an author bio, copyright page information, index for nonfiction, and other details a well-made book should contain will be reviewed.

Kathleen Kaiser will cover: Legal Aspects like Library of Congress and Copyright registrations, Errors & Omission insurance, DRM, and more; Book Production, areview of the top POD (Print on Demand) providers like CreateSpace and Lightening Source, costs per copy, hard or soft cover, ebook conversions, how to come up with the cover price; and, Distribution, the many outlets for both print and ebooks where you should have your book available, including library channels.

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Seminar Two – April 9 – Session Description

Seminar Two delivers many ways to promote your book, receive critical reviews, find additional sales options, and become the darling of indie author land.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson is a goldmine of information and resources. She is the author of several award-winning books for writers including Getting Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically, The Frugal Book Promoter (in its second edition), The Frugal Editor, plus a number of literary works. A copy of Carolyn’s incredibly useful book, The Frugal Book Promoter, will be given to each attendee.

Carolyn will cover Author’s Platform—a term you may have heard or read. For authors, it’s paramount to your success. A well-defined platform has many facets from the all-important website to blogs, multiple social media, events and more.

The best platforms are built long before a book is published. Many authors begin promoting their next work as soon as it goes into editing. Authors are the primary cheerleaders for their work even when they have hired a publicist or social media expert to promote their book. Today’s readers want to know the author, the person behind the book. The days of mysterious, reclusive new writers are gone.


Darlene Chan, entertainment executive turned literary entrepreneur, is leading the vanguard on e-reader programs and other ways to place your book in front of prospective readers. She will provide a list of the top programs, results you can expect, and how to keep growing your ebook market, the most cost effective way to sell books.

Kathleen Kaiser, will cover how to get radio interviews, speaking engagements, stories in your local press, how to write press releases that get picked up, and more. She is the author of five books, seasoned publicist and recent recipient of the Publicist of the Year award from the Book Publicists of Southern California.

Purchase both seminars for $198—a $100 savings off full price—
and receive two essential books for the indie author.

Space is limited to 50 people only.

Learn more or register now

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